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  1. Thanks for the replies, putting the monster tokens next to the encounter decks is actuall a pretty good idea - don't know why I didn't think about it! My Tolkien knowledge is actually quite good, but strangly my middle earth map knowledge isn't! But yeah, more map studying will help!
  2. Thank you for the replies! A possible purchase then by the sounds of it. I used to love the original, such a cool little game, sadly my psycho ex burned my copy a few years ago. Bah.
  3. Love this game! Me and my wife are both massive Tolkien fans, and this game really has that Tolkien vibe about it. If you are into middle earth and card games its highly recommended!
  4. Just a quick question, has anyone played the Games Workshop original of this game? And if so, how does it compare with this version? I used to own the original back in the day, and it was such a good game. Just curious if much has been changed and if it actually makes the game better. Thanks for reading.
  5. Hey all, first post - yay! Ok, recently the wife and myself picked up a copy of Middle Earth quest for ourselves. We both read through the rulebook for both sides so we had a good understanding of how the game works. The problem came about when we actually played the game, we found the colour system to be really hard going at times, especially for me as i'm colour blind! Trying to determine the differences between some of the locations was pretty difficult, and I found myself constantly asking my wife what was what! So my question is this, does anyone know of any player aids which could potentially help with the colour system? I have thought of making my own, but i'm just asking on the off chance. Really enjoyed the game though, the colour thing just makes it a little bit harder at times!! Thanks for reading.
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