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  1. Well, all in all these are not good signs....
  2. zwara81

    Chances for Cassian and K2SO

    Triple-0 , some ISP Agents, Champion of the Royal Guard. I think there are some more possible Operatives on the Imperial Side
  3. zwara81

    jyn and new troops

    Another german online shop has them listed.
  4. zwara81

    Future Rebel Units

    Was always a fan of those guys from the Rebellion RPG. Rebel Vanguards.
  5. zwara81

    Descent speculation

    well they are still reprinting some of the monstersets. so i guess they won``````´´``´ ´T make a third edition.
  6. I think a Campain Set is overdue. (and some dwarf or some mercenaries. )
  7. zwara81


    My guess would be both. Vehicles; some operatives and the third imperial Leader.
  8. zwara81


    GEN-con will be fun.
  9. zwara81

    New Unit Type: Operative

    thats not how FFG does it. you have to wait for the news time after time.
  10. zwara81

    New Unit Type: Operative

    we all speak star wars.
  11. zwara81

    Imperial Scout troopers announced.

    Bobba fett? WHERE?
  12. zwara81

    New Unit Type: Operative

    yeah Chewbacca, R2-d2 and some others spring to mind.
  13. zwara81

    Scarif themed rebels.

    really dig your paint job. looking forward to see more of your stuff.