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  1. yes, this year was really weak. sadly.
  2. The Malastarian Outpost Raid The new Mission will be soon on the app. And for everyone who is to lazy to get the tiles you can buy a convient new map. Better then nothing. would be interessting to see more of this stuff( please let me play as vader) I guess that is what we will see in the future; more to do with the stuff we already have instead of the shiny new.
  3. well drewback rider, shoretroopers. some stuff will be revealed in two weeks at the star wars celebration
  4. Will we see Sergeant Kreel and Task force 99? + or the lovely caps in black armour from Battlefront 2?
  5. there will be ten more versions in the future for you all. they won```t leave the change to make some extra money.
  6. Well they will need some shore trooper and more rebel operatives for this.....
  7. well some other companies sell their alt sculps later in the online store. ( i mean they did a new sculpt, why not sell it down the line....)
  8. (and they reprint almost everything. would make no sense start a 3rd edition)
  9. very true. lets see whats next. maybe an app only physical expansion. and this was the clean up for the old cycle.
  10. yeah I guess more stuff for the app is coming and at some point a new book and also an old (re-relase of Shadow Rune ) questbook.
  11. At least we get the class as POD expansion, but still leaves a bitter taste. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/11/lost-legends/ so farewell, descent?
  12. well, thats makes the most sense.
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