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  1. There are reasons I don’t play 40k, and cost is one of them. If X-Wing is even being mentioned in the same breath as Warhammer when it comes to cost, it’s a problem for me.
  2. The last time new product was announced was Sept. 8, Wave 13. That was about four and a half months ago. It's really weird not to have anything to look forward to. If it means that FFG will preview new product less than six months before it actually releases, though, then I'm OK with it.
  3. At long last, our suffering can end. Rest in peace, 264-page thread.
  4. Danthrax


    FI NA LLY I've only been waiting for five years!! TIE Avenger (the real TIE Advanced) next, please!
  5. The bottom of the article says "fourth quarter of 2017," which of course means February 2018 when it comes to Fantasy Flight =P
  6. New TI, super exciting! But the link in the article ( https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/8/11/twilight-imperium-fourth-edition/ ) where it says "Are you a Twilight Imperium veteran? Click here for information on key differences between the Third and Fourth Editions!" goes to the product page, though, not a new article explaining the differences from the third edition. Anyone see anything new at a glance in the article that's up?
  7. You can add the Transport, it came out a month before the CR-90. And it had Jek, Wes and Hobbie! Those are all Episode 4 X-Wing pilots, IIRC.
  8. Welp, there it is. Although technically, canon-wise, it still has no name or confirmed stats until the comic or something else provides some text about it =P
  9. Danthrax

    Unique Card Count?

    I keep a count, it's 587 unique cards in the entire game. Hopefully it's accurate; shouldn't be off by more than a few if it's off at all. That count includes the upcoming C-ROC and Wave 11 ships, BTW. [edit] That counts the epic-only pilot and upgrade cards, too. I don't know what the count is without those; sorry, OP. Nor do I have them broken out by faction.
  10. If we broaden the premise of this thread to "there should only be canon ships in this game," you'd really only need to drop 10 ships from the game (12, counting upcoming releases): E-Wing TIE Phantom StarViper M-3A Interceptor IG-2000 Aggressor Kihraxz K-Wing TIE Punisher G-1A Mist Hunter JumpMaster 5000 Scurrg H-6 Bomber TIE Aggressor Counting the upcoming Auzituck Gunship, 20 of the ships — plus all five epic-only huge ships — released since Wave 3 are canon. That's not too bad, really. If we'd only gotten canon ships, we could imagine the waves looking something like this (taking some liberties with release timings not quite lining up they way they did in real life): WAVE 4 Z-95 Headhunter TIE Defender YT-2400 VT-49 Decimator WAVE 5 Most Wanted Hound's Tooth WAVE 6 The Force Awakens Core Set T-70 X-Wing TIE/FO Fighter WAVE 7 VCX-100 Ghost (with Attack Shuttle) TIE Adv. Prototype Protectorate Starfighter WAVE 8 ARC-170 Special Forces TIE Shadow Caster WAVE 9 Sabine's TIE Fighter Upsilon Shuttle Quadjumper WAVE 10 Auzituck Gunship U-Wing TIE Striker Scum & Villainy would be woefully underrepresented, though. It takes the biggest hit by removing Legends-only ships: 8 Scum ships to 15 Rebel ships and 13 Imperial ships would exist in the game, not counting huge ships.
  11. Looks like they came up with a really nice playmat to give to Paul next month. /s you mean shield tokens
  12. also LOL they fixed the article already. The striker title doesnt ignore the maneuver now. Yep. Even changed the image to show the Striker taking his free 1 bank, then a regular 2 straight, then a barrel roll. Why don't they check over the article more carefully and fix these things before exposing themselves to public ridicule?...
  13. I'm really surprised. I didn't think we'd get these ships until Wave 11. \
  14. Danthrax

    Force Friday?

    The release of Wave 9 will be timed with Force Friday, probably. I don't think we'll get the U-Wing and TIE Striker until Wave 11 in summer 2017.
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