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  1. Yop, i'am french and i try to explain you : exile -> you do re-buy (cost's xp) the card to get it on next scenario remove -> you remove the card, but, at the end of the game, you add it in your deck for the next game
  2. 2. "An exhausted enemy with the massive keyword is not considered to be engaged with any investigators."
  3. in a news, ffg take an exemple with 8xp to upgrade
  4. http://www.assaut-sur-empire.fr/2015/08/05/carnet-de-campagne/ In french
  5. i use mayday sleeve, but i think i didnt change anything
  6. Hi Wells! Thanks for your comments regarding the order. I'm in a bit of a "no-win" situation with the release order as roughly half of my viewers are in the US and other places which have the expansions and many of these viewers are keen to see some of the newer releases painted. But around half of my viewers are in Europe and other places that don't have the expansions and these viewers would obviously rather see me stick to the core box. My solution is to roughly alternate between the base figures and the expansions, and - as Muzz points out - really give the final choice to the $10 Patreons who are so generously helping to finance the videos. I think that's the fairest way to please as many people as possible whilst also giving some reward to the Patreons to whom I am extremely grateful. We haven't yet voted on the next miniature but it will probably be one of the remaining core-box heroes (although I also intend to start a Descent 2nd Ed series soon too). thx for answer i dont want play with a half-painting game, so if i want play before 2017, i go to painting the rest of by box without your help ^^ If you paint only box, there are 3 heroes + luke, so 4 month min, is too long for me so do the order you want and THANX for your work already done !!!
  7. yes the heros class box are too big (streight) there are only 9/10/11 cards max. it's possible to reduce it ?
  8. oh sorry, i dont know there are a vote for that.... the vote is public ? we can know the next ?
  9. :'( Boba is good, but would not it be more logical to make in order, and finish the heroes of the basic box ? If France, only the corebox is in store, so, i would have preferred to finish heroes
  10. "rules sheet" --> FicheS de Missions sorry for the mistake
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