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  1. zwara81

    Future Rebel Units

    Was always a fan of those guys from the Rebellion RPG. Rebel Vanguards.
  2. zwara81

    Descent speculation

    well they are still reprinting some of the monstersets. so i guess they won``````´´``´ ´T make a third edition.
  3. I think a Campain Set is overdue. (and some dwarf or some mercenaries. )
  4. zwara81


    My guess would be both. Vehicles; some operatives and the third imperial Leader.
  5. zwara81


    GEN-con will be fun.
  6. zwara81

    New Unit Type: Operative

    thats not how FFG does it. you have to wait for the news time after time.
  7. zwara81

    New Unit Type: Operative

    we all speak star wars.
  8. zwara81

    Imperial Scout troopers announced.

    Bobba fett? WHERE?
  9. zwara81

    New Unit Type: Operative

    yeah Chewbacca, R2-d2 and some others spring to mind.
  10. zwara81

    Scarif themed rebels.

    really dig your paint job. looking forward to see more of your stuff.
  11. zwara81

    All the expansions (AT-ST and more)

    at-st looks great. but snowspeeder, is it just me or does it look too small?