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  1. Thank you for the input. Yes i do know i need the required renown and such, thats a dead give away. But there are a lot of do's and don'ts in wh40k when building stuff. So you dont get branded for being a heritic and such. And i havent found a clear set of rules for crafting. most stuff are very vague. But, if i craft a Artificer armor do i need to roll a new background for it, or do i use the existing one i have, or can i make my own set of history of it? within the guidlines of it all that is.
  2. I currently play a Techmarine in our campaign and we are currently playing the 3 part campaign. We try to incorperate rpg moment so the game just doesnt become a game where you roll dices to kill stuff. It's challanging mainly because Spacemarines ain't knowned to sit around sipping tea and talk about "important" stuff. Jokes aside, we try to incorperate social elements into the game to make it more fun for our group. As i said, i play a techmarine, and we have downtime where we can do stuff in the game and i was thinking of, what can techmarines build. What are they allowed to do actually. We had a discussion that they aint allowed to modifiy excisting stuff, like armour and such but can build now it's (que next planet destroyer with a big red button saying "dont push"). I have ideas of what i do like to build, having a servo-skull platform where i can place my MUI heavy bolter on to control it so i dont need to place it down with a tripod all the time, so it floats around me more like a sentry gun, well it's an idea. But am i allowed to construct this, i know i can't do it before i get renown enough to get an servo-skull, but after? Also Artificer Armour? As i understand it, there are really no fixed generic ones, all are "special" in their own way so is it possible to craft your own armour with the blessing of who ever you need to have, to give it your own spin? I was thinking of a MK8 armour (I love the looks of them) tailored for an Techmarine with the power unit hooked up to the internal power unit as a backup if the primary pack fails. Also maybe some other things? Are there any clear rules on how you can build stuff in the game, and which pages are the located at if so? The reason i want to build my own armour are plainly just for making your mark on the "world" having build something very unique and make it's own history and such. I know that Techpriests have huge restrictions on creating new stuff, they can modifie but new stuff are a big no no. But as i have read in fluff and such Techmarines are the opposite. The make stuff up, not modifying? Thanks for all the help
  3. Having a separate page with squad mate just repeated kind of redundant on a sheet made to save ink/paper, beside you can just erase the old and put in the new. The STATUS is basicly a filler for better symetry. Here you cant type what you belive Status is, it's basicly there for RPG element, it can be HP, it can also be the status of the Squad mate, M.I.A, K.I.A or such spanning on a resque mission to get him to the choppa! Nothing more nothing less. I'll check in on that asterisk thingy i was a good idea and it's taken into note. Thanks all for the feedback.
  4. Updated Only War Charactersheet, have to make a new post each time since i can't edit my original post to remove the old and invalid links. Whats been updated? Fixed ability progression circles so they are four, was 5 before (old bug since my DW charsheet) Fixed layout a bit to make it more neat. If you have suggestions please write a line and tell me about them and i'll see if they make the character sheet. New url: http://goo.gl/uU6wh
  5. I updated the character sheet added Aptitude tracker, and also psypowers. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B31Vts-aVtZNMkthUThCbndTRzA/edit
  6. Ah tracking apptitudes, excellent idea!
  7. Since most charactersheets are kind of heavy on the ink side i have desided to make my own charactersheets. I actually started to make one for Deathwatch and converted it into Only War. It's not done yet but i post it anyway to get some feedback and such. I personly love much stuff to fill on the character, the fluff so to speak so thats why i desided to include some stuff thats not on the original sheet. I havent dont the page for stuff like psychic powers and such but i'm hoping it's up tomorrow. Check it out. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B31Vts-aVtZNUVhMUE5iMFlQdU0/edit
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