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  1. If there is a sign the game is on a fast decline, look at the costs of the first two years worth of sets. And then during the last Asmodee MAPP Price sale, both Across the Galaxy and Convergence would be found for $35 a box. That is ridiculous for new sets for a collectible game. Stores are getting stuck with stock, except for the very few stores who have a dedicated community. The game is a ton of fun, at least when you aren't playing against degenerate decks. But between extremely poor balance and poor OP, the game is quickly dieing. The only thing keeping it alive locally is really casual meetups where people play whatever decks or we do theme nights or escalation leagues. My guess is the game has one more year left before FFG officially announces the final set. What I would love to see is them reboot it with some cleaned up rules and card templating, and release it as an LCG model using either a fresh IP. They could also toy around with mixing IPs like VS, Dicemasters, etc. With Marvel being under FFG now, it would not surprise me to see Marvel Destiny, but with a slightly altered rule set that cleans up the game and perhaps adds a few limitations (like characters being restricted to certain types of Upgrades, Supports can take damage, etc.).
  2. There is always suppose to be something on Sundays. As long as 4 people show up. I will be at Gen Con, so I'm out again this Sunday.
  3. I actually am not interested in new sets or new houses at the moment. There is still plenty to explore in the first two sets. Really, two sets a year is plenty for this game. What they really need to focus on is community building and better local organized play support (and perhaps online implementation). They need a program to support community organizers (not just game shops as honestly, this and most of their other games are supported by players not by shops). The work that goes into building a community around their games and keep them thriving is very difficult and many stores do little to help that happen. For OP support, they need other aember awarded formats, and of course better ways to redeem aember shards. There is no reason at all they cannot have an online store in the App to redeem shards through. Between the current useless of shards for players who can't travel and the mediocre OP kits (that are both super late), OP support is horrendous and making people lose interest in playing. Fortunately, I have a great local community where we run our on events and make up our own prizes (Which is why FFG needs to recognize the community organizers). FFG should slow down on big events like Vault Tours and do more to support the majority of its players-the ones that play often in their local community and hep bring in more players.
  4. EDIT-Saturday at 2:00 PM, Bluegrass Magic, $5 Archon Chainbound Event with OP Kit Prizing.
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