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  1. We could go the route of the Tabletop Crafters Guild on Facebook.... and maybe have a specific material or item each month that needs to be used in a build? Such as Tea Candle Led Lights, Popsicle Sticks, foam, cardboard, etc. Or maybe keep it to a broad catagory, like Area Terrain, Ruins, etc.... so each person can Taylor the item to fit their board type.
  2. I too am always up for a good terrain challenge, count me in!
  3. Not sure how I feel about having the terminal adjacent to the green deployment zone, as they do t have to move at all to get their extra command card. And that also means Chopper can System shock someone potentially in their deployment zone before they move. But I see why you chose to place it there... so as not to favor one side or the other. What if you moved both the terminal and the door one room south? And then speread the two crates touching out either 1-2 spaces each so they both can’t be controlled by green with a 4 move and an open door?
  4. That’s exactly what I had in mind... mimicked the SW Beginner Box Sheets so I could use them for a convention game I am hoping to run the end of February.
  5. So I whipped up this template in PowerPoint to make a SW style Beginner Box Character Sheet with all the references to help first time players for a convention I am hoping to GM for. Meant to be printed out on 11x17 paper so it is the same size as the SW folios opened up.
  6. Here are 2 write ups I did for open Bounty Postings for my PCs to take a look at: The Quarren Engineer https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jZWIkNr3c35wvQr7ht7hT9KXojDG980APS6oiX7qm_w The Rodian Bomber https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1DoqpEiWHWQX5LM7EagVq6R_zoNZI34ExHAFMfl-ypUA
  7. Here is a quick Bounty Hunter adventure that I ran my PCs through: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1DoqpEiWHWQX5LM7EagVq6R_zoNZI34ExHAFMfl-ypUA
  8. Pretty much exactly what @Deuzerre said above... the Laser Cannons are situationally awesome.... but I feel the 5 dice of the rotary might be better on average! The range 4 is nice... but two of the objectives require us to close in on points that make the range benefit negligible anyways, not to mention the Low Visibility condition card which is great for Rebels to counter a kitted out AT-ST also hurts our Laser Cannons. Lastly I see that the meta is going to be more Troop focused, at least for the meantime, so that’s another buff to the Rotary Cannons. I am going to make the changes for a few games and see though... I might be wrong and have to go back to the Laser Cannons.
  9. Lol. Yeah between you and me... so don’t tell anyone else on this forum please... but I played Luke as having Pierce 3 like his Papa does for the entire Demo Week before I realized it! #lightsidearecheatersforlife ?
  10. Back again with another 800 point Battle Report from last weeks Thursday night game. Hope you enjoy, and as always comments and questions are always welcome! https://misadventuresingamingblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/09/back-again-for-the-fourth-time/
  11. You are absolutely correct that they take 1 per speed... for 3 wounds! ? We misses that in the first read through of the rules. But also, now looking at the email chains from Alex Davy... I think they wouldn’t take any damage now, as it is a Terrain piece under their speeder rating, so they would stop short with no penalty. But we will have to wait for the first FAQ to be 100% sure. Also I got an 800 point scheduled for tonight... so expect the next report early next week.
  12. One of the guys who did a blogpost for Imperial Terrain uses Gesso to act as a filler/primer. I nabbed some today and am going to give it a go, I’ll post before after pics when I do.
  13. It was a quick reference handout sheet. A nice trifold handout that had a bunch of the rules, actions sequences, etc all in one place.
  14. I came to the same conclusion you did on the T-47 weapon upgrades... and have left them at home! But unlike you, I have used Wedge in every game I have fielded him, along with Long-Range Comlinks. And I love them both! The ability to fly right over and flip around behind an enemy has been really awesome. And lends itself well for being able to drop in behind a unit and deny them their cover bonus. All in all the T-47 has been awesome to take out those problem units on the flanks for me, or delete a unit about to grab Victory Tokens for my opponent. Anyways... great write-up. And keep up the good work.
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