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  1. I'm disappointed that it appears WQ:ACG is dead--it filled a great niche for me. I think we could see a Descent Quest Adventure Card Game in the future, though I would love that, and we'd *never* have to worry about expansions if the game was even moderately successful. Even though I like the WH fantasy setting, it's not gonna make or break the game for me...I'd be all in for a Descent themed re-tooling.
  2. So far I've run it on my Note 4 and my Tab S. It runs fine on both, and the Tab S not particularly powerful as tablets go.
  3. Just pre-ordered this today. Even though I have the 1st edition, I haven't played it at all...just never could get my buds interested enough to play it. I'm hoping the full co-op nature of this one will get them into it, and even if it doesn't, I'll happily play it solo.
  4. sonicu said: madDdog67 said: I enjoy it, but I can see why others wouldn't. I don't understand this sentence you said, English is not my mother language. Well, what I meant by that was that I personally find it a fun game to play solo, I imagine that some other people might not find the game exciting or particularly well suited for solo play since there aren't a lot of really meaningful decisions to have to make. When I play solo, I just play until someone wins…or i give up . I don't use, nor do I know of, a doom counter/track like mechanic for Talilsman like there is for Runebound. You could house rule it pretty easily, though.
  5. Yep, this is pretty much at the head of my wish list at this point.
  6. Well, you can certainly play Talisman solo, I do it every once and a while. I enjoy it, but I can see why others wouldn't. Not having played Relic (since FFG didn't send me a free preview copy ), but based on the changes/additions to the system described on the product page, I think it should be ok. For one, they mention specific scenarios, so that my be more solo friendly right there. We'll really have to wait and see, but I will pre-order this with the intent on playing in mostly solo.
  7. Just ordered mine as well. I've got another $100 + in my cart at coolstuffinc queued up for next payday. I *knew* there was a reason I've resisted getting into this game for so long.
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