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  1. I believe they will, the bodies look similar to the Phase I clones and I assembled one of my squads with a Z-6 kneeling.
  2. Non unique, dead! Love that game! Or it was something along those lines.
  3. This new rule set means Gungans and Ewoks would be feasible. Mandalorian death squads! Or all Bounty Hunter squads!
  4. If this is your first time using the Plastic Glue and or Modeling in general; I’d suggest clipping pieces of the Battle Droid sprue and practice glueing the scrap pieces together before actually assembling your Droids. Here’s why: Switching to plastic glue is a bit of a learning curve, or it was for me. I’ve always used super glue and now I only use super glue gel. When assembling my Bolt Action army I couldn’t get Super Glue to work that well and switch to plastic glue as suggested by Warlord Games for their models. The plastic glue itself flows extremely well almost like water. I’m not sure if I used Testors or Tamiya. It’s hard to find in rural Texas, I found it at Hobby Lobby on occasion but mostly had to order it online. I found it easier to apply a small dab of glue on a piece of glass then either use a toothpick , exacto blade, or paper clip to apply the glue to the pieces I was bonding together. Applying the glue directly to the Model from the applicator/bottle usually ended in excessive glue on the model pieces. Like others stated Plastic Glue is like a weld rather than the piece being just “stuck” together.
  5. The more units the merrier. I would think more on the amphibious side rather that full blown under water battles.
  6. I like the idea of captured vehicles. I think using rules similar to Bolt Action, they can not be repaired and there’s an increased cost. They could easily include and upgrade card example for the AT-ST: “Rebels Only” at X cost and “No Upgrades can be attached to this vehicle besides this one”. Text about alignment to the new army. Other units I’d like to see: -Imperial Probe Droids as a specialist or Single Unit - Republic Commandos - Random Creature Encounter scenarios for Rancor, Wampa, Gundark, Mynocks or Sand People/Tusken Raiders similar to the Downed AT-ST or Bunker.
  7. Missions would be a great way to add the AT-AT to the game. They could make it similar to the bunker and even have removable sides. OR do a downed version as scatter terrain.
  8. http://www.rebelscum.com/photo.asp?image=/TAC/tacOrder662marineFR.jpg There’s a link for the Galactic Trooper. I have one or two somewhere.
  9. For sure! May do this with the Phase II before I do a 501st squad. There were a few purple troopers for Mace. I think they did an Airborne and Galactic Marine.
  10. A Generic Jedi Squad could work like the new upgrade expansions, by themselves or a squad of 4 Jedi. I imagine they’ll be a Specialist Expansion. Really like the idea of Hondo be truly neutral.
  11. Durge was cool In the show but way more vicious in the comics. I’m sure what comic but he essentially drowned a Jedi or Clone in some Lava and his arms burnt off. He had a neat design. I think there one or two Wizards of the Coast minis of him.
  12. BOOM! Taun-Tauns on the loose! They look stellar!
  13. @WGNF911 are all your squad bases/rims a different color?
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