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  1. Built these custom storage/gameplay boxes last summer. http://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/21956/part-2-the-epic-arkham-trunk-card-storage And many many accessories for all sorts of things, from colorful token cups to dice towers. Check out all the parts in the blog for many ideas, the most involved was painting and varnishing the monster tokens.
  2. Here's my solution: http://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/21956/part-2-the-epic-arkham-trunk-card-storage The card boxes serve both as a storage solution and a space saving gameplay solution. Here's what the card stacks look like. Unmanageable (especially sleeved) stacks file nicely. Let me know if you are interested, I can make you a set.
  3. Oh I tried... I had threads divided into 6 parts, for each type of customization. I had to break some of those threads up because I could not post more than 10 or so images. So, rather than rework the post I divided it up into 2b, 2c etc. I will put URL links at the beginning and end of each post so you can follow the whole set. Apologies for taking up board space, but I did ask if there were rules about big posts and the replies I got suggested that the content of the posts would be more valuable than the annoyance of clogging up board space temporarily.
  4. Part 5 This wraps the project up. Random seldomly used card or token sets (except for the boring money cup which is always on the board). Glass jar for brood tokens, boring tupperware money cup Dark Pact deck set Quachil Uttaus dust deck set w/ lid (+magnets) Had to make a lid for it because the cards were a little loose in the holders. Lid has a lip that holds the cards in. It's an awesome display for anyone brave enought to try to take Q.U. on... Also, the display is a reminder for first player to draw dust cards Modded Dollar store cigarette case, little velour bags (hard to sew those suckers in the sewing machine!) The little dice bage hold 8 red or blue d10 dice. They are used to place over your printed max stamina and sanity, that way when you get max stat bonus you can turn the die and remember for the rest of the game. Cigarette case holds the remaning small cards not accounted for yet: deputy cards, condition cards, spell effect cards and the benefit/detriment cards. I've got two options for a container for the gates and rift tokens. Clear cylinder w/ lid, with too much empty space Another of those painted and découpage'd wood boxes What a trip, folks! 2,415 cards, close to 50 card types, ... Everything accounted for! (I'll post the Dunwich\Act card box later, it didn't work out) I'm considering these prototypes, they're all hand made and imperfect, but that's the charm of this personal set. A good way to spend a few weeks of summer vacation; I look forward to many very well set-up games of AH with my gaming friends. I'm considering making and selling much of what I've posted here, on an Etsy store for example. I'm sure there's not that much demand for these products, but I can streamline production (friend has CNC shop, could make out of fancy wood or cheaper wood and paint, etc) ensuring perfectly fitting pieces (hard to get 100% perfect cuts with hobby knife and ruler when making batch pieces for assembly) and keep costs low. I could also design boxes for other games, not sure which would benefit from a setup like this as much as AH does. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and the extravagance of a random craft idea taken way way too far. Hope you have + checks on all your encounters. Cheers!
  5. Part 4 So I'm looking around for cups or dishes, something to hold the frequently used tokens: sanity, stamina, clues, doom/elder sign, maybe power tokens. I found these six-packs of colored shot glasses. All too perfect. Printed the image of the token onto decal plastic and voila! Stylish on-board token holder, easily passed around, etc. I ended up just using the game box art for the lid art on these boxes. Holds all tokens (except for clues, a dozen or so leftover). Clue token cup Stamina token cup Sanity token cup Elder sign token cup Yellow Sign token cup Power Token cup Yellow signs and power tokens aren't necessarily used all that often, but they fit the colors. You can always use them for other tokens that are in play. Next in Part 6: Miscellanious Part 6
  6. Part 3b So someone posted about painting the edges of their monster tokens,http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/603344/monster-token-protect..., they looked really sharp, and I had gone this far already.. Might as well paint all 160 of these monster tokens ... Not sure if I'd do it again! One box for regular monsters, one box for Mask and Spawn monsters The painted edges are superb! They came out a little sticky even after drying on racks for a few days. I shook them in a bag with talcum powder and rubbed the excess off. Took away any trace of sticky. the talcum got in some of the rough edges of the cardboard, but it's not too bad. I messed a few of them up, that's in another post. The varnish isn't all that noticeable. It went on a little wet (I put it on fairly thick). I let it dry under the living room fan over a few days, then talc'd them up. They feel more protected, kind of plasticky clicky. They'll surely hold up to light scratches and protect that long paint job. Had to mix paints to try and match the shades for green orange blue and purple. Also, some expansion monsters have different hues of color than the base game monsters, so I aimed for a color tone in between. It took about 5 minutes for one coat on one token. Some colors took many coats. Do the math if you dare. I know it's crazy, the madness of arkham overtook me, sanity check failed. Once the edge paint was dry, I put them on screen racks (wide spacing on screen, maybe 2-3cm) and spray painted krylon kamar varnish. Three coats on each side, spraying the edges making sure they got plenty. Some tokens stuck to the screen racks and ripped tiny nicks on some edges. meh I will probably give the investigator tokens the same treatment. Make the edge a dark brown, and maybe add red or blue to distinguish the sanity strong characters from the stamina strong characters. Just a little, enough to distinguish their strengths at a glance on the board. Then.. maybe .. all those little tokens.... but probably not! heh Following this thread of all-in crafting, I had to make a velour monster bag. There's no way I was putting these trick'd out monster tokens in the shredder base clips that come with the game. Used a dremel to take out the shredder nubs (very quick and easy, wear eye protection!), then superglued a strip of felt across the bottom, using the punchboard to wedge it in. It's just right to hold the tokens, but not all of them turned out good (some monsters hang crooked or are hard to get in). The toughness is partially obscured, but not enough to not be able to read it. This post inspired the base felting: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/652... Next in Part 5: on-board token 'cups' Part 5
  7. Part 3 Main box holds all 48 investigator cards. Smaller comparments holds the fed tokens and three special dice (thanks http://www.thediceshoponline.com/). The bottom is also dug out to catch bottom investigator card. What are those dice for?? The 24 sided die is to pick which Ancient One The d6 and d8 are to pick investigator (6 x 8 = 48) Roll the investigator dice and then collect an investigator packet from that other box Those little packets hold the investigator token and his/her two plot cards Next up in Part 4, the oh so time consuming fiasco of spicing up the monster tokens... Part 4
  8. Part 2e Up next we've got these two boxes. They're loose in the trunk. I'll probably make some foam inserts so they don't bang around. Larger wood box (painted, bottom felted, image on top got coats of polyurethane), inside we've got all sorts of treats. First is a rack for all the membership cards, the bank loans, rail passes, retainers and blessings. It works standing or lying, depending on space Underneath we've got large and small compartments for the larger cards and some tokens. The images turned out great with coats of polyurethane! Top large compartment opens up and holds all the heralds, guardians and institutions, as well as all 24 Ancient Ones. (7 sets of 2 magnets on this panel to hold the weight when it's closed) The lid is dug out with dremel so your finger can catch the bottom card. Side compartments hold tokens for Ancient Ones and Heralds. Part 3b
  9. Part 2d AH Big Box #3: Most small cards, Epic Battle and Ancient One plot cards notice how the three boxes on the left fit EXACTLY the size of the big AH boxes. This is the length of the common, unique and spell decks, determined by the number of common unique and spell cards. Lucky! Most small cards: Here we've got two 5-deck sets, and three individual boxes for the common, unique and spell cards. First 5-deck set has Exhibit items, Exhibit encounters, Cult encounters, Corruption cards (red/green image is split), Relationship cards Second 5-deck set has Injury & Madness cards, Blight cards, Ally cards and Skill cards. The ally section is split, room for 11 in the front compartment and the rest in the back. The larger item boxes. Strong magnets! Epic Battle and Ancient One plot storage Front is epic battle deck, back is some of the AO plot cards, rest on other side Box #4 has the game boards, manuals, player rulecards, difficulty cards, logbook Box #5 has the planobox with game tokens, boring money cup, a couple of small wood boxes with gates and mask/spawn monsters(see part 6 & 4) Phew! Next is Part 3 - Custom AO, investigator & token boxes Part 3
  10. Part 2c Special card boxes: Guardians and Kingsport/Innsmouth boards The guardian box holds the Blessings of Nodens cards, the Visions of Hypnos cards, and the two Bast cards. Bast only has two cards, so with the space behind them there was room for a little compartment to hold the tokens! The Kingsport/Innsmouth box holds board-specific cards and tokens Kingsport Cards and Tokens Rift Tokens! Small compartment has felt latch to open and magnets to hold the flap shut Innsmouth Cards and Tokens Uprising Tokens! Part 2e
  11. Part 2b AH Big Box #2: Mythos deck, Gate deck, 2 kingsport neighborhoods, a special box for the Innsmouth/Kingsport boards, and a special box for the guardians. The mythos and gate boxes are huge and heavy! I'm still trying to figure out how to play with all cards and work around dilution so the expansion boards aren't just for show. Box #2 contains the other 2 Kingsport neighborhoods (first 2 in box#1). Part 2d
  12. Part 2 CONTENTS: AH Big Box #1: 17 locations + Reckoning Cards The boxes I made hold two decks of large cards. Optimizes table space, can be placed along the edges of the game boards. Reckoning is in this group of boxes because it was the largest of the special large card decks, a size comparable to the size of the neighborhood decks One of the coolest things about this project is how well everything fit without advance planning. I made the card boxes only considering the sizes of the card stacks. That they fit so well in the arkham boxes is just magic! The card boxes are made from 5mm foamcore board. Small neodymium magnets held keep the lids on. This was tricky to do, and I will likely post a tutorial on youtube on how to do it. Surely this is a useful thing for other crafters. I printed the backs of the cards on nice cotton paper (thanks to AH wiki & BGG), glued them on and then put two coats of polyurethane to seal the image into the board. The first big box holds all the Arkham Neighborhoods (and the Reckoning deck), three neighborhood boxes hold all the Innsmouth and Dunwich neighborhoods, and there's room for half of the Kingsport neighborhoods. Part 2c
  13. Part 1 I guess we're starting with the end result, but this is what it all leads up to. I found a cheap decently well made trunk that was exactly the right size to hold the 5 big arkham boxes, and the 5 or 6 random other boxes that hold everything. I changed the handles on the box because they were quite flimsy. Painted part of the hinge "oil rubbed bronze", a black with copper specks. All the custom wood boxes were painted with this color, looks like old metal. Here are some of the contents. Some of those boxes and plano are stored in the big AH boxes, but I took them out to show any pre-fab (bought) boxes I've used. The dice towers I made out of foam core from awesome plans I found online: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/63271/dice-tower-cthulhu-b... Counting, measuring, averaging, the math teacher emerges. I made piles of 150, 100, 50, 30, etc sleeved cards and measured the heights, found an average thickness for the cards which was 0.75mm. I scoured arkham horror wiki http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Main_Page for the number of cards with all expansions, and calculated the inner dimensions of all the boxes I needed to make. Part 2b
  14. Arkham Horror is huge. I have a small table at home, and we can barely play 4 investigatores with the board overhanging. Many cards and tokens were stored on a chair to the side. Non-ideal, but somewhat functional. A few expansions later, the table is clearly too small, so I make a modular felt table-top out of 3/8" ply and some hinges. Now we can comfortably play with an expansion board, and there's some room for card decks on the sides. The card decks are getting pretty big and hard to work with, especially sleeved! A few expansions later, the decks are completely unmanageable, a solution is required. I google "Arkham Horror storage solutions" and similar keywords and find great info and ideas, mostly here on BGG. http://fortressat.com/up-your-game-toc/2408-organizing-arkha... Image on this page captures the madness storing and playing arkham horror. Plano boxes are light, sturdy and practical, but not very thematic.. All sorts of solutions: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/38929/the-horror-of-storin... Suitcase solution: elegant (love the woodwork on some!), but you have to play out of the box, so you need a 2 foot by 2 foot space on your table to put the box. Otherwise, you have to stack decks removing them from the suitcase, and we still have the unmanageable deck problem.. not ideal for me Racks solution: great for gameplay, but storage solution is still required. Lots of wasted time moving decks from storage to racks and back again. The Crafthulhu pieces seeded the idea of small stations for the location decks, and multi card sets for the smaller cards. Beautiful stuff, very practical. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1734621563/crafthulhu-ca... The ultimate in themed AH storage and customization: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/714563/arkham-horror-casemod... This is so epic... inspired the investigator picking scheme i used. So, we've laid out the problem, and the sources of inspiration and how something else had to be devised to streamline AH storage, setup and gameplay on a smaller table. We'll see how that was solved in Part 2, and the overactive creativity that led to way too much customization in Parts 3 through 6. Part 2
  15. Here's what they look like - this has turned into quite the time sink, but I'm almost done. Yellow took 4-5 coats, what a weak pigment!
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