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  1. Likewise! This is a pretty cool supplement to have, especially for people who are familiar with Descent. 🙂
  2. This is putting other, official books to shame! 😮
  3. I'm actually prepping a W&G one-shot. For the moment we're sticking with your conversion, but I do want to take the new version of W&G for a spin. I really like their Faith & Faith Talents section. It's pretty minor, but it just adds so much flavor to the game. As for splatbooks, Necromunda would be top choice. I think maybe giving someone a bonus depending on which House they belong to, would be a nice touch. Plus you've got a whole new setting to explore as well. It could probably even be an entire thing on it's own, instead of giving it the Dark Heresy tag.
  4. It's a shame that 40k is locked with Cubicle 7 right now, because the work you've put into this could (nay, should) be bound in a hardcover supplement for Genesys.
  5. I've been thinking about this. While Destructive could certainly work, I think you could also just give certain vehicles the Vulnerable trait. For example Vulnerable X [Melta, Power]. A vehicle with the Vulnerable X trait takes X times the damage from weapons of a specific type?
  6. Awesome work! Much respect for putting all your time and effort in this conversion. you can tell it's a work of passion. 🙂 Will you be putting out a new version of the character sheet as well?
  7. Maybe you could change the rules slightly so it reads: Whenever a roll to manifest a psychic power generates 3x Threat or Despair, Perils of the Warp may be triggered. However, if a Despair is rolled, it must be used to trigger Perils of the Warp. Or you could change the amount of Threat needed to trigger Perils of the Warp from 3 to 4? That way, there's no difference between how a GM might want to use the results. Use 1 Despair to trigger Perils and add 10 to the roll for 4 Threat, or use 4 Threat to trigger Perils and use a Despair to add 10. Of course, Perils will come less into play if it's 4 threat. As for not aiming for instant-kills, I'm right there with you. On the other hand, a Despair should mean something, especially if there's more than one. Insta-death (or worse) seems fitting for a Psyker who rolls several Despair.
  8. Well, I'm all for minimizing flipping through separate books. 😄 I think the symbols in the header of table 7-1 on page 179 are missing. I have a question about the difficulty and, subsequently Perils, of the Warp. As the rules are now, every Psychic test automatically upgrades the first difficulty dice to a Challenge dice. I've been looking at the difficulty table you posted in the 1e edition thread. Do you think it would make it 'unfair' if Psychic Powers would only have Challenge dice instead of Difficulty dice? I'm approaching this from the lore point of view. While this would make the tests significally harder, it also ups the danger the more difficult the test becomes (as in higher chances of rolling a Despair). Having a look at the Perils of the Warp table, I feel that a +5 increase on the roll for rolling 2 Threat is okay, but I feel it's a bit weak for a Despair. I think having a second Despair should add +10. What do you think? Right now, I'm not really feeling the danger when a Psyker atempts to use a power. (I kinda like the dread that goes hand-in-hand when a Psyker picks up those dice. 😈 )
  9. Yeah, the new version of WAG looks way better than the previous one. Visually, at least. I'm still not that big of a fan of the Tier system, or by the inclusion of Aeldari and Orks. Anyway, I've paused the proofreading until you got back. Let me know if I can be of any help, and I'll gladly assist where I can.
  10. Kicking off a DH campaign with the 2ed update tomorrow. If we come across anything wonky, I'll let you know.
  11. Yeah, life tends to do that. Completely understandable. I just didn't see the topic on the first page anymore, and I didn't want to see it slip into oblivion. I haven't been too busy with going proofreading the chapters either, on account of other things keeping me busy. When things pick back up here, I'll try to do the same!
  12. Shining the Emperor's Light back on this project. Would be a shame to have it be lost to the Warp.
  13. Perfect! That's gonna be easier to keep track of things.
  14. Okay, I finally reached the end of the Talents chapter. I can't promise I found everything, but I hope I did. Also, please let me know whether or not some of the feedback/comments are useless, or if you'd like to see other ways for me to make suggestions. I just write as I come across things, but looking at the amount of comments... maybe I go a bit overboard? I dunno, you be the judge. Edit: if possible, could you maybe edit your first post with a link to each chapter? That's going to be easier for me to keep track of the chapters instead of having to sift through the comments and preview chapters. Thanks!
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