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  1. Imagine attaching some Spyglasses to this character for free.
  2. Yeah, I think I made a mistake with my vote. I voted extreme Military and high glory, but I think I should have gone with balanced and high glory as well, since Utaku Yumino is that way. I guess there's no way to change my vote?
  3. Sneaky Scorpions, they're throwing shade everywhere just so they have more places to hide.
  4. I didn't vote this time, simply because I couldn't decide! I'm pleased with the Utaku outcome, but I would have been equally pleased with any of the other families. Bring on the Battle Maidens!
  5. So I'm reading the intro story on pg. 4, and it seems they forgot someone: “Over the course of countless seasons, Lady Sun gave birth to nine children: Hida, Doji, Togashi, Akodo, Shiba, Bayushi, Fu Leng, and Hantei.” Where's Shinjo?
  6. I'm still very interested to learn what their idea was with that card. I mean, surely they had to have one... yes?
  7. Veruca

    'New' Official Map

    I'm curious, what's up with the big piece of 'unclaimed' land in the west? Is there an Imperial Edict that says that no clan shall own that land? Wouldn't it be constantly vied for?
  8. Veruca

    Terrinoth adversary decks

    If they're the same size as the adversary cards for Star Wars, which I'm assuming they are, you'll want the grey sleeves. Or any other type that fits LCG sized cards.
  9. That's just brilliant! I love it so much!
  10. Alright, glad to see my guess was correct. ? Thank you for all the effort you've already put into this, it's greatly appreciated. If I can assist you in any way (if my skills allow it), I'd gladly help you out.
  11. Haha, guess so! I'll let you know if any of my players start complaining. ? The conversion from 2e to Genesys went smoothly, so far. Guess we'll know more in 2 weeks, when our next session is planned. Another quick question though, about the Brawl skill: is it integrated in the Melee (Light) skill, or just missing from the character sheet?
  12. Veruca

    Creating a Terrinoth Bestiary

    Haven't really gotten around to statting these adversaries yet, been a bit busy with the Genesys conversion for Dark Heresy. Will get to these eventuall, though. Thank you all for your contributions so far. The pictures really do help!
  13. Hey @Tom Cruise, I noticed that there are no Painkillers in the conversion (unless I completely missed them). Is this intentional, to emphasise the grim nature of the setting (without the players being able to heal left and right)?