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  1. Played through the first scenario and enjoyed it very much. Somehow it incorporates some of my favorite aspects of Runebound 3rd, Descent with app, and Mansions of Madness. All wrapped up in my favorite setting. I can't complain. I say bring on the comparisons to Gloomhaven. I say this because I think Gloomhaven is the largest over-hyped puzzle game with zero immersion ever Kickstarted or produced normally. I own it and have played 20+ times and expected to "get" what other people see in it, but never did. Hey, you just got a super duper chest reward, what is it???? Oh, another scenario unlocked, aren't there already 100. Oh, I have a really cool Ability, but must wait about 10 minutes until I get my energy up enough (cycle through my cards) before I can do it again. Oh, we cleared all the bad guys but I'm just too tired (ran out of cards) to go over there and finish. Then there are some things that are innovative but weird. Ex. The way you can manipulate your modifier deck was super cool but how you gained 'experience' enough to do it was wonky. Secret Objectives that were random and un-immersive. The enemy AI had great potential but fell flat. I actually like the AI in Descent app (and moreso the Imperial Assault app) better in effect although again the GH AI had potential. I hate de-railing the topic but have to jump in and let others know GH is not the bomb. I seriously think if Descent had never existed before but some indie company Kickstarted it right now with a high price point and with all these unlock-able stretch goals, such as new Heroes or Item Cards or Monster groups, then it would have been a Huge Hit like GH. Maybe moreso because the dice mechanic with the innovate Surges that can be spent for a myriad of different Abilities is much more immersive and fun then the slog of a deck building mess that GH is. Back on topic, I am very excited for what JiME offers out of the box and can't wait to see what they do with it with expansions! Happy Gaming!
  2. I thought that with no IP to pay for that FFG would stick through longer to see if a larger following would ever be made. Too bad because this game was a great way for people interested in mini war games to play without the larger time and money investment of the bid dawgs. I even liked Warhammer Diskwars that FFG did and which RWMG borrowed some of the innovations from, so for me this is the second FFG mini war game that was ditched. I don't blame them but was just hoping. There will be many that will say why complain since we already have a near complete game which will give years of enjoyment but, to me, it seems like part of the fun of a MWG is to have a living community that is continuously releasing new products. Also, it seems a little weasely to announce this the same day they make a huge announcement for a new LotR product.
  3. Especially when Legion is the inferior game that only has an IP going for it.
  4. OP, how dare you say something positive about the future of this game? This game, that was dead before FFG formed as a comic seller in 1965. This game, that is so bad I had to spend $200 to unload my original investment of $200 (the bank made me do it, or maybe it was the Deep State, I am so mad at this game that I cannot remember). This game who is so red headed stepchild to Legion that Bill Shakespeare himself revived himself (he had a green mana) to document the horrid tragedy of it. This game. Wait, I like this game and also wish it well and will continue to have fun playing and playing with it. Oh crap, I became optimistic too, see OP, your contagion spreads.
  5. Sure it's a quick glance from me but I think it's enough to say L5R RPG certainly is not Genesys. I wasn't that interested in the setting so I'm ok with this but it does blow my theories about the path of Genesys. Now L5R is different in that it has a LONG history (I think four editions) of being an RPG so maybe FFG is aiming to please fans of the old system. I can't tell because I have no knowledge of the old L5R systems beyond it was called Roll and Keep (R&K) I believe. So enough on that. What does this mean for Genesys? Will it be a stand alone sandbox system, will FFG release settings like Runbound or will Runebound be a seperate system that is very similar to Genesys. My guess is a setting inside of Genesys because I played Runebound Genesys at Gen Con and it seemed like a nearly done entity. I'm hoping to see a setting book for Runbound soon after the Release of Genesys Core sometime in the next couple of months. This is mostly because I loved playing,it at Gen Con and what I saw of what they did with the Archetyoes from Descent was really cool and seemed to work in the narrative dice system better than I had imagined. Anyways, that is still my hope. And I do hope the L5R RPG fans will be happy with their product.
  6. Even though it is the opposite of what I would have bet yesterday, I'm going with separate product. This is based off what little info released today, ie no graphical ties to Genesys, no mention of Gensys and what little description sounds a little nebulous when if it were Gensys, a little more detail could have been given.
  7. If it's not the Gensys system, there goes a lot of my speculation. At Gen Con the Runbound offering was in the Gensys system and so I figured that sometime after releasing Gensys Core they would release "Setting Supplements" that would include Runebound, L5R, Netrunner, etc. But this seems like it will be separate from the Gensys system even if the Star Wars narrative Dice system is employed. Interesting.
  8. I was lucky enough to have DarthGM as my GM (we were the group from Mobile, AL that kept trying to kill horses) and first I'd like to say thanks Phil, that was one of the best experiences my group had at Gen Con. I would also like to chime in and say that it was fascinating to me how effortless and well the narrative dice system worked in this fantasy setting. Armor seemed intuitive and balanced, Magic made sense and was in fact very fun and more malleable than in 5e. Social Actions also worked very well. Maybe this shouldn't be surprising since a similar system was used in WHFRP 4e, right? I think for me I have enjoyed SW so much in this FFG system and fantasy so much in 5e that I thought there was something inherent in each that facilitated its setting but turns out this was wrong. I came away very excited about this particular setting for Genesys, to me overall it felt like a much more fleshed out and uninhibited Descent encounter and I mean that in the most fun and exciting way possible.
  9. I'm thinking more in lines of how FFG will do it as opposed to how I would want a generic fantasy magic to work with the narrative dice. With this in mind, an important place to start is Setting and so I will use Runewars (Terrinoth) as the Setting since it is what is being used at Gen Con and therefore probably one of the templates used in the Beta and then Core book. Runewars is unusual because of the need for Runes. Not as funny as the 'Winds of Magic' in Warhammer Fantasy yet not typical fantasy. To me the best place to look is how Magic work in their RPG board game Descent. In Descent you have 5 classes of the Archetyoe Wizard thus far. To me the Runemaster would be the most generic. If you look at its advancement tree, represented by Class Cards one can acquire by spending XP, a lot of their abilities are tied into Runic Weapons that are Ranged Weapons that they can equip. This may be a good place for FFG to start and work from there. You have a Ranged Magical (Runic) Weapon that you make an Attack with and using Range, cover, etc you set the # of Difficulty Die. Like in Descent, Damage Done will not only be net Successes but also modifiers from Abilities, Runes acquired and placed in the Weapon (modifications) and the Wepon itself. The amount of green/yellow dice will be from the usual innate ability vs skill determination. This is my jab at how they just may place the most basic forms of Magical Damage in the game.
  10. I would bet L5R will be before Terrinoth or Cthulhu. My guess is L5R then A:N then Terrinoth then Cthulhu.
  11. I'm still in the midst of wrapping my head around the ruleset so please correct me if I'm wrong. Hawthornes 2nd Ability can trigger over and over, right? Example, he selects Melee Attack as his revealed Action, he resolves this vs an Engaged Enemy Unit (just has to be 'touching' one of his Edges). Then his Special Ability kicks in and he can now perform an Attack vs a second Engaged Unit. If there happens to be a third, fourth (I know more and more unlikely since there is only so much physical space) Engaged Unit, does he keep triggering his Special Ability? If so then the Upgrade that lengthens his 'reach' will make this scenario even more likely! So, am I getting something wrong?
  12. Like two others above, I am having trouble with Rise of All Goblins. I completed the tutorial quest and got some side quests along with the main quest on the Map. Then after visiting the town and making purchases, I left the campaign. Now, on the Map are NO quests, only the City. The city now show new items for sale and all City Options (which it didn't before). After leaving City, still no Quests. Hitting city again shows new items (weeks aren't being spend doing this). Is there a fix or should I restart a new campaign? Also for the future, is there a bad time to Leave Campaign (more likely to have bugs)?
  13. I'm still holding out that they will release a pair of final expansions that will "top off" the four races introduced in the first pair of expansions. However if the InFlight Report at Gen Con holds no news then I'm guessing that will be it.
  14. This. I am excited that the images are from the movie ... Not in my view. I prefer artwork, screen shots from movies make a game look cheesy.
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