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    zwara81 reacted to Lochlan in Upcoming 4 new expansions for Empire and Rebels!   
    See the Rebels episode where he directly leads ground forces in the attack on the Rebel base on Atollon. He has way more of a place in Legion than the Emperor. 
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    zwara81 got a reaction from MMOfan in Upcoming page changed again   
    warehouses in europe did send the widow out.
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    zwara81 reacted to buckero0 in Rumor Legion overtakes Xwing in sales   
    Someone seriously mis-estimated the need for xwing players to repurchase ships. There's an excess of used ships and there is no real advantage other than optics to purchase previously released ships for x wing. They have admitted as such and basically cancelled and rebooted the x wing game production. They are only going to release new ships from now on(which is what they should have done) so no surprise that x wing is flagging in sales
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    zwara81 reacted to subtrendy2 in Is Imperial Assault Dead?   
    But yeah, it's pretty much dead as far as FFG is concerned.
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    zwara81 reacted to FearLord in Dr. Strange is here!   
    The characters tagged with ‘Defender’ are the more modern Defender’s (I.e. the Netflix street level Defenders) rather than the original Defenders.
    Thematically, that actually makes a reasonable amount of sense - the original Defenders weren’t actually a team, so much as a group of individuals that banded together due to circumstances. The game will allow those characters to team up and play together, but it won’t provide any trait synergy between them.
    Dr Strange has the Avengers trait, as he’s been an Avenger since around 2008.
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    zwara81 reacted to samuraisolomon in Imperial Bunker - Let down   
    It's also important to remember FFG has to have every design approved by Lucasfilm.   The level of detail may have been required.
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    zwara81 got a reaction from Otakuon in Expansion Announcement Livestream   
    In an Interview they said the expansion should feel epic.   guess they got that covered.
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    zwara81 got a reaction from wyrm187 in Dr strange-leaked on BGG-   
    Over on BGG, somebody bought Dr Strange Card-set and Wrecking Crew.  Not sure if timetravel was involved.
    (there are pictures from the package art; no Cards spoilered so far)
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    zwara81 reacted to CaffeineAddict in Marvel Champions' and other LCG's futures   
    I'd love a Star Trek LCG. There's loads of source material, and could lend itself quite well to a cooperative game.
    I loved the Decipher Star Trek CCG back in the day, I'd enjoy a new Trek based game.
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    zwara81 got a reaction from maniakmedic in Dr strange-leaked on BGG-   
    Over on BGG, somebody bought Dr Strange Card-set and Wrecking Crew.  Not sure if timetravel was involved.
    (there are pictures from the package art; no Cards spoilered so far)
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    zwara81 reacted to sverigesson in Thor reveal article up on FFG website   
    You are correct. MARVEL focused away from those groups. However, the best evidence that that doesn't really matter to the game licensing is Marvel Legendary, which for the past 6 or so years has had Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool and Spider-Man content. So yes, you are right that in the past Marvel has changed their focused based on the success of their licensed franchises, I am correct when I stated that the two sets of right are unrelated.
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    zwara81 reacted to Mep in Upgrades and Luke spotted in German store   
    FFG can ask distributors to hold on to product, doesn't mean they will. You guys are assuming FFG has control over this whole process. The ship leaves China when it leaves. It shows up at port and unloads when it does. The distributors ship when they ship. Good chance FFG doesn't communicate all this stuff because they don't know themselves, especially the over seas stuff. Also, they don't owe us day to day updates on the current status of their business.
    FFG products are neither late or early, they arrive exactly when they mean to.
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    zwara81 reacted to Hippie Moosen in Thor reveal coming December 5!   
    There probably will be one more Hero before the first big box expansion. I've seen some people speculate that it's gonna be either Ghost Rider or Moon Knight, but either or something else is fine by me. Speaking of deluxe expansions though, what kind of theme would you all want to see for one of those? Fantastic 4, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy all seem like good candidates, but are there others that you all would like to see? Personally I would love to see a Spiderverse big box, but won't expect something like that until we have a bigger glut of non Spider-People identities to choose from. 
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    zwara81 reacted to Ascarel in Why the delays? What happened?   
    In case the tweet doesn't show: 
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    zwara81 reacted to FearLord in Wrecking Crew speculation   
    One interesting thing about this product that I hadn’t considered before - assuming you proxy tokens / health tokens, you can actually play this Scenario with just this pack and a hero pack - no core set required!
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    zwara81 reacted to Radix2309 in Green Goblin   
    They print cycles of cards all together. So GG, Cap, and likely the next 4 packs are all already printed and in warehouses.
    Of course cycles are defunct and the Scenario Packs are different sizes, so who really knows what their production stream is now.
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    zwara81 reacted to Janaka in Wrecking Crew speculation   
    Though the core set doesn't provide dials for four villains (unless you play solo and use hero dials) I'm glad that FFG haven't let the provided core box components be a restriction on their imaginations in bringing us new ways to play scenarios. From what was shown in the stream, I really like the way the Wrecking Crew scenario works.
    I'll use dice to track villain's health.
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    zwara81 reacted to Derrault in Wrecking Crew speculation   
    Yeah, I’ll probably just track it on paper, that way I can log turns too. 
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    zwara81 reacted to Radix2309 in future releases   
    The designers have said they didn't base characters around MCU synergy. They chose Ms Marvel out of a genuine joy of her character. She is pretty popular with new fans.
    This game would be designed with characters chosen a year ago. Way before the announcements of the shows. Most of these shows don't even have a director picked yet. 
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    zwara81 got a reaction from Titshel in future releases   
    i think this is very likely.  Really looking forward how FFG will tackel the campain format.
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    zwara81 got a reaction from Caldias in future releases   
    i think this is very likely.  Really looking forward how FFG will tackel the campain format.
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    zwara81 reacted to Caldias in future releases   
    I would love a big box GotG box with them plus Thanos or something.
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    zwara81 reacted to Vince79 in Review - A great game that requires effort for maximum fun   
    I have to confess:  I loved reading the "rebooted" X-Men (that brought in Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, etc).  But at some point the X-Men became hugely popular, a phenomenon, and Marvel started flooding the market with mutant books.  At that point, it just became too much and I had to take a step away from it, I quit reading them.
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    zwara81 reacted to Derrault in Product List   
    Theme? I mean, a Fantastic Four box with a Dr Doom campaign would be way more interesting than 4 hero packs for the fantastic four. 
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    zwara81 reacted to Turtlefan2082 in Thoughts on Cap?   
    I think the beauty of the hero packs are that these packs seem to be designed for new players.  The packs come with a deck list and allows for new players to jump straight into the game.  When I introduced my friends to AH, I built everyone of their decks.  When they expressed willingness to play, I told them that they should try to build their own decks, and provided my collection so they could do so.  One of them requested that I build Minh for him, and I built him a modified starter deck.  Imagine how much simpler if the  starter decks were prebuilt.  
    I want to say that FFG knows what they're doing, but that would be a lie.  Navarro, in his AMA video, admitted that they are always experimenting.  Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't.  When FFG first mass released the first L5R cycle (6 packs in 6 weeks) fans were really excited.  When FFG released the second cycle in the same style, the community in one voice replied "Why?" ****, the single core experience for Marvel Champions seem to be a response to the limited value of the single core set in other LCGs.  Releasing GoT beginner decks seem to be okay, and gamers are going nuts over Keyforge decks, let's see how Marvel characters would sell.  
    The point I am trying make is this: FFG is trying to make games that will appeal to as many people as possible.  From the hardcore completionist who will deconstruct every hero pack to create the most powerful superhero in the world, to the most casual of gamers who is willing to venture further from Monopoly and Clue for the first time.  Will we see duplicates? Yeah, and while that sucks, it's okay. Who knows, we might get alternative art from these duplicates.  Let's just focus on the positives of this game: it's a customizable, cooperative card game exclusively featuring Marvel Superheroes.  How awesome is that?
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