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  1. Hola a todos los hispanohablantes del foro. Estoy sondeando a ver si hay suficientes jugadores en la ciudad de México para empezar a organizar torneitos y/o namás empezar a juntarnos para probar nuestras cartas y poder disfrutar de este grandioso juego. Ya tengo una tienda en mente que debería poder albergar un torneo eventualmente. También creo que sería una muy buena manera de empezar a conseguir los game night kits en esta ciudad. Si estás interesado contesta sobre este post y vamos organizándonos. SALUDOS!
  2. Actually I recently bought red glass gaming tokes and they work a lot better than the focus tokens provided by the game. They are a lot easier to notice and to keep count of the different exhausted cards. Haven't found a good enough replacement for the shield tokens though. (the blue glass I found is too dark) I find that, while the tokens provided by the game look really cool, they are sometimes a bit hard to remove from the cards and they do tend to get unnoticed or confused with the overall art of the cards themselves. As far as using lego pieces as tokens, it just sounds ridiculous.
  3. Anyone know if there are any official playmats for this game? I´m not only looking for one with a cool looking star wars background but mainly one that will help you set up the different cards. Whenever I play the game there's always some confusion since some players like to keep their command deck one place and their locations another etc, etc. I found these two, but not in a good enough quality to print. But the setup design looks pretty neat. What do you think? Either way I'll start working on my own (although I'm really loving this configuration) and keep you posted with what I come up with.
  4. Lately I've been missing a lot variations of major characters. I'm sure they are coming out in the following years. Rebel Luke Skywalker Luke's X-wing Leia in slave costume (for smugglers and spies) General Lando (Rebel Alliance) Chewbacca with dismantled Threepio And some of the expanded universe characters as well: Grand admiral thrawn Mara Jade Kyle Kattarn
  5. Sounds like a great idea. And it shure ties things together (I always thought the bartender's dialogue was a bit weak in the original encounter). Can't wait to try it out. Keep these coming.
  6. Check this site out, it could help http://momirfarooq.webng.com/swcharacter/swcharacter2d.htm
  7. Try looking for Star Wars Miniatures Maps. A lot of people started making custom ones when the miniatures were still being sold. The grid and scale are smaller on those but they can probably help you guys in some way or another. I even thought of using the miniatures themselves to represent certain characters.
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