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  1. If arvel fails one test and reroll the test whit Lucky charm, and fails that test aswell, she gets 2 fatige right ;-)
  2. Yea you need a3 for this or you cant have the right scale, but atm it dont even fit on a3
  3. Only played 4 hero mode and one overlord, then its np, its way to win against lots of familiars, give the conditions for example
  4. make it a bit smaler so you can fit it in a a3, remove overlord turn cus he is not going to use hero dashboards, atm i have to cut out some of the stuff or compress it and then the cards wont fit, move the stamina next to the health and the hero text to the old stamina place, you can remove one exhausted if you like, when a hero have used a card thay stack them on the same exhausted and instead add a condition frame and text, make a frame for the hero tokens, add a frame for items thats is not used atm
  5. Nice, going to use it When you get it out
  6. Got some answers from ffg about mist of b, Yes It should be up by this weekend on quest valut.
  7. how do i trigger the "time on the rack" plot card??? use this card when a hero ends his turn while knocked out, does it work whit lava? dont se how to do this vs a smart group? (found out somthing carzy) Long Suffering (zarihell) plot card it dosent say that you need to take away the damage tokens on the card, so you can stack from lots of quests to last one then blow the heroes away in one boom use this card when zarihell agent is defeated, can i w8 to use this card or do i have to use it when she dies
  8. make a quest to a campaign, you can download a compleat campaign, so you dont need to search for all of them quests
  9. one hero is doomed he gets hit from a attack and takes 4 damage, one more for doom, can you make the pins and needles on that doom damage? and if you cant do that, if a heroe is damaged whit 1 damage and have doom can you make the pins and needles on the damage and then add the doom https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/fc/64/fc64b596-afbf-4d44-b4b9-68b7fd2e6557/pins-and-needles.png
  10. anyone got her yeat? my store did only get Ardus Ix’Erebus :S
  11. the new Crow Hag have "Death Omen: Choose 1 hero in this monster's line of sight. That hero may choose to suffer 2 heart. If he does not, he suffers 1 condition of your choice". Baron zachareth have "Subdue: If this attack deals at least 1 heart, choose 1 condition. The target suffers from the chosen condition Rylan olliven Subdue: If this attack deals at least 1 heart, choose 1 condition. The target suffers from the chosen condition. Omen of blight Relic surge: If this attack deals at least one heart (after the defense roll), choose one condition. The target suffers the chosen condition. any one knows if the overlord have more ways to pick and choose condition, Overlord cards/monsters/Lieutenants/Plot decks/relics
  12. Gah, the Trident... It is so rarely purchased that I forgot it existed. Well, that would be kinda insane in One-Fist's hands, wouldn't it? All the more reason to make that a green die in Act I, in my view.. No, you cannot do this. I'm fairly certain all heroic feats of this nature are one continuous 'action'. The feat cannot be interrupted by other things, such as the spending of accrued movement points. This would be akin to interspersing Jain's heroic feat of "moving twice her speed and attacking" with spending movement points to get around - Not permitted. I agree with you that One Fist may challenge Nanok for greatest warrior, but I think Nanok still has the slight edge with the black defense die and superior hit points... I hope Nanok is toned down a peg when he is released.. but I'm worried he won't be now http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Hunting_Spearhe is a exelent beastmaster, but i still dont think he is op, he lacks hp go check again, Bilehall gives you lots of new units, Bone Horror is rly crazy. the Hero and Monster Collection offer rly good units aswell, and not everything is about damage, most missions is about staling the heroes, and you can do that in more ways then killing them
  13. mace of kellos? recover 1 heart on surge, one fist dont die then??? http://www.descentinthedark.com/2nd/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/mace_of_kellos.jpg
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