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  1. I think if you actually want to play Horton with BTL-A4 then there is no other choice than going with EU. If you don't you will lose against any arc dodger, even the lower PS ones. I agree that this is not the strongest build in the world, but at least he is much less easy to predict with EU and can dodge some arcs as well. Marksmanship is not that great on him. without movement options he will be blocked a lot and its 4 points. Unlike movement options i dont think Marksmanship will change a huge lot over focus. If you have no shot all game long you have no need to hit better XD. For Astromech, the options i see are BB-8, R2 or R5-P9. Horton can always modify dice on R2-3 so he should be able to keep focus sometimes. Theoretically... I also think that going plain TLT without A4 is a better idea, that way you dont need EU as much and can stay cheaper. With only TLT and an R2 he is 32 points. Thats pretty reasonable. Only 7 points over a Gold Squadron or Thug. i think he is great for a 3-Ship list like that. Look this list is my try to get as much as possible out of a 3 TLT list. I think it looks rather good. It has one TLT less and is less mobile, but its shots should be much more precise when you need it. I have not tried this out though so i have no idea how well it works in reality. Will probably lose against a 4Y TLT list, but could be effective against a lot of other stuff. Esege Tuketu (28)Twin Laser Turret (6)Recon Specialist (3)Horton Salm (25)Twin Laser Turret (6)R2 Astromech (1)"Dutch" Vander (23)Twin Laser Turret (6)R5-K6 (2)Total: 100View in Yet Another Squad Builder That's the exact Horton setup I was talking about. TLT and an R2 for 32 points. I absolutely agree that's reasonable. As soon as you jump up to 36 points with EU I think you have too much into him for the return. 32 is tough enough of a jump from the Goldie at 25.
  2. R4-D6 rarely gets used for a reason. Once Integrated Astromech comes out that will change things. Even then the R2 will be superior on Horton. It's not even a debate.
  3. Honestly I'm pretty comfortable with either scenario. Typically there is a clear remedy but a conversation normally needs to take place. I think the vast majority of players are going to subscribe to the re-roll all unwritten rule. That being said I think the guilty party needs to give the option to the other player on how they would like the matter resolved (within reason of course). If I am the guilty party and I roll all blanks I am not going to claim that I deserve a re-roll. The game state and situation definitely is a factor and should have a reasonable resolution given the specific circumstances.
  4. Hence, R4-D6. It's cheap, makes him durable and caps damage against him at 2, also. Good for the endgame, but hopefully his opponent has less hull left! R4-D6 is extremely situational and only slows the bleeding part of the time. Remember, R4-D6 does not trigger unless it's 3 or more hit results specifically. Crits aren't factored into that equation. If someone has an attack result of hit, hit, crit against Horton R4-D6 does nothing and you are left to defend yourself with a single agility die. You also lose the mobility that an R2 gives you. Other downsides: R4-D6 resolves before Bossk triggers his ability; R4-D6 doesn't concern TLT's or AC's or Manglers.
  5. Engine Upgrade on Y-Wings is almost strictly an option for fun games, especially on a Horton or Kavil. It certainly makes Kavil loads better letting him turn his arc to trigger his ability but in both cases you are sticking too many points into them to make it worthwhile. From a competitive standpoint I have a hard time believing that you can put any more than 32 or 33 points into Horton before you've made him too costly. I think stress will start to play an even larger role in the future meta given the damage deck and an R2 or Unhinged to me seems like a near auto-include. TLT's seem like they were designed specifically with Horton in mind. The problem with the combo is that it's still capped at 2 total damage. That's OK (neither bad nor great) given his increased consistency so long as you keep him alive. In order to make him great offensively you make him expensive and when he gets expensive he becomes an even bigger target than he already was. Putting the BTL title on him can really start to make him dangerous but given its a front arc only attack then an R2 becomes pretty much critical lest you lose the ability to attack too often. Marksmanship on Horton eats up his astromech slot and both limits his mobility and makes him even more expensive. There is absolutely no question that there are some really fun ways to kit Y-Wing Aces out. I just don't see them being part of a list that has a reasonable chance at making a deep run in a high level tournament.
  6. Rebels and Scum. No order. I enjoy breaking out Imperials from time to time but the other two are my favorite.
  7. I'm assuming you mean when he's running the BTL title with TLT? That seems the best way to leverage his ability, since is pilot ability also kicks in on both TLT attacks. I like it :-) Still, not sure if I want to burn my Astro slot and pay 4 pts for Marksmanship. :-( I would say do not take title with marksmanship Horton. He's really really accurate and is doing 2 all but guaranteed damage against everything each turn. The title makes it so he has to joust (hint, bad with the dial) versus flying in a circle and murdering things safely from range. Agreed. This is the same general principle for why I think the Unhinged trumps the Agromech for Scum. Yes, the Agromech is better for optimization of attacks but the Unhinged allows them to move as needed, particularly with an otherwise ugly dial.
  8. The problem I have with Horton (and Kavil) is simply the high cost you pay for them. Yes, they can do more damage than a standard Y-Wing but I feel like once you upgrade them to make them particularly nasty you've ventured too far into diminished returns. They die just as easy as any other Y-Wing and will have a giant target on their heads. I really want them to work for me but haven't struck upon the right list where I think it makes sense.
  9. Are you talking about the unspoiled T-70 pilot that is almost certainly Asty? If so there is already a figure that's been released so it's not a Disney info embargo, just the standard FFG release procedure. They will ramp up there own spoilers in the weeks leading up to the release like usual.
  10. Well Alex did talk in the Scum and Villany podcast about how they finally have their production stuff working the smoothest it ever has (or something to that affect). Christian originally said they were targeting Q4 for Wave 8. If they had that target and production is going smooth then it's a strong possibility. In fact, given that they added the Force Awakens expansions to Wave 8 I would think it may be a near certainty that we get Wave 8 for the Christmas shopping season. If Wave 8 wasn't going to be ready in that time frame I think they would have had a separate release for Force Awakens stuff. All signs point to this being totally legit regardless of their production history.
  11. I think he was talking about BB-8 because the podcast only mentions what was in the new Core set. I think this may have been recorded before the EpVII expansion packs were out. No they talked about the spoiled expansion packs too. Alex was pretty specific saying he envisions the real "fix" coming in an Aces pack and implied that it would be designed once they get a better idea of where the meta winds up following all of the stuff that just came out/is coming.
  12. It's up to the discretion of the store basically. The stores purchase the kits and they normally have either an owner/employee or someone who organizes X-Wing play running things. There is no set way in how the game shop uses the kit. Some shops will run an individual tournament, others will have a league that runs for a predetermined number of weeks. There are all sorts of ways you see these nights run.
  13. Ignore the "sky is falling" thread. There is a lot of that going on lately. There is a way that the perfect circumstances of crits will do massive damage to any ship, not just an X-Wing. That being said the big issue with the X-Wing is that it was designed at the beginning of the game and has since been surpassed by a great many ships. It's not horrible, there are just a lot of better options. Many of the games early ships have gotten boosts of some sort to bring them up to par (or close to it). Those ships used to be worse than the X-Wing which is why they got improvements first. The A-Wing, Y-Wing, Interceptor and Advanced have all gotten help (and in some cases plenty of it). Now it's finally time to fix the X-Wing
  14. You are fortunate you missed that. Instead of people talking about how cool of an upgrade it was the trolls were all out complaining about what an awful fix for the X-Wing it was.
  15. It's not right. It's always been part of the rules. And to clarify you don't just declare barrel roll or boost, you declare in what manner/direction. You have to declare boost straight, right or left and barrel roll right or left. After you declare the direction then you check and if you can't legally execute it then you can change direction or action.Edit: and you are correct on 3. If you declare it and you can legally execute the action you must.
  16. Edit. Nevermind what I previously said. I misread. This has always been this way I believe.
  17. At this point I think 1 new core and 1 original core is the place to start. Beyond that just pick up what you think looks cool. Pretty much every ship in the game can be fun particularly in casual settings. I would recommend against buying multiples of any one thing until you get a good feel for what you are going to like. For every ship that I have no interest in, somebody else loves it. And for every ship I love somebody out there hates it. You will definitely want multiples of certain ships eventually but just wait until you try things out.
  18. I used to play the Star Wars Miniatures game from WotC and even though Wizards had decided to give up the license and the game was out of production my local group continued to play regularly. The community had done a great job of continuing on with virtual sets, Regionals and a championship at GenCon (they are still going to this day too!). I was way into that game, had a great local group of people that played and had met people from all over the country playing SWM. When it was finally announced that FFG had picked up the license and were going to produce X-Wing I couldn't have cared less. I had my game and I was good. Some of the guys picked up a core and some expansions and while everyone said it was pretty cool, and the ships looked great I still had my game and I wasn't buying. Then the Kessel Run came and the Falcon and Slave 1 came out and I was starting to eye things up pretty well. A couple months later and I couldn't hold out. I grabbed a couple core sets around Christmas followed shortly thereafter with several expansions and I was completely hooked.
  19. What is Phoenix Bossk? I have never heard of that one. When a Phoenix dies it is reborn from the ashes. Or in this case the Nashtah Pup emerges from the ashes of the destroyed Hounds Tooth.
  20. So far I've really enjoyed running TLT's in pairs (or more). The majority of the time I've put a single Z in amongst other ships. I know you have had decent success with them as has another friend of mine. I should probably break them out a little more to see how it goes.
  21. I would be tempted to drop the Agromech off the Thug and replace it with an Unhinged and then replace the 2 Pirates for a second Thug with the identical load out. That gives you 2 TLT's plus Kavil's heavier hitting Blaster with the Marauder lurking.
  22. Yes you do so you can boost into range 2 or take that extra soft turn to get out of your own firing arch. but it only works with PTL or you cant focus to shoot Sorry, I missed PTL there. That's a massive points sink on Kavil though. He will die really quickly under focused fire.
  23. As for the other named FO's, I don't think anything has synergy with Vessery. Epsilon Ace allows all friendly ships (including himself) to discard a stress at the beginning of combat so that's probably not going to help Vessery often. Zeta Ace can use the 2 straight instead of the 1 for barrel rolls so that's not going to help.
  24. Well the cheapest FO is 15 points so you could have 4 if you could keep Vessery at 40 points. No EPT, just Mangler and Mark II title.
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