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  1. but the empire assigns leaders after the rebels. If the rebels put a bunch of units next to the death star then keep a leader back, if they don't then don't keep a leader back, it's no skin off the empire's nose. The empire is much better off being able to search one less planet and being able to threaten mon calamari, or any of the other major planets near a remote planet.
  2. unless they just put extra forces there. The forces that start there are a minimum, you can still put more tie fighters, storm troopers etc. Also since he has stuff there he can just keep putting down more shield generators every build phase. It's not that difficult to defend. Also just keep darth vader in reserve to contest and one other character on capture and you have a very easy capture after someone attempts to sabotage.
  3. while the shield generator is there from the set up the planet behaves like populous system.
  4. One of the first steps is "players must agree whether to use the starting unit list from the base game or rise of the empire" If both players are playing to win, I can understand why the empire would pick it. The death star has been buffed quite a bit, and it's delayed, but in exchange they start the game out with an extra probe card, and the ability to build on a remote planet of their choice like it was populous. On top of that he gains 2 tie strikers without losing anything and he loses one at-st for 2 tanks. The empire gets a clear upgrade over the base game, starting with the same everything and gaining 2 tie strikers and 1 storm trooper, and losing 1 at st and having it replace with 2 tanks. The rebels on the other hand lose an x-wing and a y-wing for one u-wing. That seems like a terrible trade off. you lose one red die, one black die and one health for a green die. This seems like a terrible deal for the rebels. They lose 2 triangle units for 1 triangle unit that does a worse job than the two it replaces. Why would the rebels ever agree to this if they are trying their best to win.
  5. what have you got against mines? I loved mines.
  6. if all the tiles are the same, it would be nice if there was an option to just buy the new cards and strategy tiles instead of having to buy a whole new 150 dollar game as most of it seems the same to the first game.
  7. IDK if all the tiles and cards will all be new and different, but fantasy flight has been pretty good about not leaving previous edition owners out in the dark. It would be nice if there was some kind of pack that just gave out the new race sheets and cards.
  8. Pretty obviously it's because it contains all the stuff from 3 full expansions.
  9. You and some other investigators have been asked to the miskatonic arctic research station to look into some strange happenings when suddenly you hear a loud noise and the generators begin to fail. The freezing cold elements slowly begin to overtake the research facility, and you discover that one of the NPC researchers are not what they seem. Someone is infected with a terrible horror and you need to find out who it is and put them down with the flamethrower before they can spread it to the other researchers or one of the investigators. Light fires to survive the cold but beware they don't spread out of control, beware the darkness for there the infection can spread, or the creature it has become can strike. I don't know enough lovecraft lore to know if there is something that can infect people and change them into terrible things, so maybe FFG would have to make something up, but a mansions scenario that could capture the paranoia and tension of John Carpenter's The Thing would be amazing. I have some ideas on how NPCs and infected players could infect other players without giving themselves away, but I bet that FFG would probably have a better idea than me.
  10. can you tell us a bit about the new insanity cards perchance? Are there a lot? Are they creative? are they worth it for the base game?
  11. I had really kind of assumed that if you bought the first edition expansions that the huge box of tiles that you got would at least show up occasionally in the other scenarios like the monsters do, but as far as i can tell the tiles only show up in the missions that are tailor made for them. Seems like a waste when they coulda just sold the figures for 20 dollars if they were only gonna use the tiles for 2 stories.
  12. in one part of the directions it states that power cards are treated like location cards, but in another part it states that they stay on the track until they slide off the sixth space, does that mean if you had to clear a hideout with a power card on it that you would get the power card back? Or would the power card stay on the track by itself until it slid off the sixth space?
  13. You wouldn't use Ironbounds because they're part of shadows nerekhall which came out a good while after LoR if something isn't OP then you don't need to buy a whole new expansion specifically to deal with that OP thing. You're advice to someone wanting to defeat Logan shouldn't be "oh he is fine as long as you buy shadows of nerekhall, and the Baron Zachareth Lt, or the Olliven brothers, or skar LT packs, oh and also consider picking up crusade of the forgotten" if you gotta pick up that kind of stuff in order to deal with Logan, then he is textbook OP. That means that during the time before that stuff he was OP too. Also I highly suspect like other have said on here, that your hero play was probably suboptimal if logan got crossbow on the first quest and you still won the campaign. What was the hero composition, what campaign was it, and what was the final mission loadout?
  14. no he gets pierce 3 with the cross bow, 2 from the crossbow's base and one from the treasure hunter class. There is no way to shut him down if he ends the game before you get your first turn. You can't tripwire him, he has high enough stats to pass almost every trap. Like please tell me how to shut him down when he wins the quest before you get your first turn? How do you shut him down when he one shots every single monster he ever gets a hit on. How do you shut him down when he is literally the most mobile hero in the entire game? Here let's do an expiriment. Start a new campaign, at the end of the second mission give Logan Lashley the crossbow. Don't use the Valyndra deck, the Ironbound or the new golems just the base game, and LoR and see who wins the campaign. Put your money where your mouth is.
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