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  1. It makes sense - you count the modifiers from all the revealed tokens, that were not ignored/cancelled. But the first token is no longer revealed at that time, so there is nothing to count.
  2. You cannot start the Epilogue, if you have any of those tokens in the bag. If are allowed to read the epilogue and you have any of those tokens in the bag, then you made a mistake in scenario resolution(s)
  3. It does not say the horror cannot be canceled, it says the revelation cannot be canceled
  4. that's intentional, they want you to buy a second core...
  5. Mine holds the Return to NotZ and Forgotten Age. Fully sleeved, they just barely fit in the box. the space at the side holds the scenario sheets 3-8. That leaves just enough space at one end of the box to comfortably remove cards from the box
  6. what i mean is, you play the tarot for free, then you play the Tower, then the slot restrictions are checked and you discard the Tower
  7. Shouldn't you be able to just discard the Tower, since you discard to slot limit after you play the card, not before?
  8. You are playing those cards as part of the ability resolution, so they do not count as a separate actions. In contrast, Ursulas's ability gives her a free action to take
  9. ward of protection Lvl5 specifies, that it works on non-weaknes encouter cards (and it has the same trigger as Maleson), so we are back to sloppy wording...
  10. If you check the player aid part of the race sheet, it mentions anomalies. Those symbols are likely tied to them...
  11. Nothing tricky going on here. Only your choice to reassign the damage elsewhere is taken.
  12. no. a space is not adjacent to itself. this exactly is the reason, why Serena cannot heal herself with Soothing spirit, unless she also posseses the Healing Aura skill card
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