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  1. I said this in another thread: A simple nerf for the Alchemist is he only starts with 1 or 0 gold. [when playing the city expansion]
  2. A simple Alchemist nerf could be that he only starts with 1 gold when the City is turned on.
  3. Certain cards in the city allow you to 'take 1 card from any shop deck for free' (e.g. racketeer). In DE, it shows you all available cards, even the ones that normally in 'random' decks (pets, potions). I have noticed many things in DE that my regular gaming group interpreted slightly different, and lacking any FAQ, Im sure the Nomad guys had to take some liberties. It seems super good to be able to pick any of the pets with one of these cards. But hey, its Talisman! And at this point it pretty much is anything goes. Anyone have thoughts on that mechanic? My gaming group would 'rule' that even with that wording, you will still select a random card from the pet or potion deck, you dont get to look through the deck. But we have been wrong many, many times lol. Another thing I noticed messing around with DE is that the Alchemist is ridiculous with the city expansion, particularly playing the Assassins' Guild ending. Truly the ultimate (depending on how played) broken character when playing with the City.
  4. That is a terrible rule!
  5. Nice! Finally a varient for Dragon that sounds super fun! Can I come?!
  6. I have treid many things to shorten the game. I think the best way is to reduce the cost of level ups; e.g. 6 or 5 points to trade in instead of 7.
  7. We add in expansions before every game and seperate the cards at the end of the game. For us, we feel the game is more balanced this way - that is we dont play with every expansion in a single game (we own all of them). It may sound tedious, but seriously it takes 5 minitues.
  8. We finally had a chance to sit down and play with all four corners. We were going to throw in ‘everything’ but decided for balance/flavor to only add in Blood Moon and the Deep Realms expansions. For characters we randomly got a corner for our character pool (e.g. city, dungeon etc...) so the match was the best champion from one of the four corners realms. Ended up being the Scout, Bounty Hunter (me), Amazon, and the Alchemist. We also made up a around the realm variant, where each time you entered one of the four corners you took a path. If you could complete the end space and the path condition, you got a Destiny. You could only pass through the plane of peril once you had at least three destinies. For the City, you had to turn in a bounty in the city. Anytime you left one of the four corners with a path it was discarded. We stuck with the traditional ending on the Crown. This proved to be a great game. It was more or less tight race, we are competitive group, and felt engaging the whole time. Game time was about 2:45. Not bad. It was fun to gain multiple destinies and to have changing paths. We do have plans to do a truly epic games with everything (-dragon) and hopefully I can report on that soon. Soo much work though! =) PS, I won with the Bounty Hunter. He is absolutly rediculious with a suit of full plate!
  9. That was how I viewed it, however other people in my group argued that it wasnt fair to be able to shout out your spell or whatever immediatly, when other people may have "at the start of turn" actions. Some peopel dont work that fast, or new players may not understand when certain spells work. I do see their point.
  10. Heres how it went down: Gypsy starts her turn, casts Strength. Dwarf casts Counterspell. Conjurer then announces they cast Spell Recall (on Strength). Argument ensues. Are the spells resolved in order they were cast, or is it simultaneous? Can the Conjurer take Strength, or would they have to take Counterspell. Finally, which spell can the Gypsy take, Counterspell or Spell Recall, or can she take her choice of both?
  11. We listen to all kinds of stuff while playing. Sometimes shanties and drinking songs, sometimes soudtracks, some times Slayer and Man O War~
  12. Hard shut down seems to have helped. Running great now.
  13. I fianlly got the IPAD update. Looks great. However, Ive been finding myself in crash loops where I have to restart the game for it to work again.
  14. I think whenever Luna and Lucky end up with the same character, they should fight, cuaseing the character to loose 1 life, replenish thier fate, gain 1 fate on top of that, before both of them are discarded (to be reshuiffled into the pet deck).
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