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  1. FortyFaced

    Magic Cheat Sheet

    Has anyone created a cheat sheet including the magic tables? I do not see one in the master resources list.
  2. FortyFaced

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    Would you be so kind as a to keep a changelog when you post new versions of the list? I'd like to know what's been added/changed in each version.
  3. FortyFaced


    Hi FortyFaced, Generally, the forced movement should be used narratively. Thus, if your character can present a good explanation for why their forced movement keeps them in one place (and your GM approves) then you can do so. An example might be a helicopter circling around a fixed point, or a race car driving in circles around an opponent. However, if it doesn’t make sense (“every turn I have my giant robot run around in a quick circle before returning to the fight!”) then you should either decelerate to stay in one place, or have your vehicle travel past the target due to speed and momentum. As for planetary scale, planetary scale doesn’t change the scale of the range bands out to extreme; it just adds the “strategic” range band at the end. I hope that helps! If this brings up any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Sam Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games Hi Sam, If I can follow up, to refine my second question, if forced to move X range bands, does it matter which range bands those are? Strategic to extreme is a really long way, but medium to short isn't quite so far. Does that make a difference to how many range bands the pilot is forced to move? Or does the pilot just count the number of bands regardless of which bands those happen to be? Hi FortyFaced, Rules as written, you would just move the bands no matter what. However, I agree that strategic to extreme is really far, as is extreme to long. Also, when dealing with range bands like extreme or strategic, they can encompass a sizable distance “within” the band. Simply put, although two things may be at strategic range to you, one might still be a bit closer than the other. So if you want to count a move from strategic to extreme or extreme to long as moving “2” of your 4 range bands (and your GM agrees!) that would be very reasonable. I hope that helps! Sam Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  4. FortyFaced

    Help assigning tiers to Edge of the Empire Talents

    I'm willing to help. Thanks for getting the jumpstart.
  5. FortyFaced

    Forced Movement

    If it requires an action to, essentially, stay put, then when is the pilot going to use actions like Gain the Advantage or Attack? It seems like the pursuer is forced to fly away from their prey. If an engaged pursuer is forced to move, for example, 4 range bands away at speed five, then the prey will have the opportunity to move another four bands on their turn. Now the pursuer is 8 range bands away because they were forced to move away from their target. Now, as you suggest, they might take an action to make an "about-turn," rather than fly four bands away, but that leaves them with no opportunity to shoot down their prey.
  6. FortyFaced

    big ole list of talents

    Thank you for doing the dirty work! Having Hunter's Quarry and its Improvement in the same Tier, 4, seems a bit awkward to me. Can Hunter's Quarry be dropped to Tier 3?
  7. FortyFaced

    Gencon Pregen Talents

    SWRPG is non-binding, so I don't think Finesse Tier 2 is set in stone. However, I think that talent sounds more like a Tier 2 talent described in the Genesys create a talent section. Are we sure the pre-gens abided by the talent pyramid?
  8. FortyFaced

    Forced Movement

    Yeah, I guess when it said "forced" I assumed that meant necessary, not maximum.
  9. FortyFaced

    Forced Movement

    That makes me less guilty feeing for submitting it a few moments ago! Thanks.
  10. FortyFaced


    Hello FortyFaced, I can understand your confusion, and I apologize for any lack of clarity there. Due to the innate limitations of healing magic (mainly, suffering 2 strain every time your character casts a spell), we intended for Heal to be cast multiple times per encounter (and thus, per week as well). This includes attempts to heal Critical Injuries. Generally, you should find that the lesser Critical Injuries are better healed through the use of the Medicine skill (it doesn’t cost strain to use, and the difficulty is usually less). However, some truly horrific injuries are better handled through the magical healing arts. Likewise, a good doctor with some ranks in Surgeon is going to be able to heal a lot of wounds, but if the target is badly injured, a magic user may have an easier time healing them. In the end, hopefully you find that your group can get by with either a magic user that can heal or a character with Medicine; but that both skills are handy to have around. You may even find that a priest character may want to invest in both! Hope this helps! Sam Stewart RPG Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  11. FortyFaced

    Forced Movement

    Can someone help me understand the consequences of a "forced move" in structured vehicle encounters described on page 221? The only explanation I see is in the pair of paragraphs (and the table) on that page. Does the pilot have to move X range bands away from their target? Or, because "a vehicle generally goes where the pilot wants it to" can, at two speed, a pilot move one range band away and one range band back? At speed 3-4, does the pilot need to spend one maneuver to, essentially, stay put? Should this be narratively described as either going so fast you can get right where you want (Speed 5) or going so slow that you're able to stay on top of your target (Speed 1-2). In the planetary scale, is there no difference in the amount of time it takes to move from strategic into medium range and from extreme into short range? At speed 5, for example, the ship is "forced" to move 4 range bands. Or, should the range bands for purposes of forced movement be considered without regard to relative positioning, somehow?
  12. The talent technical aptitude provides a 25% stackable decrease to time spent on a computer related tasks. Is there a rule or guideline somewhere in the rulebook concerning the length of computer related tasks? I've been unsuccessful in locating anything of the sort. If not, I'd encourage a discussion of how people determine time required to complete computer related tasks. Is a typical Computers check in combat (e.g. slicing turret targeting) just a single action in length? What about allocating a number of rounds to complete equal to the number of difficulty dice required by the check?