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  1. So happy to hear about this. I will gladly hand over $3 for a scenario given the entertainment value I can get from just a single scenario. Granted we don't know the size of this DLC (is it just a couple of rooms or more like the scenarios we have today). Bravo FFG. Now the long wait in anticipation for this content.
  2. I really hope they get it back in (base and expansions) stock for the holidays.
  3. I'm all about this. Please FFG - release an editor to the masses. Thanks for considering.
  4. Where did you purchase this? Thanks! FFG produced it a few years back, and it was easily purchasble (together with the two stunning A Game of Thrones art books) mostly everywhere (from Amazon to retailers). Now it could be more difficult to find (and more expensive, of course) Thanks!!
  5. Where did you purchase this? Thanks!
  6. I've seen people rebase the monsters onto clear acrylic bases. They keep the monster tiles as separate components or have a printed aide. See image below. http://imgur.com/D4QYc62 I agree the bases are huge. I will probably keep them as-is, but understand why people want to rebase. They do look much nicer with clear bases
  7. Hi, I fully agree with you. I was and I am very disappointed to discover the direction MoM2 (and perhaps other titles in the future) has taken. While I have nothing against apps that helps gaming I'm quite negative about games that are an app with props like this one. It's a matter of personal taste of course and I'm not here to deny the entertainment value of the new MoM2 but I feel somewhat relieved to recover my MoM and dont bother about having low battery charge, low connectivity or just some unforseen problem in the OS in the midst of a session, also to me having, or being, a human keepeer is a big plus. All in all I think for me is a farewell, but we'll see. I definitely respect this viewpoint, but for me, I'll offer my own perspective. This App turned MoM into a playable experience for me. As a 25 year veteran in the technology space, I'm around "apps" and technology every day. I embrace and welcome technology into my hobbies where that technology makes my hobby more enjoyable. This is precisely what the App for MoM2e has done for me. Here's a few personal highlights: 1) I purchased MoM1e about 3 years ago. I grabbed it on an impulse after watching Rodney's awesome YouTube series on how to play. A buddy also purchased the game and after a couple poor setup experiences soured us on the entire game. My copy never even got it's cardboard punched. I should have sold it, but I just never got around to it. Needless to say, the App makes setup a breeze and eliminates the poor experience a simple mistake can cause. It also cuts the setup time to virtually nothing. A big win in my book. 2) I was never a fan of the puzzles in 1e (the few times I did play). While the puzzles remain, the way they are implemented in the app (and can be improved/enhanced) is a good use of technology. The tension added "feels" more real to me within the App. 3) Immersion. I have to admit, I am a big fan of the music and voiceovers in the App. 4) Much less "fiddly" than 1e. The app "manages" a ton of things behind the scenes and frees me up to enjoy the story and experience it along with everyone else. Something that I never felt in 1e. 5) Eliminates the OL. My number 1 complaint with MoM1e - I just didn't care for the OL component after experiencing it. I much prefer a coop experience and with an App, I can now get that in a system that's easy to setup, maintain, and immerse myself in. 6) So far, the App has made introducing new people to MoM much easier. Maybe the folks I play with are more accepting of the tech, I don't know. But it "feels" like this version of MoM is easier to grasp/play than what I remember (fully admit my initial poor experiences might have tainted my recollection of MoM1e). Just offering my perspective. I believe technology is something that's penetrated our daily lives and will continue making impact in our hobby. I am very happy, thus far, with the MoM2e App and look forward to seeing how FFG expands the app beyond the 1e expansions into 2e.
  8. Agree - My 1e box has sat on a shelf since I purchased it. I've never even punched the boards. Realized I'd never get this to the table given all the setup required. I should have sold it long ago, but just never could for some reason. Now I know why I feel like I've got two brand new games for the price of MoM2e! Whoop!
  9. BTW, I think that cultist image is on page 16 of the Learn to Play manual.
  10. I don't know how appropriate these are for your custom play mat, but I just uploaded a handful of HPL images that I've snagged to my harddrive over the years. I've never seen the cultist image shown in the GenCon video, but suspect some of these would work instead. You can probably find more with some simple Google searches on terms like "Lovecraft Art" and any derivitaves. Here's the Imgur album http://imgur.com/a/3EUaT
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