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  1. I would love to have an app available to build my X-Wing squadrons, and have them saved for later use/editing. I know pen & a notepad work, but fiddling through the cards can be inconvenient. Moreover, it's impractical when you are out and about and have some time to spare. It would be great if it could be feasibly done for a tablet to keep up damage during the game. I would totally use it at a tournament to keep my board clutter down. OH!!! To be even more convenient, you could use a dice-app in-app purchase to run it all in one app. I would totally spend $5 on it easy!!
  2. Man O' War was a great fantasy sea battle game by Games Workshop. Sadly, it's been out of print for several years. Dreadfleet did not do the old girl any justice. About a month ago, I started to try to come up with a way MoW could be rereleased, but with a friendlier, balanced set of rules. BOOM!! I thought, why not use the X-Wing rules?!?! Then, like a prayer answered, Ares Games, who inherited Wings of War, came out with Sails of Glory using a rule set similar to Wings of Glory (War). That said, could FFG use its license with GW to make Man O War using rules similar to X-Wing / Sails of Glory? Also, would there be any interest in it? I know I would love to ram a drilla-killa into the side of a Dwarf dreadnought again!!! Release the Kraken!!!
  3. HUZZAH!!! It's about time!! Getting Slave, Falcon, & 1 Interceptor (have 2 A's and 1 Interceptor for tourneys).
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