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  1. I think with the pass biv is a great counter to Weiss, rgc, chewie, amd vader when he is a shooter. So I think he might see more play than I though at first
  2. The problem with biv is his health which c3po and him being near more guys helps with. That is a huge weak point he has. I am a fan but like Luke over him still
  3. A list I can't wait to play is this Saska 6 Biv 9 Elite sab x2 14 Elite nexu 6 Gideon 3 C3po 2 40 pt I think having that much area damAge with biv as your main guy could work.it plays a lot like my gencon squad but instead of Luke and the reg sabs I have Nexu biv and saska. I think its not a tier one build but it can play with the big dogs now with the pass. I am a big fan of Saska and the droids. Boba I think will be fun to play but not sure he is that great in a rebel squad. Biv I think is great. With c3po as a weak mans hans but a glass cannon when up close.
  4. someone did have to drop so a second rebel did make the top 8.
  5. Swiss top 9 Ben rebel blast Paul 4/4 Adam rgc and probes Anthony 4/4 billy eweb x2 rg x2 officers Matt Peterson rg x3 eweb officers Brian 4/4 Louis rgc and rg x3 Jonny rebel blast Some one had to drop Top 4 Ben Paul Billy Brian Finals Ben vs Paul Paul won
  6. Hey guys we interviewed Todd from ffg on Monday but had some audio problems but here it is now. Todd is still some what soft and issac is still pretty loud. http://iacommand.com/iacommand-podcast-episode-16/ Rss:http://iacommand.com/feed/podcast/
  7. I have a feeling it will get shipped the week of Gencon but won't be in stores till the following week. It will be at Gencon.
  8. I am bumping this with Gencon around the corner.
  9. I have a hard time making a squad or commenting when we don't even know the stats of the hired guns other than 4. They could be really bad.
  10. Mak Eshka'rey seems to be a custom-built Officer counter, and it's important to remember that Stun prevents voluntary movement or attacks outside of your activation too, so it shuts down Orders to that model entirely. The problem was things like smuggled goods. You can have a royal guard IN YOUR DEPLOYMENT ZONE with side crate in 2 activations and middle crate in 3 (so both with 5 total). Even mak and stun can't really do enough fast enough (a.k.a. get the shots etc.). but that map is gone for good reason. Even the holocron one which is also gone was much more reasonable. 4/4 and officers in general will be much more reasonable now. The rebel list is honestly probably the best build now. It was really only those maps that were a real problem. I think a version of 4/4 is still the top list. I just don't think rebels are that good right now. This is coming from a person that has been all about the rebels for a long time. I plan on playing Imperials at Gencon. As a Rebel player I liked the old list of maps better but hated the missions. Its hard to counter with stun on Luke's or Guards map. On the Guard map if you get the bottom 4/4 can come at you turn 1 without anything that can be done. this is why I am really thinking Rebel builds need Garkaan or go to 39 pts.
  11. weaken gets through his evade. Han, Chewie might see more play since they have high damage output. Vader and RGC could see more play. Even Weiss or AT-ST. If we get a few more figures like Boba I think the meta could shift to more beats. His damage out put is pretty good compared to Han when he is focused. Han avg around 8. Boba is about 6 but he has weaken and pierce 1 so it makes his damage output more on par with Han.
  12. Han was the card for the UK national event so I would think it would be the same for the US.
  13. 2 weeks to go and no update to tournament rules. For those who do not frequent the boards may be surprised to learn of the new map choices for Nationals at Gencon. They made announcement officially on twitter that they are changing as of July 29th. I think enough people come on the boards, Twittler, Facebook that the word got out pretty well. Its not two weeks go yet....... FFG OP like to announce most FAQ/Tournament rules later in the week it seems. Also the Summer kit is not out but coming soon I have heard.
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