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  1. Anyone know how that works? I see competition to 10 points but didn't see reference to how solo play worked. Did I miss it?
  2. I'm unreasonably excited by the idea of running through adventures to defeat Old Ones instead of the standard solve 3 mysteries. That method has the potential to make the game so much more thematic.
  3. Agreed, I wish the symbols were more intuitive. Having played Star Wars often with new players, it always took 3-4 sessions before they were comfortable with the symbols. Then we could say pointy cancels pointy and round cancels round. I'd like to know what the thought process was in using these symbols as I can't see a pattern.
  4. No - you can use first edition tiles, investigators and monsters with the second edition, but you cannot use the app, which will have all new scenarios, with the first edition.
  5. Just the monsters, investigators and tiles which will add more options to the new app driven scenarios. It appears the rest of the items and scenarios will remain first edition only.
  6. I'm not sure what you're referring to re using the app with the first edition. The conversion kit seems to be included with the second edition and will let you use tiles, investigators and monsters with the second edition.
  7. Descent is really a semi-cooperative 1v2-4 tactical miniatures game with an amazing coop campaign mode. The "adventuring" is pretty minimal and takes place between quests in the form of flavor text and "travel steps". Runebound is closer to Talisman, in that it is a pure adventure game but much much better than Talisman as if offers lots of choices to the players.
  8. I disagree completely, and wish the figures could have been this detailed before. The new heroes paired up against the new lieutenants really highlights the improviements they've made in their figures. I'd rather play with a few new amazing figures in our hero group (especially painted where they REALLY pop) than continue with a lesser quality for continuity's sake.
  9. R/G colorblind here and it doesn't detract from the game - the shades are different enough that they can be differentiated. Plus pictures of the items and alphanumeric codes also help differentiate. Plenty done here to cater to the colorblind (unlike Hyperborea for example which is a nightmare).
  10. We played the Enemy of My Enemy quest and due to never ending stream of kobolds took so long that we triggered the Final Peril (?) stating that we would lose the quest in two rounds. Two rounds later the quest kept going. We simulated two more rounds just to make sure we didn't mess something up and ultimately forfeited (as it was the most tedious quest we'd ever played - stupid kobolds!). We would have preferred a legitimate defeat screen. Edit - this was the Kindle Fire version.
  11. Funny, we played this last night and ruled you can't have rescued a guest if the OL was able to capture them all. Glad to see Justin's response confirms this.
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