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  1. I noticed some typos in the Ettin block. Meele instead of Melee. Thought you might want to know.
  2. Welp, guess I never saw that rule either about getting a boost die against a target in engaged range that just shot a ranged weapon.
  3. I've been trying to put my own spin on this conversion, but it ain't easy. I was thinking that, instead of choosing a career, you choose a faction to belong to. I find that the careers sound a bit generic (as they did in DH2e), but that the background stuff from DH2e really put the 40k flavor in character creation. So instead of giving skill sets to careers, I was thinking of attaching it to the different factions. Right now, I've been trying to see what I can use. I have this list so far. I've also been thinking of doing sub-factions. For example using Order Militant, Order Famulous, Order Hospitaller for the Sororitas, or Callidus Templ, Venenum Temple, Vindicare Temple for the Officio Assassinorum, but I'm not really getting anywhere yet. I'm also debating whether to attach 'heroic abilities' (like in Terrinoth) to the different sub-factions. For example, a Callidus character could flip2 Story Points to produce and use polymorphine at any given time (once per session). A Venenum character would, by flipping 2 Story Points, always have the perfect poison needed for the job. Still far from getting anywhere workable, but it's something I'm dabbling with to put more of that delicious grimdark flavor in character creation.
  4. Veruca

    What do PCs do in the Android setting?

    You could try an Inception'esque scenario? A group of experts have been hired by someone who wants you to hack the mind of some important corps board member? Could be they want intel on the competition, or maybe it's an inside job trying to masque it as if it was from an outside source? The group will maybe try to kidnap said board member, or try to infiltrate their building? Maybe lure them to a fancy club, with our without a favor from the club owner/bouncer, spike the drink of the board member and hack the brain in the restroom? Or maybe your group has been hired to sabotage something, and then become involved in an unintended terrorist attack as they were led to believe by their employer that the job wasn't that big of a deal? Or they are hired to find and retrieve a rogue bioroid, and will then have to ask themselves the question whether or not A.I. is considered on equal footing as standard humans, sharing the same rights?
  5. I just read through the document, and I do agree that there's some weird errors in there. It especially seems that FFG has a recurring issue with naming NPC's correctly. On page 22, they even forgot to use proper naming conventions by writing Takashi Tsume, instead of Tsume Takashi. I also find it funny that they mention Soshi Izura in the article, while he's named Soshi Ozuru in the adventure. It's a shame they don't put more focus on consistency in a setting that basically thrives on names. Sure, it's just details.... but still. Now, as for the adventure itself, I like what I've seen. Can't wait to try this out with some friends. I do think that the adventure would benefit more from party conflict than cooperative play, though. Especially if the group consists of both a Crane and a Lion PC.
  6. Veruca

    Terrinoth Bestiary

    Yeah, that's the case. I was planning to, as I was expecting to be doing a full Terrinoth campaign... but after 2 sessions, it kinda moved to the back. I've been using Genesys mainly for Dark Heresy now, and I've been putting almost all my focus on that. So yeah, sorry I didn't get to actually come up with anything.
  7. I saw some photos of the event during GenCon. I kinda wish they would release a document with the little standees they made for the adventure, like this one:
  8. This triggers me so hard. 😑
  9. Imagine attaching some Spyglasses to this character for free.
  10. Yeah, I think I made a mistake with my vote. I voted extreme Military and high glory, but I think I should have gone with balanced and high glory as well, since Utaku Yumino is that way. I guess there's no way to change my vote?
  11. Sneaky Scorpions, they're throwing shade everywhere just so they have more places to hide.
  12. I didn't vote this time, simply because I couldn't decide! I'm pleased with the Utaku outcome, but I would have been equally pleased with any of the other families. Bring on the Battle Maidens!
  13. So I'm reading the intro story on pg. 4, and it seems they forgot someone: “Over the course of countless seasons, Lady Sun gave birth to nine children: Hida, Doji, Togashi, Akodo, Shiba, Bayushi, Fu Leng, and Hantei.” Where's Shinjo?
  14. I'm still very interested to learn what their idea was with that card. I mean, surely they had to have one... yes?