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  1. Thanks so much, just what I was looking for!
  2. Hello all, Haven't played much of Fantasy Flight games prior to AGOT 2.0. I noticed stores are starting to sign up for events, can some break down what the calendar year normally looks like for Fantasy Flight games for me? When do regional tournaments begin/end, is there only one season a year? How many are generally on the West Coast? Event kits can be done at any store, so long as they order them, is this correct? Other tournaments like Gencon? Any help would be appreciate, for reference I played in a lot of AEG tournaments especially for L5R so if there are similarities folks could walk me through that helps. Thanks!
  3. Just getting into LCGs, following AGOT 2.0 and Star Wars at the moment. While not a Fantasy Flight LCG, I am also following Doomtown. While I enjoy the games, AGOT is my primary focus while I wait for L5R to relaunch.
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