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  1. How often will the DX expansions of coc be published?
  2. Can I ? The number of card in the Chinese conditions is very limited, and my strategy is very narrow. Additionally, I am not familiar with the card of asylum pack
  3. I'm player from Chinese. So far,the Chinese coc has only published core set, silver twilight and seekers of knowledge. Although we can also enjoy the future deluxe expansions, the Chinese players also need the Asylum packs. And whether the Chinese asylum packs will be published depends on whether the ffg will reprint a whole cycle of coc
  4. I see the twilight horror in the "upcoming" .Does it mean that the ffg will reprint the dreamalnd cycle?
  5. In my view, although the Angmar is defeated long before the battle of the ring, I think the war between Angmar and Arnor is also a good topic an another cycle, and the duel between Eärnur and Witch-king is exciting
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