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  1. Wow, this thread got bumped. 😄 Anyways on the subject of attack with highest damage potential, I actually mathed all of this information out quite some time ago looking only at base equipment and what hero skills could be acquired from each class. The Hexer's insane damage potential is actually dwarfed by one other class: The Champion, namely the skill: Valorous Strike. Because of how this card works the damage potential is basically infinite. All the Champion has to do is rack up Valor tokens (either by killing monsters or through his other skills) and convert them into damage for that skill. With enough saving, a Champion could one-shot an Act II Queen Ariad, even with a perfect defense roll and additional modifiers via overlord cards (That's at least 38+ damage there folks). And with Reinhart the Worthy's unique ability and Heroic Feat, it's very unlikely that the attack won't reach it's mark. THEN add in Melee weapons that can target more than one foe and you've got some real killing power on your hands. The only benefit the Hexer's power has over the Champion is that Valorous Strike is best focused on a single target. Of course a skilled Overlord wouldn't allow such a situation to occur, but the Road to Legend app is a different story... Also if you're wondering which class had the worst damage potential with just the base weapons and whatever skills their class had, I can't recall what I deduced, but it was probably the Spiritspeaker or Bard (It's been a while since I gave this much thought and I lost that Spreadsheet I made years ago).
  2. Even though I don't have the game myself, I can confirm from one of the videos for the demo, they in fact stated that weapons like the chainsaw can reduce a monster's stagger value to 0, enabling Glory Kills even when no damage has been inflicted (I don't know how many of those abilities can stack however, in the video, the player chainsawed through several Pinkies, Possessed Soldiers and even a Mancubus and Baron of Hell without actually damaging any of them). This ability alone obviously makes the Chainsaw a very valuable weapon, and likely to be everyone's personal favorite where Glory Kills are concerned.
  3. Seems I was mistaken, people are now getting their copies and it turns out there are 9 Imps and only 3 Revenants. But otherwise, the rest of my assumptions were accurate.
  4. Rumor? Spider Mastermind? I'd love to eat up that info. Also: the Cyberdemon is pretty much a boss in its own right, we're gonna have to settle for only 1 boss for the time being.
  5. The miniature spread is as follows: 4 Marines (4 different sculpts: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta). 1 Cyberdemon 2 Barons of Hell 2 Mancubi 4 Revenants 4 Cacodemons 4 Pinkies 8 Imps 8 Possessed Soldiers That should total to 33 miniatures. Hopefully there will be an expansion so we can at least see the Hell Knight, and maybe the Lost Soul, or Summoner (though here's hoping for a Spider Mastermind! )
  6. No, it is an entirely new rendition of the game using similar but vastly improved mechanics. Think of Doom (2004) as a survival horror boardgame, and think of DOOM (2016) as more fast-paced action-skirmish. The only real similarity between the two is the IP.
  7. Oh-hoho, the third and fourth novels have little to do with Doom in any sense of the word aside from casual references to some of the monsters. Really, you stop believing that you're reading a "Doom" novel when it starts talking about Magilla-Gorilla aliens named Sears and Roebuck. I can attest that none of the games borrow anything from those novels. The only references to any of the novels really, comes from fan-made mods. And then, mostly just the name of the main character, Flynn.
  8. I was pretty much just thinking that. In Doom 3, the Demons were scary. In Doom 4, YOU'RE Scary!
  9. Hmmm. I never actually thought of Doom has a horror-themed game, more like an action-game to be honest, but that is an interesting way to think of it and explaisn why my group and I have lost as the marines so many times. Though, I highly doubt the new version will have ammunition constraints like the original did. That pessimism stems from this image right here: (from the preview page) https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/77/b9/77b9dc46-8f42-486f-8e4d-fcf6e56cc0fd/zx01_glory-kill_cardfan.png The card on the right suggests that ammunition, if there is any, it purely a card-based resource for the players, earned through Glory Kills. Of course, we still don't know for sure if any of the tokens shown in the preview image are ammunition or not (from what I've assumed, they're mostly Spawn Portals, with some Teleporters, and perhaps a few Armor (the green ones), Medkit (the red, or the whitish-blue ones), and Weapon pickups (maybe that red-white starred one in the upper left? I dunno.) Also, don't know if anyone has seen this, so I'll share it. Someone posted this image of the back of the box on Twitter: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cojfid9WgAASGZh.jpg A few things of note: 1. There are a total of 8 Demons in the game (only 1 hasn't been shown; I figure it's either the Revenant or Hell Knight) 2. Stun is a condition in this game. The first time DTBG has featured conditions. 3. 187 assorted tokens. It's possible there could be ammo tokens in that lot, though this game looks to be a bit more action-oriented than the original. 4. 24 Map tiles. This... Seems like a bit of a disappointment, especially when the original had over 40~60 tiles. Worse still, we already know what 16 of them looks like, as they're all previewed in the teaser reveal (unless caps don't count, which may be the case, but is unlikely). At least they'll likely be double-sided and have Hell-themed tiles on the opposite sides. Here's hoping for a room larger than 6x6 for that overwhelming Cyberdemon figure to move around in. 5. There will be 37 Plastic figures. There's obviously 4 Marines, and I assume the following amounts of the other figures: 1 Cyberdemon, 2 Barons of Hell, 2 Mancubi, 4 Cacodemons, 4 Pinkies, 4 Revenants/Hell Knights/????, 8 Imps, and 8 Possessed Soldiers. 6. And of course there's lots of other cool stuff to speculate upon. I'm really excited about this game as DTBG was my introduction into the Boardgaming hobby. Seeing this new addition has also re-kindled my interest in playing the original.
  10. Oh this announcement made me jump from my seat and begin cheering like I'd lost my mind. Hadn't done that in a while... Still have Doom: The Boardgame, and it's been ages. This new version looks terrific and appears to be more balanced. I eagerly await it to Glory Kill my wallet.
  11. A preview for Bonds of the Wild has been posted. Check it out here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/8/6/the-wild... Vyrah seems unchanged for the most part, but the Hellhounds have had some serious buffs and retooling done to them. They can be quite deadly now, even without the minions having Fire Breath.
  12. Hooray! Validation for my wild assumptions! (specifically on the Shop cards) Also, the lieutenants wouldn't have integrated into another campaign anyways (who aside from the base game lieutenants is featured in other expansions?) That's what Agents are for. Agents: bringing less-lieutenanty lieutenants to wherever you need them.
  13. Actually, if you look on the preview page, you can see a new relic called: Blade of Brivala next to the new Terrified condition. Since each relic is always double-sided, it's safe to assume that the heroes will get a relic themselves. I wouldn't say that this expansion is completely overlord exclusive by that evidence alone. Plus, it may be safe to assume that the game will at least include some Act I and Act II shop items cards. Each game has featured equipment and the like that utilizes the new conditions in some way; it'd be a complete waste if they left out Terrified. But if for whatever reason they don't include new shop items, at least there are still ways for heroes to dish out the new conditions (albeit a select few).
  14. I thought I'd chime in. According to this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHX5_EoFtvg Mists of Bilehall is indeed a Big Box expansion. Also, I think that those are indeed Jain and Trenloe. I figure this box is following en suite of what the base game did. The heroes on the cover don't necessarily match those in the actual box. The figures in this picture are new lieutenants. I forget where I read it today (probably BGG), but they said FFG was announcing new lieutenant packs alongside this expansion. Personally, I'm stoked. A new box expansion is a welcome change from the Hero and Monster collections (not saying I don't like those, they just don't add the tiles and cards and junk that make me squirm with joy). I just hope they include some Cold monsters, we need more of those. More of any kind of monster is nice mind you, but Cold monsters are in some serious need (we've only got 3!) Also, here's hoping they finally add a condition that requires a test with Awareness, I've been wanting that for a while now (gotta slow those Warriors somehow).
  15. Hello. As the title says, I'm currently searching for other players near the city of Redlands in California. My own group has been able to meet less and less due to school, and employment, but I find myself with an endless stream of free time and almost no Descending to fill it with. I enjoy playing as either a Hero or the Overlord, and genuinely find the game enthralling and entertaining. If anyone nearby is interested (hopefully within 25 miles, but I can stretch a bit farther), I'd be eager to hear from them. The heroes of Terrinoth have gone too long without experiencing my "gentle" care, and I seek to rectify this.
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