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  1. I'm hoping they officially stop new development before that happens. A tv series you like ending before it turns to trash
  2. I was going to list all the core and wave 1 figures that still good, then I realized it's most of them except uniques and even a few if those. The first wave had a mix of units that were OP, and units that were under powered/overcosted, with most units being somewhere in between. Even things you don't see in skirmish, like the eweb, have their uses, they are just too niche to fit in skirmish were you need to be versatile. If you want power creep, look at xwing. Almost nothing from the first two waves are anything more than chump bait (which is a shame I enjoyed the control game using y wings with ion turrets). In ia though I could field a decent list with just the core box. Not the best maybe, but a pretty decent one.
  3. Glad new stuff is out. Is there any chance you could do a set sized for cards without sleeves? I prefer to keep most of mine naked because I like the texture
  4. Quick reflexes is way over powered for a 1 xp skill. But it would be almost necessary given how squishy Luke is. 10 hp is not much for a hero. I get why you did it but I would still give him at least 11 or 12 hp. I think the main problem is a lack of focus with him. There's nothing really cohesive to his class cards and nothing thematic either other than the names. If I may suggest: Luke is a untrained force user, run with that make him work around being focused, like great shot does. Maybe exhaust a card to interrupt to move two spaces when focused (just gaining mp in your activation if not). When you get a harmful condition become focused. Etc. Just a thought
  5. But then you lose the oh so satisfying feeling of the cards in you hand! :-(
  6. I'm not entirely sure they threw away time periods (though possible), maybe more that they are shifting to stories that don't exclusively line up with the movies. Core and Hoth campaigns are explicitly stated to be after the movies, but this one isn't. In theory they may release an expansion that tires clearly with RoJ and put a time period on that, but for understandable reason, they may be trying to move away from ring everything to specific points in cannon.
  7. Love the items and supply cards. They fill very needed niches, and will help out heroes like Biv who stifle with strain. Plus painkillers are great. Just a note, the Jabba campaign has two interesting twists: you cannot earn Jabba himself as a villain, and there is no time period for this campaign. That said, . While I haven't looked at the missions beyond the briefing for the first, it doesn't seem to be specifying any specific place in the time line beyond Jabba being alive and possibly the appearance of Jedi Luke (but I bar that only on his deployment card and token appearing in the materials not on any knowledge of future missions).
  8. When you're dreaming up these Jabba lists, don't forget that Rancor isn't unique. Just throwing this out there: Jabba Rancor Rancor Bantha C3P0 Feeding frenzy Beast tamer You probably won't win a tournament but boy howdy would it be fun
  9. Don't forget that two of the current skirmish maps feature large central tiles with difficult terrain, where the mobile key word would be very useful
  10. You forgot the biggest advantage: they aren't generic storm troopers.
  11. You forgot his ability: It is too late for me. At the end of the round, reduce you maximum health by one.
  12. Weren't those the guys in the Thrawn trilogy who were tricked into helping the empire?
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