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  1. My life is dramatically busier than it was in October. I thought I could swing it but I’m having trouble keeping up with posts. Please give my spot to someone that can devote the proper amount of time to your game. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hey! Thanks for the update. I’m sincerely glad everything is ok and as far as it sounds, on the up swing. Best of luck sir!
  3. This is a real bummer but I’d still like to play. I’ve DM’d a fair amount of D&D 5e and wouldn’t mind trying to GM a game if anyone is interested.
  4. I thought we were waiting for initiative order? Maybe I'm mistaken since this is my first time playing.
  5. Hek thumbs the 'stun' switch to off on his blaster as he takes off after Lance, Jonjo, and the rest of the team. "Normally I'd prefer to get a few answers before rushing into battle but that young man looks like he's in real danger!"
  6. Hek addresses Captain Panaka as they make their way further into the city. "Captain, you had mentioned that you sent soldiers to both the gungan village and the human colony but came up empty. You're certainly more fluent than myself when it comes to the indigenous people of Naboo so maybe you can enlighten me; is there a particular reason both tribes would be uncooperative in the investigation?"
  7. Hek turns to Panaka. "Captain, are the queen or minister Zapalo expecting us immediately or do we (Hek gestures to the other task force members) have a moment to get our bearings and discuss our first move?"
  8. I'm one of the newbies you mentioned. I'm super excited to play and while I've played some D&D in person, I've never played by forum before. If I answer or post out of line or don't follow protocol just let me know. Thanks!
  9. A tall man, middle aged with the beginnings of gray in his beard reaches to shake Captain Panaka's hand. "Good morning Captain. Commander Hek Tillis at your service. What information can you provide us regard Ms. Valorum and her last known whereabouts?"
  10. Say hello to commander Hek Tillis. http://swsheets.com/c/ri0hedwva-hek-tillis I went with the Figure Head specialization that someone suggested. I'm still working on background story for him.
  11. Is there a career/specialization that's a little Diplomat and a little Commander? I'd like to fall somewhere in between if possible. Also, thanks for the help everyone.
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