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  1. nope. don`´t think its a new game; just a camapin in a war setting, thats all kids.
  2. warehouses in europe did send the widow out.
  3. sounds about right. lets see where they go with this.
  4. ...............and it`` `is `out https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/2/28/available-now-february-28-1/
  5. I have the suspicion, that they have been silently canceled.
  6. In an Interview they said the expansion should feel epic. guess they got that covered.
  7. Over on BGG, somebody bought Dr Strange Card-set and Wrecking Crew. Not sure if timetravel was involved. (there are pictures from the package art; no Cards spoilered so far)
  8. if look at Mansion of madness there are small boxes and big boxes. or imperial assault figurpacks small boxes and big boxes. as far we know here will be only figurpacks and bigboxes.
  9. Yeah in an interview the game desginer said they will do only big expansions; no small boxes
  10. yeah the pack is not on the upcoming page. lets hope for an update.
  11. i think this is very likely. Really looking forward how FFG will tackel the campain format.
  12. Squirrel Girl would be great. (and Howard the Duck)
  13. the trailer shows some of her powers. EMBIGGEN!
  14. There alot of casual player, don``t` forget them . it's an easier sell; here pick up, unbox, play.. boom. easy, easy. lemon squeezy
  15. https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/New_Fantastic_Four_(Earth-616) and since then, the team-up happens from time to time; i tink last time in one of the new "immortal hulk" storylinie. ( there is some great old artwork out there with them all in f4.uniforms)
  16. Its a long shot. But playing this version of the fantastic four would be, well, fantastic.
  17. they wanted to go longer but it looks like it sold badly.
  18. In the AMA last friday FFG stated that the gamelinie was completed
  19. (most probably the deal with Hasbro but he didn't go into details) well overflow of product, in way killed it in some stores just from the store place.
  20. yes, this year was really weak. sadly.
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