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  1. Yep, I put the timestamp wrong. Just updated the link 😀
  2. FFG just had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the head of studio and confirmed that they will release two different kind of expansions:- Figure packs (like the one just released)- Big box expansions with lots of contentMore info will be coming early 2020.Here is the link for the JoTM part: https://youtu.be/6VseOrN5B58?t=789I like the figure packs and hoping they add more heroes that way, and that they use big boxes to introduce more terrain and new mechanics.
  3. Thanks for reading! First scenarios were rough. I remember getting a bit disappointed at the early scenarios since we were not getting any new trinkets and titles. But once you have more time to explore the journey maps, you will start to get cool stuff! Threat management is important and knowing how many rounds (more or less) you have left is really critical. Enjoy the rest of the campaign and good luck!
  4. We've just finished the campaign (normal difficulty) as a 3 player experience. After 14 scenarios we managed to win the whole campaign (we only lost quest 5). Our party: - Legolas (hunter role) - Beravor (pathfinder and captain role) - Gimli (guardian role) Overall, we liked the campaign but here are some thoughts during our playthrough: First scenario was a bit slow and on the hard side. Maybe because it was our first time playing and didn't know all the tactical and strategical choices at the beginning. Furthermore, killing enemies was quite an arduous experience since the armor was adding up and we couldn't deliver kills in one blow, so enemies would counterattack. Second scenario was the battle map. It was interesting and managed to win although Legolas failed a last stand test. Enemies were piling up and the special damage and fear cards were not on our side. Gulgotar respawning took us by surprise. Middle of the campaign is where we had the most fun since we were starting to get used to our characters and getting used to the peculiarities with our skill decks. Scenarios seem balanced and we started getting some nice trinkets and titles. The deduction scenario was a nice break from the other kind of maps and it was a really interesting use of the same mechanics for a different purpose. The scepter scenario (quest #5), we almost managed to beat it but Legolas (who had the most scepter tokens) failed a last stand and that meant not having any scepter tokens to try them out so we just failed. The last 4-5 scenarios were too easy and didn't have problems beating them. We took the path to defeat the troll beforehand and pounced him really hard. The upgraded bow from Legolas that adds cleave was really strong and allowed us to defeat groups of enemies really easily. Gimli was a damage dealing machine. Beravor, with the sprint plus scout capabilities was taking care of discovering the map and helping us set up our skill decks to the most of our advantage. We were basically one-shotting almost every enemy. We didn't have any last stands for the remaining of the campaign. Gulgotar battle map was also quite manageable, took care of the wight bodyguard right away and after defeating him 6 times, he died (we think the game doesn't allow to just defeat him in one round since we manage to defeat him 4 times in just one round). Atarin was really no match to our party and we beat the scenario with less than 60 threat at the end. It was an enjoyable journey nonetheless. The titles were interesting but after all of us having at least one we were skipping the "Luckwearer" title since it would dilute by one card our skill decks. We had 6 trinkets by the end of the adventure (we even got one in the last scenario!). Gimli had the torch (really useful for darkness in scenarios), Legolas had the boots (so might tests are not that scary plus interacting with tokens without attacks of opportunity) and Beravor had the helmet although it was not much of use since enemies never had a chance to really deal any damage. One thing Legolas and Gimli would have done differently, would be to switch roles at some point during the middle of the campaign for more nice builds and check different strategies. We did a couple of side quests in different journey maps. Early in the campaign we saved a mare, and found the owner on a later map. Sadly, we screwed up that a bit since the one who saved it, was not the one who talked to the owner so we don't know what really happens. Saving the bear cubs, gave Legolas the "Guardian of Bears" title. The game was quite fun and the story and writing was OK. The odd scenarios were the most interesting: deduction battle map and Evensong scenario. App was great and really helps tracking lot of stuff so no complains on that end. It would be nice to have an undo button, more advanced log to see where enemies spawn if you tap too quickly and more voiced work (at least the introduction of each scenario). Overall I recommend the game, and if you have a stable group it's a really nice experience. Don't expect Gloomhaven level of tactics (although later scenarios with upgraded cards allow for really nice turns and combos) and take it for what it is: a light-medium adventure crawling experience. I'm looking forward to the new campaign and figure pack coming later this year. Hope they develop the game further and get some big expansion boxes with more adventures, loot and new characters (hopefully also new mechanics).
  5. Launch party in Helsinki (Finland) Poromagia (https://poromagia.com/en/) is hosting a launch party on 19th November. Sign-up is already open at https://poromagia.com/en/events/1470/.
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