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  1. There you go: http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a553/lonewolf2k12/IMG_1957_zpsbe0a4ab3.jpg
  2. Hi, just finished "The Dawnblade", but I noticed something curious... The heroes had pretty much stomped out the open groups but in doing so did not kill off a red shadow dragon at the entrance of the Dragon's Lair and I happened to have a "Dash" on hand. Said dragon was able to reach the Entrance, thus winning the scenario for the OL, in 3 move actions (2 moves + dash), making this victory taste quite hollow... Is this supposed to be possible? I looked it up online but, seemingly, noone had this "problem" yet. Not that I'd mind winning once in a while (the heroes in our campaign only lost 1 scenario so far with only 1 left in act II) but this "Oh.. you did not completely block the path. Oops. Insta-Death" really seems strange to me...
  3. Not meaning to be a party pooper, but if you mean what I think you mean (that being the one on the top side at http://thegaminggang.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/BattleLoreSecondEdition-320x205-1387738791.jpg) - that's a new version of the Uthuk Warlock from Runewars, I believe. (http://www.tabletophell.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/runewars-uthuk-warlock1.png) ... not that he's in the game in any way. Yet.
  4. Well, as far as I know there's not been an official statement yet, but so far my money would be on either another base set or individual faction sets introducing Elves and Undead, plus 1 or 2 new units for Daquan and Uthuk, and then, if it still sells well, another wave of Orcs and Dwarves. In BattleLore v1 there was the "Epic"-Version (as far as I know, never played it) that combined 2 or more boards to play with 4 or even 6 players. While this still should be possible, I'm not certain how this would tie into the scenario decks or victory points... I'd guess it'll stay 1v1 for a while- but someone at BGG will surely convert the epic-version into v2.
  5. Recently picked up the game as soon as it hit the market here in Germany. I like the idea of a "light" strategy game very much, but some questions popped up during my first 2 test games, most of them revolving around the archer units. 1. Archers shoot at enemy forces inside a building. Is this possible at all, since the building is consideres "blocking" territory? My guess: Yes, "blocking" only counts when tracing a line of sight to another hex through the building. The fortified unit gains the "ignore one damage"-ability. 2. Archers are ajacent to an enemy unit. Can they choose to attack using ranged combat in order to avoid a counterattack, given the enemy isn't destroyed or flees? Could Yeoman Archers even attack twice this way, as long as they don't move? 3. Same situation as 2., but the archers are attacked. Do they counter using a melee or a ranged attack? Since there are 1 Melee hits on the dice, but only 1 ranged hit, that would almost double their hit chance, given they are not weak. 4. If an archer unit (or any other unit as well) is attacked 3 times by 3 different enemies in a turn, yet is not destroyed, is it eligible to counter 3 times? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, 1. Once an activation token has been placed, the area cannot be activated a second time by the same player. This does not stop another player from activating it, however (unless he also already has an activation token in said area, ofc). 2. p. 18 clearly states "excess units must retreat to a single area". p. 22 adds "when a figure retreats, it is always routed". So, yes, the excess units that cannot remain in the conquered territory must be routed. 3. Have to take a guess here (I don't own the revised, but the original edition) but I think the epic game variant strongly contradicts the rule changes in the revised edition and is incompatible: - 1 rune is placed in the homerealms during setup - this contradicts to the first runes being placed outside of and not adjacent to the home realms. - a player who controls 7 dragon runes instantly wins the game - contradicts the victory cards and the "hold them for a year" mechanic that was introduced in the revised rules. - no false runes and always face-up runes - don't think there is a major problem here. However, I doubt that the epic and the revised styles go well together.
  7. I have to admit a bit of bad luck for them was involved: In turn 3, before entering the farmlands, the dwarf decided to go for his heroic feat, hoping to kill the 3 pursuing spiders. Well, he missed two of the three attacks and the third barely scratched the champion spider, dealing mere 2 damage. I guess the scenario had gone a different way if he had been successful in killing two (or even all three) spiders that round, allowing the heroes to face the goblins without their spider backup… But other than that, the miss-ratio was quite even for both sides.
  8. Thanks again, everyone, for answering and giving your thoughts on the situation! @Rico: Just as Vasquia mentioned, I used the web-ability of the champion cave spider to block off the "upper" path leading out of the grasslands- that's why the heroes chose to fight it instead of rushing past. Didn't seem to be such an unreasonable decision to me: either kill the spider, then press on, or waste 3 Stamina to end up with 3 perfectly healthy spiders in your back (with poison being a huge problem for the disciple). As for the standoff in the fields, my reason to keep fighting the heroes there was quite simple: I had carried off one bundle, then the respawn allowed me to chip away their health and fatigue bit by bit every turn, leaving them no opportunity to get 3 actions to secure a bundle: 1. pick up, 2. move -they had no fatigue left to spend on moving since each was knocked out every other turn. If one picked up a bundle and went for the barn, all I had to do was knock him out, get a goblin to pick up the bundle and carry it back a few spaces. Eventually I would have been able to knock out both at the same time, then the 3 goblins would have picked up the remaining bundles and ran off, with the heroes being unable to stop them at all. I don't really see how that counts as "not understanding the quest objectives"-they were unable to do anything to complete theirs, and I had the luxury to sit it out. Or did I misinterpret your suggestions?
  9. Hello! I have a couple of questions for players that are a bit more experienced in Descent SE (and maybe FE as well) ------ First let me briefly "set the scene", describing circumstances and my thoughts behind it: Although I've been a fan of Descent first edition and have all Expansions sitting on my shelf, since I never got around to excite my gaming group for a try, since the rules were q bit complex and the scenarios took quite a while to play- they prefer a hands-on approach. That's why I was more than happy to find that the Second Edition worked just in favor of these problems. However, after trying the SE with two of them last wednesday, both of them were so disappointed that we decided to stop playing mid-scenario. Now I'm wondering what went wrong and if there is a possible explanation as to why this highly-praised game just left them cold… They chose Grisban the Thirsty, played as a Berserker, and Ashrian, played as Disciple, and we played the "First Blood" and first half of the "Fat Goblin"-Scenario. "First Blood" went pretty smooth for them, however the heroes only were able to search the spot near the entry since the Ettin blocked passage to the second one. Gisban eventually smashed his heads in, the heroes won. "Fat Goblin, Pt. 1" is where things turned sour. I chose the spiders as a second group, since I figured poison would be a huge problem for Ashrian and 4 movement should let them catch up to Grisban . The players spent one round to fight the spiders in the grasslands, then pushed on to the entrance of the fields where a stalemate between heroes, spiders and goblins came to be, with the heroes getting weaker every round. They never were able to kill more than 2 monsters in one turn, usually a goblin and a spider. That resulted in the same thing over and over: Same turn, the monster respawned, went for double-move which put it in range to execute a move-attack next turn. The heroes were forced to stay side-by-side, since I usually knocked one of them out, and they could not affort to lose a turn standing up by themselves or the other one would have been knocked out as well. Eventually they wound up in a no-win-scenario with less than 6 health (enough to be chipped away by 3 goblins and 3 spiders with no problems), little or no endurance to spend and with no chance to survive in the long run. No need to say, they were more than a bit frustrated to a point where even I had no real fun playing as the Overlord without "throwing them a bone", i.e. "forgetting" to play my hand cards or something alike. I also couldn't figure out what else they could have done differently. In the end, we just stopped playing. Next day, we sat together and discussed what the problem had been. ------ Now, to my questions: 1. Respawn: One of the main reasons the players felt frustrated was the respawn mechanism- first turn they killed the champion spider in the grasslands only to have it spawn in their back as soon as their turn ended. Did I misread any respawn-delay-rules or something alike? 2. Reward for killing monsters: The heroes get nothing-nada-zip-zilch for killing any monsters. No money, no experience, nothing. Correct? They couldn't ignore them and focus on the objectives since they would have been completely killed off in one turn if they did, but had no benefits from killing them either. Needless to say, in combination with the respawn, was a quite demotivational for the players. 3. Gold issues: With a maximum of 2 search spots in every map, one usually in an area where it would be more sensible to focus on pushing on or combat, the average turnout for a map for heroes is somewhere between 25 and 50 gold. So, in order to buy ANY equipment in the 75-100 gold range (rune, chainmail) the heroes have to save ALL their money until after 3 maps to buy one of them an item that helps in a minor way(same damage-weapon with a slightly better surge ability, one extra health…), not to mention the 125-150g range. And that's IF one of the store cards is suited for one of the heroes. How on earth should heroes ever even think about buying any T2-shop items? ------ The post got a bit longer than initially expected but I really, REALLY want to have a chance to pitch this game to my group once again and to do so, I need to figure out what went wrong. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer!
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