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  1. They've been around since the 90s and have hugely successful recent movies. Their brand is probably stronger than the Fantastic Four or other more traditional Marvel mainline characters.
  2. I'd wager we're going to get alternating releases of classic iconic heroes and the more new or replacement heroes so: Iconic: Thor Hulk Black Widow Doctor Strange Hawkeye Deadpool Venom (hero) Wolverine New: Miles Morales Nova (Sam) Spider-Gwen Squirrel Girl Ms. America Chavez Falcon Silk Lady Thor (closer to Thor 4) I'd wager that the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and Fantastic Four will appear in big box expansions
  3. Thanks everyone, I managed to find my insert. Still it would be nice if we could download these things when they are mislaid.
  4. Hi, I think my wife may have accidentally thrown out the rules insert that came with my Lambda Shuttle miniature. IS there anywhere that I can download a new copy? Thanks.
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