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  1. I hear you, and I'm still in the process of painting everything, no way I'm going to immediately jump into a new edition. In fact, if I knew how much it would have ended up costing, I'd probably not have bought into it. I'm very careful now with FFG's products (in general). Big box expansions are fine, but I hate those micro transactions payments (H&M packs and lieutenant packs). I know myself to be a completionist, so that's a dangerous combination. I'll most likely not buy into a 3rd edition, assuming that the same marketing techniques are being applied. The moment that those small overpriced packages are starting to appear, that's a red flag for me.
  2. Small nitpick about the dice

    Good to know, it doesn't state that in the description though of the product. "The Genesys Roleplaying Dice Pack features three Ability dice, three Difficulty dice, two Setback dice, two Boost dice, two Proficiency dice and a Challenge die, giving you everything you need to run your own game of Genesys." Thank you for clearing that up.
  3. Small nitpick about the dice

    So the dice of both Star Wars and Genesys are exactly the same, yet in the Star Wars dice packs, there is one "force die" more than in the Genesys packs, yet the prices are the same? Would it have been so hard to lower the value of the packs by $1 or something? I find the packs on their own already expensive, and usually people buy several of them. This seems like yet another implicit price increase to me.
  4. Look into Dungeon Saga with the Adventurer's Companion expansion. Technically it's possible to port your descent miniatures to that as well, since you can make your own characters. That said, DS is a lighter version of Descent and comes with its own problems. Still, it's the closest I got to that "Hero Quest" feeling.
  5. Is that true? Where does it state that the Overlord is Waiqar affiliated? I know the last few expansions had a lot of undead... but at the same time the Overlord monsters also include a lot of non undead? I'm just asking because I'm interested in the lore behind it.
  6. I really love the undead theme and the Tainted blood mechanic + hybrid classes.
  7. I'm sure it will be fun though, but for me it's also a confirmation that at least in terms of physical expansions, we won't be seeing anything anymore. Too bad, I think the game still has a lot of potential.
  8. Yeahhh... Better than nothing I guess.
  9. Wrath & Glory

    Thanks for the heads up! Looking really forward to this.
  10. Very true... not going to buy 3rd edition after investing so much in 2nd.
  11. Maybe their newly announced "Legacy of Dragonholt" will contains a lot more lore. Ref: I would really love a desert setting, like act 2 from Diablo 2.
  12. Holy Price increase

    Ofcourse, you're only looking at the official prices of FFG themselves. With the whole Asmodee merge, online retailers aren't allowed to sell at big discounts anymore. In the end it's all bad for the consumer, and it's arguably not even that beneficial for FLGSs. For me and others, this hobby is becoming way too expensive. It used to be the cheap alternative to computer games. Now with steam sales, you can get A LOT of computer games for $150. Imagine how many hours you'll get to enjoy that... I know it was a bit of criticism on my part. The road that FFG is taking right now irks me. I always liked FFG's games before, but they are becoming too expensive. I see a Games Workshop 2.0 in the making. Anyway, enjoy the game! If you really spent that much time playing this game, it must be at least worth it for you.
  13. Holy Price increase

    While I'm a 40k fan, I avoid its miniatures game for this very reason. I'm not ready to put down my monthly paycheck for a game. I get what you're saying, but trying to justify one overpriced product with another isn't a valid justification in my eyes. However, as other people pointed out, you get the expansions as well. The only remaining issue I have with this, is that it also puts the entry cost level into the game very high. I know plenty of people where TI ended up as a shelf warmer because they couldn't find the right group, or the game wasn't what they expected. FFG basically forces you to buy everything from the getgo. Interesting new marketing strategy...