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  1. Hey there! We have a RPG group that has been playing for quite a while now (About 8 Months in different campaigns). We are about to start a Black Crusade campaign with the following points: -Friday Evening at 7PM British Time -All Human Campaign -Ex crew of a rogue trader ship that started, but failed, in a mutiny of the captain. Not quite truly into the chaotic powers just yet, but getting close. They manage to escape in a shuttle craft, but crash land on the planet they are orbiting around. With Little to no info on said planet, they must find a way to escape the trader, the planet's dangers, and all in all survive to fight another day... Their only real hope is a Brass Gateway that has appeared to them and gave promises of safety and opportunities for unimaginable power.. but their freedom is literally a loan... and a debt still needs to be payed..... But we need a new player for our party to spice stuff up / one of our players cannot make the day If you fancy wanting to be that new player, give me a run down of your character's description / background / backstory in the replies below, the ones that interest me will get an interview on teamspeak, and, as a reminder, there will only be ONE who actually gets through to play What we want: -Speak English Well -Able to make the times from 7-12pm GMT -Having a good mic -Having Teamspeak Apart from that, Good luck
  2. Mostly Humans... never in it's history has a mighty space marine been in the tournament... but it is not disallowed ...
  3. So I am doing a "Tournament of Steel" (A melee tournament) on a chaos aligned space station, the winner (And the warband / clan / gang he represents) gets the prize of leading the next big raiding party (Ones that have been launched off / led from the station in this manner for years now, with a very good sucsess rate) , and having the Lion's share of the loot... Problem is I have reached a block as, for a bit of fun, I have decided to actually play out all the battles for the last 2 or so parts of the contest... meaning I need a good 8 or so chracters to act as contestants... So if anyone can help out with some cool / creative character ideas , and what groups he could represent (These groups should be no more than 100 - 200 men strong at most, as it is a large collection of hundreds of these groups that make up the raiding party) so I can have a nice variety :L I will , in turn, reward you all (regardless of how many suggestions / full on bios I get) with a detailed report of the tournament goes But until then... get creating (P.S: Thanks in advance)
  4. My character serves Tzeentch personally... he is an apostate cardinal whom, under the guidance of a "servant of the god emperor" intervened in the fate of the cardinal's "doomed world" and saved it, in return the Cardinal made an oath to serve this holy visage... only to find out it was a Tzeentch Daemon... To his surprise / relief, the Daemon , rather than enslaving the man as he said, recognized his ability to sway large numbers to his flock, even in hopeless circumstances such as this world's fate... So a compromise was made... The Cardinal , still grateful for the Daemons help, and awed by it's power, was charged with the task of making as many people as he can see the light of the lord of change's power on any and every planet he is able to "tip the balance of fate" on, indebting the civilian population in a similar way to how he is indebted to the daemon
  5. Really quick one... Long story cut short our RT party entered da warp without a gellar field and, on average, got about 30 or so corruption each (bringing some of the party to like 40 or so corruption due to existing points) and hence MUTATIONS HAPPENED! Whilst most were minor.. the trader himself has... ahem.... had a really bad time of it... The list: -Raveged body (rolled 5): -Brute -Necrophage (Eating all da raw meat0 -Night Sider (yeah #Vampire incoming) -Fangs (we decided fangs rather than claw because #vampire -And.... I **** you not... F***ING WINGS! OUR ROGUE TRADER IS A SODDING GHOUL / VAMPIRE!!!! *Breaths* So our characters, still pretty loyal to the imperium, wish to try and "solve" this problem... and hence their windy road down the path of forbiden lore on the warp and daemons begins... My question to you though my fellow GM's is this... Are there ANY ways you know of / can think of that physical mutations and, hell maybe even corruption points, can be reduced (either through non daemon rituals or daemonic intervention) Extra Info: The events that led to this were honestly completely random dice rolls so, as a great GM , I have decided that the "real" reason this horribley unfortunate event occured was due to Lord of Change intervention For record we now have the following: Mutants: Rogue Trader Vampire Arch-Militant Psyker Non mutants: Seneschal with an obsession with forbidden lore (Addiction) Explorator with a slight deformity (easy to hide) and a hatred for the Ministratum So with this guys! Let's start spit balling the following ideas! : -Why the Lord of change would do this to the characters - What cures may the characters be able to find - Where is the ship going to be spat out? (Somewhere in the Koronus Expanse mind you , They were just exiting the battlegrounds when this all went down! )
  6. Part 2 of the intro adventure : They just got ambushed (also had a "special GM treat" in the shape of a mine that drained a quarter of their system's powers as they were not noob RPGers I gave them the whole "power down your weapons and prepare to be boarded" milarky and, just before our rogue trader gives the order to fire... the first mate (an ork freebooter knowns as "squigthrowa") politely asks if he can try hailing them first... which the trader allows... The pirates answer the hail (expecting a surrender) and all they get on screen is an ork in a slightly worn pirate hat shouting "ALLRIGHT THEN U STUPID HUMMIES! IF YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ON AN ORKY VESSEL LIKE THIS (This is an imperial frigate btw with wolf in sheeps clothing) THEN BY ALL MEANS GIVE IT A GO! WE WULDN'T BE POWERING THE KILLY STICKS IF WE DIDN'T THINK WE COULD TAKE YOU!" and rolls an intimidate check... rolls a 1... I then do - 20 willpower checks on both ships ... one faulters... the other takes a second , normal willpower check and fails... and then proceeds to chase down the other ship and start attacking it (over the open comms you can hear the other ship ordering ship number 2 to "COME BACK YOU COWARDS!" and then they proceed to literally blow each other up! So what my the first mate just did was kill two bandit ships without firing a single shot (Funnily enough to his disappointment )
  7. Hey there! Me and a friend of mine are currently looking for a Black Crusade group who would be willing to have 2 more players join their ranks We have both been GM's and Players in games with each other, but we have never both been players (me or him either Gming whilst the other is playing) and we would love the opportunity to try out this little tag team we have developed together We are both 18 respectively, and both have experiences playing Deathwatch and Warhammer Fantasy RPG (Me GMing just deathwatch and playing Fantasy , him GMing both Fantasy and Deathwatch, whilst also playing in the later): We have both spent yesterday making these 2 characters respectively: My Friend being an alpha leigion champion : Hatred. Cold, Unrelenting Hatred. These are the words best used to describe the Chaos Marine known as Charon. As masterful at deceiving his enemies just as much as he is at killing them, Charon embodies the ideals of the Alpha Legion, from whose blasphemous ranks he hails. Although much time has passed since the Horus Heresy, the utter contempt that the weakness and tyranny of the Imperium inspires in Charon has not left nor even faded from his being and it is this drive for vengeance that causes him to act. Like many Alpha Legionnaires infiltration and deceit are his specialty and Charon has already formed cells of operatives and cults to sow terror and destruction on the worlds he has visited and they will certainly not be the last. It is in forming these groups that Charon came upon Jargon. A renegade Tech-priest, the two formed an unholy alliance of sorts and have continued to plague Imperial space since. While the usefulness of Jargon is undisputed, Charon considers their bond situational at best and will carry out his mission no matter what stands in his way. He will destroy the Imperium, bring ruin to its corrupt leaders and bring its rotten walls crashing down around their heads... Whilst I am Jargon: a heritek whom has fallen into the lap of this champion whilst on the run from imperial officials since segregating himself from the adeptus mechanicus in hopes of finding great and powerful archeotech which will break the stagnation that has befallen the servants of the omnissiah... Hoping that the Champion's exploits will lead him in the direction of the ancient tech he so desperately wants (Not to mention the fact that the Champion's legion class power armour itself has given him reason enough to stay in his company, if only to get a closer look at such a marvel of technology in action) he aids the Champion as much as he can, from keeping his gear in a good state of repair to providing crucial information about the more specific natures of the universe (having an extensive knowledge of Chymistry and Numerology respectively), Jargon (and his trusty servo skull he smashed together from the bits and pieces he found lying around the various scrap heaps he resided in before meeting (insert name here)) has proven himself to be a valuable asset time and time again to his new master, and hence forming a loyal, whilst sometimes quite rocky, bondship between these two unlikely partners and, with each other's cooperation, Jargon hopes this is the start to a long and fruitful career of possible chances of proving to the short sighted mechanicus that the only way forward is to embrace the technology of old, and merge it with the generous and rewarding powers of the warp.... If anyone is out there GM'ing or looking to GM a game of Black Crusade, Know there are 2 RPG loving players just waiting to be given a chance to prove themselves Thanks for reading, Many Regards, Isador
  8. I have made a Fan- Based page for Deathwatch as, whilst this forum is amazing for content and community stuff , I know quite a few of my mates who will not make a habit of coming on here every day to see the latests posts and what not , so I have made the page so they can have a deathwatch / 40k RPG in general chat / debate whenever they go on their computer So if anyone is interested in helping grow the page / it's content, the link is bellow https://www.facebook.com/DWRPG
  9. So I was thinking of doing the GM kit adventure... but I am struggling to actually determine the size of these Delirium Trellis' :S I mean they speak of having a noticeable shadow on the landscape... but yet one of the potential ways to complete the objective is to retrieve the Trellis... So yeah... size is a bit of an issue... Have I missed something vital? Or is it suppose to be vague... Cause it is the one thing that has me confused xD
  10. In the underbellies of hive worlds and shrine worlds, I imagine quite a few arms dealers knocking about here and there... so hence could be a crucial in stories to do with coups of officials, looking for assassins whom may have used dealers ect ect (more the investigative type of mission) but it brought up a good question... what is the Imperium's stance on Arms Dealers / Public gun laws? *are there any laws infact? And hence what would a kill team actually do if they saw one trading in a hive or something similar?
  11. Thanks so much guys! The info has been really helpful :3
  12. So I am in the infancy stages of a new Deathwatch Adventure (with a new team) and I really feel as if the ship they frequently travel on (probably a strike cruiser of some sort?) should really be fleshed out and... well ... made a character in it's own right... And in turn making decisions to do with the ship a lot more significant rather than just their ride (making events such as boarding parties whilst escaping an enclosing tyranid tendril , Orks attempting to pirate / salvage some of the ship for scrap metal ect ect) And over all actually giving the characters something for them to get... attached to if it doesn't sound too cheesey for space marines ;D I mean they find their armour and weapons sacred... even their tools... and their ship is probably the most homely tool they will ever have... And hence a great staging point for new "sub missions" in a longer, away from erioch, campaign (Also it makes it all the more tragic when I eventually destroy it near the end of some glorious campaign :3... God I am evil ) So anyway, back on track, I actually need your help as...well... I have no idea where to start as far as the fleshing out of it is like... If it as a designated ship would they get personalizations to quarters? Requisitions outside of Weapons and gear (A small librarium perhaps?) and maybe even a place for relaxation and group oath taking/ prayer... *debreifing rooms ect ect* I mean come on, the deathwatch ships are HIGHLY modified to meet their needs But yet some how I am still stuck.... So... Any ideas chaps? xD
  13. Thank you so much for this information, I can tell this concept must have at least been developed over the course of a year or so aand, trust me I am very gratefull for you sharing this work you have done with me for my own campaign :3 Looks like I have my hands full now getting stuff ready
  14. Basically , in my campaign, my guys (Codename "Team Hypershity" by this point xD) Has managed to (accidently) unleash a daemonic invasion on the planet Veren via the act of retreiving a necron null field being used to negate the effects of a long disused eldar Webway gate which , due to this disuse , had been penertrated by the daemons of the warp (hence the rest of the event becomes clear and hence no need to explain it word for word)… They manage to get this null field back to thunder's world, but are ambushed on the way back to erioch by an Ork fleet, get somewhat over run / outsmarted, and loose both the Null field, and pretty much any evidence showing their side of the story. They reach erioch and, as you can imagine, they're quite pissed at the news they have heard of both the daemonic incursion and the near ludicrous stories told by the Kill-Team once they have returned. After a small intergation of each individual, their report is fed into the databases of the fortress and, just as the deathwatch are considering giving the team the title of excomunicate (or some other such disgrace), they are shocked to see that mere minutes, after releasing even the referance of the Null Orb the team found, the Vault swiftly started to open some of it's anchient locks and security measures to an extent that has not been seen for decades… However no new doors have actually opened, key parts of the doors half unlocked are still quite firmly sealed… Hence , with this information (which is kept secret from the Kill-Team at this time) they instead mysteriously give the Kill-Team full control of Thunder's World, some basic munitions , and the company of those willing to join them, but with the twist that they are "excileing" them, with the one condition that they are allowed to return if, and only if, they can find evidence to support the reports they have claimed (in the hope they will find the orb, and hence unlock these anchient rooms of the vault). And hence my kill team is on their way to an adventure which might possibley take them "years (IG)" to complete… My question to you lovely people is, I now have a terrible case of writer's block and hence have no Idea of what could be used as their first "trails/ leads they could follow" ect ect :/ If anyone could help me with even the inception / inspiration for some good ideas, that would be great
  15. I am really stumped as to where to start and what little quirks to add onto this guy xD
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