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  1. KingOfOdonata


    Rend doesn't work on this, unless they errata it so it includes Downgrades.
  2. KingOfOdonata

    More Chaining in Louisville, KY!

    Chainbound events are continuing in Louisville, KY! Please be sure to check out the Facebook Pages for the stores and events for details, or contact the store directly. Tuesday night at 7:00 PM, TTD will be hosting their rotating events. $5 Entry for Archon, $10 for Sealed. This week will be Archon Chainbound. Thursday Night at 6:30 PM, Comic Book World has begun Chainbound Events. $5 Entry for Archon, $10 for Sealed. Friday Night at 6:00 PM, The Destination has their Keyforge January OP Archon Event League. Saturday at 2:00 PM, Bluegrass Magic has also begun the Chainbound series, each event is a win a Mat event. $5 Entry, or $10 for Sealed. https://www.reddit.com/r/KeyforgeGame/comments/an5vvp/more_chaining_in_louisville_ky/
  3. KingOfOdonata

    Forging Keys This Week in Louisville, KY!

    Multiple events this week in Louisville! Come out and get your keys forged with the rest of us! Tuesday night at 7:00 PM, TTD will be hosting a Sealed Event. $10 Entry, Maximum 16 People unless additional product is available. Thursday Night at 6:30 PM, Comic Book World will be continuing their Archon Format League. $5 Entry Friday Night at 6:00 PM, The Destination has their ongoing Friday Night events with varying formats. Saturday at 2:00 PM, Bluegrass Magic is continuing their Keyforge League, this week with Reversal Format, so bring your worst deck! $5 Entry Check out the local Facebook group here for more info.
  4. The Archons are rising in the grasses of blue! They are quickly racing forward on great steeds to the Aember derby! The Cardboard Duelists of Louisville are proud to share all of the Pre-launch events in Louisville this upcoming weekend! On Saturday, November 10th we have two events at the following two locations: Bluegrass Magic Gameshop @ 2:00 PM (5629 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY) The Destination @ 6:00 PM (5031 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, Kentucky) On Sunday, November 11th, we have two more events at the following two locations: Comic Book World @ 12:30 PM (6905 Shepherdsville Rd, Louisville, KY) Through the Decades @ 3:30 PM (1951 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY) More information can be found in the local Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/517245592061170/
  5. KingOfOdonata

    FFG: Don't mess this game up

    I have EXTREMELY high hopes for this game. It does everything I love in card game SANS customization, which I'm okay with. I also adore the art and theme. But, I am very cautiously optimistic for one reason-FFG. Their track record is horrible with new games and continuing support. Plus, they stretch themselves thin with too many community based games to support. Fortunately, they are down to only three competitive cards and I'm not sure how many of the miniature games get much support outside of X-Wing. The elegance of this game and lighthearted theme could do wonders for FFG, as well as it's cheap price point. People of all ages can play it and it requires little investment. But FFG needs to get there marketing and OP in line if they want this game to succeed beyond the first year.
  6. KingOfOdonata

    Artwork -- how do you feel about it?

    I think the art is absolutely incredible. Not only is it well done, it connects the smashed up theme quite well. It also allows the over-top absurd nature of the game's theme to come through even more. I've been wanting a good game with art like this for awhile. For those that do not like the art, the whole game and concept probably isn't for them. It's suppose to be cartoony and absurd as the craziness of the game release format wants to embrace that.
  7. I just wanted to share the ongoing events that are happening in Louisville in case there are any people strolling through Forums from our area. Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM at The Destination, there is an ongoing League night. Each event is Standard Constructed, but you may be awarded bonus points for certain deck building restrictions. https://www.facebook.com/events/2177339025920950/ Every Thursday at 7:00 PM at TTD, there are alternating events of Standard Constructed, Draft, and other formats. Cost of entry is $5 for constructed events and $20 for draft. This week, we are hosting a "No Small Parts" format where your team can consist of only Non-unique characters and no Legendaries in your deck. https://www.facebook.com/events/1847114362044588/ All events and other local information can be found in our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1207025936071933/
  8. KingOfOdonata

    New Boosters: Across the Galaxy

    And here lies the problem with Trilogies. This set release late in the year around the holidays. This means we will only get a few months to play in Trilogies before the next big set drops. I think Trilogies should always be three sets-one big set and two small. This way, the card pool keeps growing, but doesn't shrink to one set and become stagnant quickly. It also would allow the format to constantly be shifting.
  9. KingOfOdonata

    Conquest System?

    The Conquest system may not fit the Android Universe, but there is plenty of content and mythos developed for Android that other competitive LCGs could work. ****, there are three board games in that setting. I was just seeing if there was a way to merge the Conquest system with Android. It's not likely for sure, just ideas. I do think a Conquest system works best with some sort of game about war and, well, conquest. There are plenty of settings out there that could be used for it.
  10. KingOfOdonata

    The Next LCG

    The issue with the end of Netrunner, even if it is ultimately not FFG's fault, many player's will feel that way. FFG will be playing clean up for a long time with them. I think another LCG in the Android Universe would be amazing. Not sure on the exact theme, but there is plenty of world to explore. They would need to step back and create a fresh new system, thought Objective Sets from the Star Wars LCG may make sense for an Android Corporation game-each player represents a different Corp trying to interfere with other Corp's agendas.
  11. KingOfOdonata

    Conquest System?

    I adore the Conquest system and I'd really like to see them use it again. I was hoping for an Elder Scrolls LCG but not seeing how bad things can go with a licensed IP (Netrunner), it's probably best if they used their own IP. I actually think the Star Wars LCG would still be around if it was using the Conquest game system instead. For their current IPs, TI may be the best fit, with Terrinoth behind that. I'm not too familiar with either of them myself, but I've heard plenty. The TI universe seems interesting and could get more people into the board game as well. I was trying to think of how Conquest could be adapted to the Android-verse. Corporation battling for different markets across the world? Warlords being replaced with different powerful individuals from Corporations? Not sure it works but the premise could be neat.
  12. Star Wars Destiny is on the rise in Louisville, Kentucky! After a massive 97 person Regional, we are looking to continue building our local community beyond our one weekly event at The Destination. I have been talking to different LGS's trying to see if any other venues may be interesting in hosting. Finally, we have one shop looking to get things started again. Bluegrass Magic Gameshop is looking to host a draft event this Saturday, February 24th, starting around 1 or 2. There will be six Draft packs available in the store for those that do not have one. Prizes will be based on attendance. If you are interested, please comment below so we can get an idea of numbers. If the turnout is good for this and there is enough ongoing interest, I'm sure a more regular event at this shop could take place.
  13. KingOfOdonata

    The Next LCG

    It doesn't have to be a direct translation, just using the setting. There is plenty of group battles that have occurred in those settings, especially Elder Scrolls. Regardless, I think utilizing the Bethesda IP's is a great idea no matter game they make.
  14. KingOfOdonata

    The Next LCG

    I think if they were to do another LCG, they should look into working with Bethesda and utilizing one of their big properties, like DOOM, Fallout, or the Elderscrolls. Since they already have some board games using those IPs, I don't think it's a stretch to see them used more. I for one would LOVE if they took the Conquest system and applied it to a Bethesda IP. That game was one of their best LCGs and it's system could be used for so many different things.