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  1. I too was thinking of a 3 BH for a local event, is there anything else we should know? For example, once the initial joust is over where do you take the ships? K-turn? Or bank about? Split up? Also, when jousting with three, what is the best way to ensure your corner (I'm assuming that's where most joust) has ample room with asteroid placement? Anything else I missed?
  2. Bump. I REALLY could use help with this.
  3. This build is very interesting. I showed it to my X-Wing buddy and he picked up the Z-95 to try it out thanks for posting
  4. What kicked off the ban for any further tournaments at the location was just only the fact that this incident set the tone for the rest of the tournament. We all took a break after that development and discussed about it. (Not `cause we are winers but was a great time to take a cigeratte break anyway, and the TO had to see how to re-pair the opponents ) I think the TO had a valid point in saying that he will not make it an "out of the house" issue. It was meant to be a friendly little tournament with a little price sponsored by the store... But the mood drastically went down after that and the laughter silenced a bit as well... That actually, i think, is the main damage they caused... not winning the game with an altered deck. Both players were new to the store and showed up 1 or 2 times prior to the tournament so no one really knew them. Playing competitvely is one thing, but when you lose trust in other players, or even the store in which the event is held, that's something altogether and it's a horrible those players did that. Now, that's not to say that it's the store's fault, but I think the problem is that it can create this illusion that "those kind of people" play here and that is a **** shame.
  5. Thanks so much for this post. Once again the laser level is one of the best purchases made for the game lol EDIT: with the banks (the trick with the nubs) I'm curious to see if that works also for the large ships
  6. 1 Ion cannon on the BH, 1 Rebel Captive on the other BH or 3 Tacticians or 2 Seismics and one tactician on the shuttle or 2 Stealths on the BH (may help with their lower PS) or 3 APL Needless to say 6 points gives you a lot to work with
  7. I also like the fact that if you are ion'd from behind you action can immediately be to drop the proxy. For a Firespray that seems like a nice little slap in the face, especially with that rear firing arc
  8. ..If my only playing partner doesn't have his wave 4 ships yet? I'm assuming that there will be tried and true favorites there, not just new stuff. Out of all these ships below, what would you recommened for builds that we should be practicing with. My Opponent (Rebels): 3x X-Wing 1x Y-Wing 1x B-Wing 1x A-Wing 1x YT-1300 Me (Imperials): 4x Bombers 2x Firespray-31 2x Lambda 2x Defenders 5x TIE Fighters 2x Phantoms 3x Interceptors (2 Imp. Aces)
  9. Negative. Each player is supposed to provide his own. If you deal 2 crits to mean and I get 2 Direct hits that means there is only 5 left in the deck for you to get hit with, which immediately puts you at an unfair advantage
  10. Not enough love for Fett, it would be interesting to see if these new ships change that.
  11. With how the meta is looking now, I honestly think anything with a PS lower than 3 is going to get lit up, and lit up fast. Also I have very little experience with the swarm type mechanic. That is a big reason why I like the bombers, they can realistically go whereever they desire while dissuading people from their 6-o-clock with the bombs.
  12. I have 3 at this point based on your suggestion with the 4 bombers: 1st - Muramasa: "Dark Curse" [16] 4x Scimitar Squad., each w/ +Proton bomb [84] 100pts Total 2nd - Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb(ers): 2x Gamma Squadron, each w/ +Proton bomb +Flechette Torpedo (Proton rockets providing they are released on time) +Munitions Failsafe [52] 2x Scimitar Squadron, each w/ +Proton bomb +Ion pulse missile [48] 100pts total 3rd - "Gamma Gamma Hey!" 2x Gamma Sqaud each w/ +Ion Pulse Missile +Proton bombs [52] Bounty Hunter +HLC +Proton Bomb +Recon Specialist (or stealth device) [48] 100pts total [ALT: HLC, Seismic, Recon and Stealth. Also, Recon and/or Stealth could also be removed to bump him up to Krassis]
  13. Upcoming products that are listed both as "In Development" and reprinted? There are quite a few X-Wing miniatures that are slated for reprint, but what is weird is that some of them say "Updated!" and others do not. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_upcoming.asp Both the Firespray and the Interceptor say "Updated!" yet the Falcon above it says nothing. Is this a sign of erata or something else?
  14. That and you can make a 180º turn in 2 turns instead of 3
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