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  1. It would be a nice idea, but of course, you cant use 2 CP for moving twice xD
  2. Hmmm thank you so much, i like the answers, but i dont like homerules or op heroes (franks are overpowered arent they?)… i like the option of hoss but by the moment i just have the basic game .. maybe using stamina packs with first aid kit? Or just command points and items for command point? I think eva's 2 cp can make the fire useless with your 2 o 3 basic cp, the only thing i miss is another item.for cp in other heroe or troops, but i can save heiz, karl and eva easily, i just can lose my troops, and sometimes they are still full hp .. maybe its not the best way of throwing the fire grenade after all…
  3. Ideas for the reich to counter that start of course, thank you so much
  4. I have a lil problem… in the castle map, the union can start throwing a fire grenade in the first turn and burning the reich's entrance, ******* hardly their assholes as they have to do 2 or 3 movements to get outa there… any ideas??
  5. Man, dont be like that, buy the rules, is about 4 euros downloading the official pdf version… The outdatet rules are just unplayable… extremely unbalanced and silly game with no strategy
  6. Well, let's see if we get more people here I really want to know how to beat that powerful oksana in those games
  7. I only know what i have read in forums about championships, i dont know how does it work, sorry And thank you so much for your answers ^^ Maybe i will buy oksana for playing objetive mode or deathmatch and not for CTF or domination ^^ Can you add me to facebook or skype? I think you can help me a lot with all these things Facebook: David Fajardo López, from Alicante, in Spain Skype: Volimtemiau Thank you very much for the help
  8. Well, now the trully last one XD The union can beat the reich by playing Hoax and Ramirez right? (if you tell me they are still on disadvantage i will just play with the basic game or without hoss xD)
  9. Well, now the trully last one xD sorry for my 3 answers… The Reich with Hoss, Heizinger and Karl, can be beaten by the Union if they use Ramirez and Hoax right? (if you tell me the Union is still on disadvantage i just will play with my basic game! or won't play with Hoss xD)
  10. Ok i think i will try almost every expansions, but not asteros, natalya and oksana… Making tests of what can oksana do with her voivodes in the first turn… I haven't found even one strategy for winning against the matriarchy in the 2 maps in the basic game… first round they have one flag and second round they have the other one, and it's impossible to avoid it
  11. And even when playing with the Reich, you can kill oksana, but you cannot avoid the first oksana activation, so they will move 20 the first turn and they will have your flags almost in their base for winning the second round… I need to know if that strategy is unfair for the other factions or if they can do anything..
  12. Ok thank for the information Last doubt… When Reich plays against a team with Oksana, probably the best option is killing both Hoss and Oksana right? But when you play the Union… the Matriarchy has 2 voivodes that move 20 circles and can make 2 actions… if you are playing a flag match or a domination match… can you really win them? I have heard that every championship of tannhauser is won with this strategy in the second turn because voivodes are extremely fast… =S Do you have balanced games against that team? =(
  13. Respect Yula, his mission is having a natural 10 on zorka, if she has a natural 10 on zorka, the matriarchy is defeated, so I think that Yula with command pack and woth Hoss may be a great combination against the matriarchy, but i want to listen to your strategies too ^^ Tell me, do you have balanced games against the matriarchy when they play zorka, irishka and oksana when you play heizinger, karl, and hoss? or they win more matches?
  14. And what can you do with your Reich if they are playing Zorka, Irishka and Oksana? If you kill oksana they have Irishka and Zorka… how can you kill that Zorka with the ReicH? with 4 voivodes that Irishka can get back to life is way too difficult, even more if Hoss has been suicided dont you think so? Tell me, what can you do against that team?
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