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  1. I agree, I think this card is best used when trying to delay other players, especially when you are ahead. It could be done either when escaping or delaying others at the start of the game to ensure they have to stay back and therefore the wouldn't have the time to continue deeper into the facility.
  2. Could you local game shop order then in for you? Generally if they don't ever get stock if it they general can order it specially. Otherwise, depending on what games you want (and how long you can wait for it) order it off http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/search?searchTerm=fantasy+flight&search=Find+book It's amazing because they're cheap with free shipping to Australia :3
  3. I love trying to get to the second floor! Even if I know that I may not get back in time (and most of the time I won't) I like taking the risk. I guess, though, it's very much based on how much you want to guarantee escape. Depending on what items you draw can also influence how deeply you procced into the facility. In the long run though, it does come down to your own personal playing style, but if everyone is playing safe eventually you may have to take the risks to try and get that little bit more of an advantage.
  4. Yeah, we lose plenty of times, generaly because we're bad rollers (and the dice don't like us) More often then not you'll draw doom tokens from the Mythos deck and devoured investigators so depending how the cards are shuffled and how the dice fall, the Ancient One can come out quickly.
  5. I would probably say that the Claw couldn't use his power on any card in the Industrialist stack, purely for the reason that the Industrialist's card states: Your stack is not part of your hand and cannot be drawn from by other players or affected by other powers. If it cannot be affect by other powers, the Claw wouldn't be able to use the card on the stack to try and gain a win/colony by using his own power. Although the Alien powers don't really explain themselves perfectly all the time so a lot of them are open to interpretation. We've had quite a few arguments about how Alien powers interact and it does come down to how you think the game should be played.
  6. Our family enjoyed the game, and with me being the youngest at 21, it can still be a fun easy game for adults to play (although can be very interesting with some wine.) The mechanics of the game are different, although simple, and does provide a little bit of player interaction. Still it is very much a light party game, or a pre-game game and good when you don't have much time to slog through one of the long ones. I also found that its a great way to introduce people to the idea that there is more to board games then Monopoly and has been recieved very well by friends. What makes it better is the components of the game. The stoves, pans and 'ingredients' and all well made and the artwork and naming or the recipies with always get a giggle from new players. Final Verdict: Good, easy and light party game, but wouldn't recommend it for someone who's looking for depth in a game.
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