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  1. No problem ... technically. I will give it a try when I find some spare time this week. Shouldn't be that much work as the monsters. I let you know when I'm done.
  2. Ok ... then here is the code to embed the view. Perhaps you could give it a try. If it not fits in your work, its fine ... we could still access it directly. <iframe class="airtable-embed" src="https://airtable.com/embed/shr04KZApnSUQ5UGf?backgroundColor=gray" frameborder="0" onmousewheel="" width="100%" height="533" style="background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;"> </iframe>
  3. Hi Atom and community, a few month ago I mentioned a feature that I would really like to see in this campaign tracker. I would love to have an overlord aid, that would support you on selecting the open monster groups for a quest by providing a quick overview of the available monsters stats. A few days ago I stumbled over the page airtable.com. There you could build your own custom databases in a few minutes. So I created "Monster database". I could share this database with you and provide some predefined and prefiltered views on the data. So here is what I did: Monster database containing all monster groups up to Visions of Dawn (that's the last H&M Collection I currently own) Filtered views on Act I & II Monstes (accessible over the drop down at the top left corner) You are able to add your own filters in that views (e.g. on the Expansions you are playing with, or the monsters traits you are selecting from). This will not affect the public view of the database. Here is the link to the database: https://airtable.com/shr04KZApnSUQ5UGf @Atom: The page provides me HTML-Code to embed the database view in another page. So let me know if you are interested in using the table on your page directly. Then I could send to the code to embed it. @Everyone else: If you are willing to help me keeping the data up to date (for the missing expansions or future releases), you could create an account on airtable.com and I am able to add you as an collaborater on the database. I hope you think this is a useful feature. Regards, SlimShady P.S.: Aww ... I forgot ... I could also provide access to a german version of the database and I am able to copy the whole database, if someone is willing to localize it to other languages.
  4. Do you think this app will act as a campaign tracker for the existing campaign, too? Or will it "just" provide an automated overlord and fully-cooperative campaigns. Don't get me wrong ... I think this is a really cool approach. But I would love to track my classic campaigns with this tool. But I didn't read anything about that in the article. Or did I miss this information somehow?
  5. Hey community, I really love LotR-LCG. I do own nearly every deluxe/saga expansion (except the Angmar-Cycle) so far. So I just wanted to ask you guys from what card pool do you build your decks, when playing a specific cycle or saga expansion. When we started playing, we did build the card pool this way: Playing: Core + Mirkwood Card Pool: Core + Mirkwood Playing: Khazad-dum + Dwarrowdelf Card Pool: Core + Mirkwood + Khazad-dum + Dwarrowdelf Playing: Heirs of Numenor + Against the Shadow Card Pool: Core + Mirkwood + Khazad-dum + Dwarrowdelf + Heirs of Numenor + Against the Shadow ... and so on ... But we found out that the card pool is getting very big and the deckbuilding process could take a while. I thought of another approach, that uses only Core Set, the deluxe expansion and the Adventure packs of the matching cycle. But I am not sure if I am cutting the available cards to much, so that the quests would be too hard to complete. And what are you doing on saga expansion. I know there is a card pool recommendation in the rules. But if I got that right, you should only use Core Set + Saga Expansion. In this case the card pool is a bit too small, I think. I just wanted to ask how you build your card pool. If everyone is doing it like us, we should find a way to speed up deckbuilding. Best regards, SlimShady
  6. No problem ... So now we would agree that this is a bug in Atom's wonderful D2e Tracker, right?
  7. I think I don't agree with that ... or do I misunderstand the rules? The rulebook says: So if I am getting this right, it says that we should use Act II card after completing the interlude. So if we decided to play the Act II rumor quest "At the forge" as the next quest after the interlude, it should provide access to Act II shop cards. Or am I totally wrong on this one?
  8. Hey Atom, I am not sure about this, but I think we have found a major issue yesterday. Our gaming group chose to play the advanced rumor quest "At the Forge" as next quest after completing the intermezzo in our Shadow Rune + Lair of the Wyrm campaign. Since the rules say, that after completing the intermezzo only Act II market cards are being used, we did it this way used them for the Treasure Chest search card and the market phase. But as we tried to log the quest results we noticed that still only Act I items are provided in the combo boxes. Could you please have a look at this. Otherwise we won't be able to track our progression. Another low priority question: Do you consider the possible Overlord/Hero rewards of advanced rumor quests? So in our case the heroes got the reward "A Friend at the Forge" which gives them an additional market card in market phase and the possibility of buying one item 25 Gold cheaper than listed. Do you check this in your gold calculation? But this is not that important, because there would be a workaround by giving the heroes +25 Gold when logging the found search card and then buying the item at full prize. To state that again: Your page is awesome ... I really like using it. Best regards, SlimShady
  9. Hey ... I found a small bug when logging our ShadowRune campaign. We played the rumor quest "Gold Digger", which was won by the heroes. So they recieved the "Aurium Mail" relic. After assigned it to a hero I recognized, that the addtional black defense die was not displayed in the heroes stats (same situation in the "Overlord Intelligence" overview). Other additional defense dice that were added by regular armor items are displayed. Do you know this issue yet?
  10. I really love your work on this Descent Tracker. I played around with it for some time and I thought of an improvement, that would help the overlord players out there. I don't know how much time it would take, but perhaps you could give it a thought. I am focusing on selecting the open monster groups for a quest/encounter. Currently there is a drop down menu to select the monsters. What if there would be a separate page or something, that shows the stats of the monster groups that are electable. I had created a cheat sheet for myself, because I am currently playing the overlord in 3 active campaigns and I spend a lot of time selecting open monster groups. I think it is very annoying to compare all the stats on the monster cards. So I made an tabular sheet that groups monsters by their traits and shows the stats and special abilities in a compact view. Take a look here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9W08dU3kfn_RWtIbHVnOFRIa1E/view(Stats of "Visions of Dawn" and "Bonds of the Wild" may be faulty. I gathered them in the web because I don't own them yet. So if you find any bugs, let me know and I will correct it) So I would think of a separate view, that shows the monster groups including their stats in a tabular view. Perhaps open group selection could be done with a checkbox in the first column. But that's just a thought of myself. What do you think about it? Best regards, SlimShady
  11. Hi folks, perhaps this is a double post, but I didn't find a proper answer to my question by searching the forum. I have a question regarding the movement of large monsters. Especially the case that the movement should be interrupted to perform an other action. We had a discussion over this on or last gaming session. So I will try to describe my question with an example of the movement of an Elemental. Let's say we have this situation: There are 2 heroes (H1 & H2) and one Elemental (E) placed on the map as follows (Before Activation). Now the Elemental is activated, "shrinks" to the top left field of its base and spends 2 movement points, interrupts its movement and expands like the dashed lines show (Movement Action). Now the Elemental want to use his action "Earth", which says: "Each hero adjacent to this monster must test awareness. Each hero that fails is Immobilized." So it seems logically to me, that both heroes are effected by this action. BUT: The official FAQ says: Page 16, “Large Monsters”: Add, “When interrupting a large monster’s movement to perform an action, the overlord must be able to declare the action that the large monster will perform before placing the monster’s figure on the map.” Does this mean the Elemental can only effect H1 when it is interrupting its movement, but will effect both heroes if it ends its movement like shown below?!? This would be very strange in my (overlord) eyes! Can anyone help me out on this one? Is there another rule clarification I missed out? Best regards, SlimShady
  12. Hello, we had a discussion on the reinforcement rules during our last game session on saturday. Is the overlord player free to choose WHICH monster he wants to reinforce when more than one were defeated by the heroes previously. Here is our situation: We played "Death on Wings" - Encounter 1 and overlord used Ettins (2x2) as open group. So Cave Spiders (1x1) and Ettins were in play. Rules says that overlord may reinforce 1 monster at the beginning of his turn on the entrance tile (2x2). In one turn the reanimate of the Necomancer was placed on one field of the entrance tile and all other heroes were placed on the "Path"-tile so that there were not enough space to place a Ettin. At the beginning of his turn the overlord had a master Ettin AND a master Cave Spider to choose the reinforcement from. Now here is the question: Does the overlord has to choose the Cave Spider, because there is enough space to place it on the entrance tile? Or is he free to choose the Ettin? In this case, the Ettin would have been placed on the fire place, because this was the first empty space where the overlord could place a 2x2 monster.
  13. Ok ... Just ignore my question... Perhaps I should have read the official FAQ before posting. That would have answered it.
  14. Hey guys, I feel a litte bit ashamed, but after several rounds of Descent I found another question regarding the heroes order of play as I re-read the rulebook for the n-th time. Do all heroes have to agree to an order of play BEFORE the first hero starts his turn and is this order fixed for the current round? Or do they decide which hero acts next, after every hero turn (so they could see what happened in his turn and can react). As you may see ... I am asking this question from a (beaten up) Overlord point of view. Thanks for your help, SlimShady
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