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  1. KingOfOdonata


    I definitely believe that. Way too many new games each year, with a bunch just rehashing old mechanics it not so great ways. And the clearance sections on game websites never seem to clear out.
  2. KingOfOdonata


    #1 isn't a rumor. Multiple articles and events have confirmed that. #2 is a good observation and something I haven't thought of. It actually makes sense though if Asmodee is taking them in a more "profitable" direction by putting focus all on expandable games that can sometimes print money over risky board games. FFG has been in the LCG/minis market for awhile, but I hadn't even thought of how little they have been doing over the past year for that matter.
  3. This is also true (I've played almost every LCG as well). Perhaps in general then, there is just too much waste in all of these games. Curious how much time and money is spent on generating less than playable cards. The most economically viable and efficient LCG I played was probably Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. But it met it's demise when Asmodee took over Plaid Hat Games.
  4. Something though that is often overlooked and not really discussed is how many of those cards were ever actually playable? Is there really a need to make 4000+ cards when maybe only 1000 were playable or even needed to play? (that's just a random estimate) Between the overall lack of value from dead cards in CCGs and the tremendous amount of wasted cardboard (which is environmentally unfriendly), the traditional CCG model seems really old fashioned. At this point, utilizing a CCG models seems like it's just meant as a means to create a quick cash injection into a company and then can it. The LCG model could be used for more long-term projects and is definitely more appealing to the customer's wallet (and the environment).
  5. While many LCGs have ended, and some very quickly, we cannot overlook the ones that lasted quite awhile (Android: Netunner, Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer: Invasion, Summoner Wars from PHG, Vs 2PCG)_ Star Wars LCG (2012-2018) 7 Years Doomtown Relaunch (Still going under another publisher) Warhammer 40k Conquest (ended due to licensing issues) While LCGs may not last as long as some TCGs (and its an interesting discussion on whether these games should even last as long as they do), they can still reach some decent levels of success. I think if other companies would really focus on making an accessible LCG with strong organized play and community building, they could last a long time. CCGs come with even more baggage than LCGs, with usually high costs of entry and often unstable secondary markets.
  6. Run a lot of bounce and healing/ward is irrelevant We called this format Archon Alliance but never tried it. I did have the idea today of Sealed Archon Alliance Draft. Probably a few different ways to play it but here is what I thought of. 1) Each player opens two decks. 2) Each player chooses one house set from the two decks and set it aside and then passes the remaining 5 house sets. 3) Repeat the above 5 more times. 4) Once complete, build a 36 card, three house deck using three different house sets from the six drafted. You cannot mix cards between house sets. Deck must be sleeved in completely opaque sleeves. Between rounds, a player may rebuild the deck as long as it stays a legal, 36 card deck with three different house sets.
  7. A LCG model would be amazing and rarities would be irrelevant since it's an LCG. First thing to do as an LCG is remove all the chaff cards. Many cards in each set aren't even played with, so those can go. This first move would help keep the cost way down. Second thing I would do is release complete, playable decks in Duel Packs. Each pack would come with a playset of each card and contain two complete decks. These decks would be thematic pairings like Obi Wan Vs. Darth Vader, Rey Vs Kylo, etc. These decks are playable out of the box and a perfect entry point for new players. But once someone is done playing with the prebuilt decks, they can go crazy and make their own decks. As far as the core mechanics of the game, there are many things that need to be improved. As for rainbow teams, perhaps every non-neutral card should spot the matching color. As a result, you gamble building mixed colored decks by utilizing too many colored cards. If that doesn't work, the simplest solution is to require additional colors to cost points when team-building. Or create a set of plots that give major bonuses to mono or dual color teams.
  8. No. So far, there has not been any tournaments requiring a Power Level requirement.
  9. Bring whatever deck you want! This is meant to be a fun event overall. And we haven't seen Horsemen on the table in a long time.
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