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  1. I go to the 2nd floor (or in that direction) to find secret room or to find an option to exit the facility via interface. If you are lucky - you find both (secret room and you explore it for 2 rounds) then you rush to the 2nd floor to find an interface… It does not work all the time - sometimes you are just stucked and you are caught, but on the other hand - that's your choice of what kind of risk you are planning to undertake. Your strategy and your investigator is on the line. I like the idea. Of course I have seen it often that people (especially in the beginning - first games for them) do not go far… they want to leave safely. But with time, it simply pushes you to see what is up there.
  2. I have revised coreset but not in english - but my gaming group would love to get the manual for this mission in ENG… that's why I am looking it for…
  3. Hi, I am looking for a book of Victory bridge in English. On Support product page i have found only rule book and other operations - however this one is missing. Do you know where can I get one? thanks, H
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