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  1. Awesome answer! That's helped me for when i play aswell, hadnt ventured to much into customizing packs, but now i cant! thanks!
  2. Awesome feed back, i for one don't like the house rule and am glad to now have other options on it. I feel with this house rule, when we win, we aren't really beating the game because we have modified it to our favor.
  3. Well said Seraphimchild, i'd agree completly. However i feel like there is some light strategy with the 'Coffee Cup' powers, and chosing Crepe timing.
  4. Recently we have re-read the rules of the Base Arkham game and found that players CANNOT trade clue (which we have been playing), we decided to make it a House Rule that you could. Does this house rule make the Investigators to over powered? Does anyone else play this way? Is it considered cheating?
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