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  1. I will certainly suggest she looks closely at the Runemaster then thanks Whitewing! A very interesting thought on the classes aspect of things. So I shall stick with Trollfens and perhaps, if the keeper of the wallet permits me, I may invest in Manor of Ravens (the Bounty Hunter/crossbow fellow has caught my eye over the heroes in LoW). It says something when Discussing a game is almost as interesting and exciting as playing it- thanks to everyone for there input and help. I can't wait for "The Masquerade Ball" this Saturday! Banonbrig
  2. Sorry Whitewing I didn't see this post while I was typing mine! Thanks for the advice, Trollfens is a good option it seems, so I will get that one next week and hold off on the Monster/Hero packs for a little while. The collector in me just wants more Heroes and Monsters but the reality is that most of the time any extra Heroes will just sit in the box anyway. Any ideas for a good character to add in with the aforementioned Avric and Sindrael? Thanks, Banonbrig
  3. I'm getting the big box Nerekhall for certain, but that will come around as a Birthday gift at the end of January. So in the meantime I was thinking Trollfens to add in some extra quests, map tiles and cards etc as well as Crown of Destiny mainly because I like the Dwarf characters and CoD comes with one! Plus the extra monsters and 4 heroes opposed to two heroes in the small expansions makes up for the lack of extras (tiles/cards) that come with Manor of Ravens for example. So any thoughts on that? One small exp plus one H&M pack to keep me going? Which do you like etc? I think for now, given how frustrated she was after Cardinals Plight, I'll try with three Heroes. I am more accustomed to the game and gaming in general so I think it will aid her to have a slight advantage and also help me feel less like I am punishing her and more like I am just playing competitively. Any ideas for a good character to add in with the aforementioned Avric and Sindrael? Thanks, Banonbrig
  4. Cheers Thanks for clearing that up it makes perfect sense- I have read many posters make the "three heroes are hard for the Overlord" and noticed this was accepted as a given, but I've never known why before. I do think she has some great defence and recovery mixed with some decent attacks, but I wonder whether she would be better having an extra Damage output type or something a bit sneaky like Tomble to complete objectives while her Knight/Spirit speaker stick to holding off my monsters. So I'm adding an extra Hero and hopefully we shall see a nice encouraging swing in the Heroes favor, plus an extra challenge for me while she learns the game/gaming in general a little bit more. A quick additional inquiry ... if you where only going to buy two expansions would you buy Trollfens and Crown of Destiny (H&M pack) ? If not what would you prefer and why? Cheers once more, Bannonbrig
  5. Hi all! Having a lot of fun with Descent and getting ready to make small expansions/h&m pack investments before I buy Nerekhall for when we have finished the base campaign, love this game! However I wanted to ask for some advice for my lovely missus who is playing as the heroes and having a hard time of it. Granted we are only two main act 1 quests into the story, however she lost Fat Goblin (Close) and then got absolutely trounced in Cardinals Plight (Koth didn't even get out of the Library) and is getting a little dejected by her Heroes non-heroic performances. She is playing Avric as a Spiritspeaker- Healing Rain/Shared Pain/Stoneskin plus an additional Iron Shield. Syndrael as a Knight- Advance/Defend/Oath of Honor plus an additional Crossbow. Having never played the Heroes I thought I would ask here for some advice for her. I'm also wondering whether to suggest we add a third hero to the party and give him exp points equal to those spent by a single hero from the current couple so the hero has "caught up to the power level of the campaign. P.s could someone explain to me why three heroes are better than two? The monsters increase with them so what changes? Thanks everyone- also I must say it is a joy to read posts on this forum, friendly, logical discussions (even when opinions differ!!!) it is a truer representation of most wargaming hobbyists than many of the "dedicated forums" I have perused of late. Cheers, Banonbrig
  6. This may be a recurring issue- I can't log in either- it is "FORBIDDEN" ! Which although being suitably dramatic is also rather irritating Excited to play around with this tool, thanks fantasy flight games for doing this, I'm sure the bug will be fixed soon. Happy gaming all!
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