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    The Ghost!

    Good catch. That being said I think Intimidation still becomes extremely useful with Zeb Crew on the board. A kitted out Ghost is going to be limited on what kind of support it brings. Adding Intimidation on another ship with the sole intention of playing bumper cars is still going to create opportunities for the Ghost to get that mega shot off. Heck, just the threat of it alone is going to force some ships to run away. Good catch! Maybe run him on someone like Leebo with Intimidation? 37 points, activates at PS5 so still a solid ace blocker. There's also Arvel at PS 6 w/ Autothrusters and Intimidation for 25 points w/ refit. 30 for Prockets. IG's run in terror from that duo wouldn't they? Question: What is it that allows Arvel to move first so he can block? Against PS6 IG88's? Or are you asking something else? Arvel moves before Hera. That was the big thing I was talking about.
  2. Absolutely. Seeing as you can only run a single stressbot I think some sort of blend of the TLT's and Dorsal's could have some potential.
  3. Galactic Funk

    The Ghost!

    Good catch. That being said I think Intimidation still becomes extremely useful with Zeb Crew on the board. A kitted out Ghost is going to be limited on what kind of support it brings. Adding Intimidation on another ship with the sole intention of playing bumper cars is still going to create opportunities for the Ghost to get that mega shot off. Heck, just the threat of it alone is going to force some ships to run away. Good catch! Maybe run him on someone like Leebo with Intimidation? 37 points, activates at PS5 so still a solid ace blocker. There's also Arvel at PS 6 w/ Autothrusters and Intimidation for 25 points w/ refit. 30 for Prockets. IG's run in terror from that duo wouldn't they?
  4. Galactic Funk

    The Ghost!

    Good catch. That being said I think Intimidation still becomes extremely useful with Zeb Crew on the board. A kitted out Ghost is going to be limited on what kind of support it brings. Adding Intimidation on another ship with the sole intention of playing bumper cars is still going to create opportunities for the Ghost to get that mega shot off. Heck, just the threat of it alone is going to force some ships to run away.
  5. I just saw and commented in your Imperial Firespray list and thought I would put this here. You should try out something like this (tweak as you prefer): Boba + Vet Instincts + Dampeners + Engine Upgrade (45) Guri + Predator + Auto thrusters (35) Cartel Marauder Kihraxz (20) You could drop Predator off Guri in favor of Lone Wolf or to get a system on her. Dampeners isn't essential for Boba either. And a generic Kihraxz at just 20 points can perform fine if you keep it from getting focused down right away. Otherwise you could get rid of the K and Guri and couple Boba with a couple generic Star Vipers with Autothrusters. That's 99 points if Boba is set up like I discussed above. I find the Star Vipers to be a little too squishy but moving 1st can be used to your benefit at times.
  6. Most experienced players will tell you that you get very little usefulness out of Imperial Boba's ability because the more you fly the more you will be able to make the right maneuver decisions the first time. Scum Boba on the other hand is glorious. From a meta standpoint he doesn't have a strong place due to new scoring rules and prevalent bad matchups. That being said you can simply add VI and Engine Upgrade to him and he is loads of fun to use! It's a strong ship that will have his share of solid matchups too but typically isn't going to come out on top in a tournament environment. He's great fun for casual though.
  7. I would absolutely recommend 1 of each core set as others have mentioned. That being said I just wanted to point out that while many have suggested picking up 2 of the original core if you can find at a discount you might actually find new core sets on sale rather than the old ones. I believe both coolstuff and miniatures market had the new core sets marked down to around $20 a pop. Target recently had them marked down too. I wouldn't expect to find many of the old core sets marked down as they just did a restock of those sets recently but not nearly at the same volume produced for the TFA core. The point about taking advantage of a deal is valid either way, I just think it will be the opposite of what was stated previously.
  8. It doesn't really matter what the date was. Point is, it was used before, so it can still be used now. I know meta changes. It actually does matter because in this case Scum had literally just been released and a lot of people hadn't figured out how a lot of things worked yet. You have to take it with a certain grain of salt. More importantly this was pre-TLT not to mention all of the other ships that have been released since then. Those things really do matter. Please don't get the wrong impression, I'm not trying to dissuade you from using Star Vipers because I LOVE the two I own. I love how they look, how they fly, how they attack and how they defend. They are also over costed especially when you need to add Autothrusters. And don't get me started on the Virago title debacle. People are telling you to have fun instead of telling you that your list is going to be competitive because they have experience with them and are trying to be realistic. That being said we have no idea what you will face so you never know, it could work out for you. And you could be an extremely skilled player and be able to win with what many would view as an inferior list. It seems you really have your heart set on using Xizor, Guri and a Khiraxz. Are you asking for advice strictly on how to kit them out and what Khiraxz to use or are you willing to consider other advice on what ships to use? If so what absolutely has to be included? I think people are going to be more than willing to try and help but they are also trying to be realistic about the outcome. Is your goal to win the tournament or to just have fun?
  9. The thing about DTF is that you aren't in control of whether that EPT does anything or not. If I burn Howlrunner down by rolling nothing but hits, the DTF you put on your BSP was a wasted point. If the BSP with DTF gets taken out first then DTF might not have been worth the point (it might have been worth it to change targeting priorities). Another obvious one right now in the current meta is the large presence of TLT's (mostly found on Y-Wings). DTF is entirely useless against those as no crits are generated for you to pull off your ally. Crackshot vs TLT Y-Wings is highly useful as you have the opportunity to eliminate the evade results they are able to roll to burn through those ships quicker. You can effectively turn them into zero agility ships and only spend your Crackshot when they actually roll an evade.
  10. I've only used him in casual play but Bossk with Marksmanship, an HLC, a K4 and Outlaw Tech was extremely efficient as a damage generator. Off the top of my head I think that's a 50 point setup so probably not competitive but very fun.
  11. One of the biggest shortcomings about an initial cap of 256 participants (I think that number is right or at least close) is that the tickets sold out extraordinarily fast and a great many people who wanted to purchase tickets weren't able to. One of the worst outcomes that resulted from this was the number of players from abroad that planned to travel to Worlds with a group of friends only to see a portion of their group get tickets and have others unable to get them. To me this represented one of the worst scenarios as you really do want to be able to make this event as accessible as possible to all of the people willing to travel internationally for the "World Championship". The thread that popped up about it not truly being a "World Championship" was misguided but did have an element of validity. Overall there was far more demand for tickets than what FFG had room to accomodate. That hurt everyone both here and internationally. Any number that gets thrown out about what they could have drawn were space, time and logistics not an issue would be pure speculation. I figured they could get double what they did but I don't know if that is low or high or close. All I know is that the game continues to grow and it would seem to be in FFG's best interests to figure out how to accommodate as many people as possible. Obviously things would need to be broken up into multiple flights or something in order to get the event completed without too many swiss rounds and have an appropriate cut. That being said, they have done a marvelous job with game balance. The longer the game is around the more difficult that becomes and it's impressive the direction it's gone. If I had to choose between game balance and a better setup for Worlds I would choose game balance. So keep up the good work FFG!
  12. Shucks I misread your post and reported yours instead. Boy is my face red.
  13. I apologize if this has been covered in this thread already but there is no way I'm reading through 8 pages of dumb arguments, insults and people getting butt-hurt over silly jokes and sarcasm. There's probably some good posts too but I don't want to look for them. That being said my hunch on why this change took place is that either A) somebody screwed up and the damage decks that FFG previously said would be distributed to all Worlds participants weren't going to be ready or B) somebody at FFG told the Organized Play folks that they were out of their minds for offering all of those decks for free and that they needed to figure out another way around this little kerfuffle. Obviously they were trying to do the right thing when everyone started crying about the new deck rules (including the people who don't play competitively but wanted to cry and bang their drums about something anyway). I think it's kind of funny that the backlash from the newest ruling is probably bigger than the original uproar. Hopefully sanity will prevail and we can move onto the new deck exclusively in the near future.
  14. I hope this is just temporary to give people more time to get the new deck. New deck should be required at some point for tournament play.
  15. Sorry, I wasn't really directing that at you, but rather the generic you, that I see with that kind of attitude on this message board. My point is that if someone can't or won't enjoy a competitive event, then they should do everyone a favor and stay clear of them. It's unfair to everyone else if you go to a tournament and get upset when they don't play casually and allow take backs. It also won't be enjoyable for you. So if you don't find the kind of game enjoyable where there is no quarter asked for or given, then don't play in events where that is likely the default style. Which isn't to say there is never a case where someone will allow someone to fix a mistake, but no one should ever go into it expecting such a thing. Worse is if they ask for it, and it is IMO completely inexcusable for someone to get upset if if they're not offered one or turned down when asked. Being a poor loser is every bit as being a bad winner after all. Totally see your point and you're right about poor losing being as bad as a gloating winner. Thing is though, *if* tournaments were a bit more forgiving, if there was a 'illegal set up' clause to prevent first turn fly offs or wrong direction start ups would that bring in more players than it annoyed? You're right that you shouldnt perhaps *expect* a courtesy to be given over a fundamental mistake in set up butand you shouldnt be annoyed if its not but the OP wasnt really saying that here, its more a discussion, well i thought, on whether it was better to play a 'full game' from the off or whether you would actually get any pleasure or sense of achievement from rinsing a 60 per cent full force as his star player was wiped out before a shot was fired I honestly don't know. Tournaments (at least competitive ones that people are playing for something) typically don't have issues drawing people in. The popularity of the game continues to grow too so that isn't changing any time soon. That being said there is no reason to change how they currently work. This also isnt an issue specific to X-Wing. What competitive gaming environment allows take backs? The thing I think that gets lost amidst these topics is that by and large you can go to a tournament, play in a setting where someone wants to be cut-throat or extremely rigid about rules/actions/missed opportunities and still have a good time! It's more about the attitude you take into it. Yes, you will run into some jerks but whatever, you probably work with just as many or have to deal with some people you would prefer not to in real life anyway. I find these topics are frequently overrun by a vocal minority. Set the tone with your opponent from the get go and have fun. I'll gladly give someone the benefit of the doubt on a missed action or something. Reveal a red when stressed and along the edge? I'm flying you off if it's a tournament. Unless you are 13 or a beginner. But I'm probably winning that one anyway. See you guys on page 22, lol
  16. About 2 and a half years ago or so I was in an X-Wing tournament. I had a pretty good hangover going but I was pretty confident that I had a solid chance at winning the whole thing. My first match of the day was a 100% exact mirror match. We were both set up along the edge moving straight at one another in a joust. After the first round of firing I had a decided advantage. When we revealed our dials the next round I found out I had somehow selected a 1 right bank and flew a full health B-Wing off the board. It was clearly unintentional. My opponent knew it too. He immediately said "don't worry about it, you meant to go straight". I refused on the basis that I made the mistake and per the rules my ship had fled the battlefield. Had I taken his charity there was probably a 90% chance that I was going to win based upon the results of the previous round. I simply didn't feel good about winning in that fashion. I didn't lose another game the while day and wound up second or third. I believe that's how it should be handled. I also don't mind if someone wants to handle it differently. If it's a Regional or higher level event you normally shouldn't get the option at all. If someone is asking for a free pass they probably aren't a good enough player to factor into the top spots of those events anyway though.
  17. I want to like N'Dru Suhlak, I really do. I've tried multiple times to make him work but there are a couple significant issues th as the I always come back to. 1) he's still in a Z-95 and susceptible to dying quickly. 2) dice are still unreliable. Yes, there are great ways to enhance his attack and give him the potential for a sweet alpha strike at the beginning of the game. The problem is that you still have an element of inconsistency for that single all important turn that's going make or break his usefulness. Over the course of a game you will have your times that you roll poorly and those that you roll well. Over the course of a game it normally averages out to a certain degree. Same thing for a full day of games or tournament. Yes, some games will be better than others but overall you have a longer period of time to let things average out. With a loaded up Suhlak you don't have that luxury of letting things average out, you need this one specific attack round to hit. You need to get the attack off on the right target. You need everything go right for this one specific instance. Yes, his chances of having a successful attack are increased as compared to other pilots but the element of uncertainty/inconsistency remains. After that attack he's still in a Z-95. I have really grown to like Z-95's but they clearly have deficiencies. Limited attack. Squishy. They are clearly best in numbers. Or complimenting the rest of your numbers. But N'Dru is most effective when he's off by himself given his ability. If he's off by himself there is a good chance that one portion of your list or another isn't focusing on the portion of your enemies list that you really should be or want to be focusing on. It can happen but rarely does the way you want it to work. And no matter where he ends up he's still squishy and will have a limited attack after his ordnance is gone. More often than not the points you invest in him can be much better used elsewhere. These are the reasons he is strictly in my "for fun" lists and why you won't (or rarely) see him in competitive lists that perform well at a high level. Skilled players are typically looking for ways to eliminate uncertainty.
  18. That would depend entirely on how you build out your Hounds Tooth (what pilot, what crew, etc). Certain build outs can be brutal. If you leave one of those alone it could rip you to shreds and leave you without the ability to have enough ships alive in the endgame to get through its shields and hull before it kills you.
  19. By locking in on the comparison of total hit points, number of agility dice, and the cumulative arc sizes I think you are overlooking some important elements. I'm not here to tell you that the YV-666 is a better ship than the Firespray overall but it certainly has some major advantages to it in some regards. Scum Boba is still one of my absolute favorite ships to fly adding in VI and EU but after that I generally prefer the Hounds Tooth. The 180° arc for one when coupled with its dial (e.g. red stop, green 1 straight and banks) gives it an incredible ability to keep the desired target under duress. Another major consideration is action economy. The YV-666 has 3 crew slots which give you a really wide array of options in which to build things out. Consider Bossk with Marksmanship and the K4 Security Droid together. Move late, pick up a free target lock, declare Marksmanship for your action and start dishing out a ton of pain. The dial gets plenty of flack but it's good enough to serve it's purposes and the red, green, red (rinse repeat) maneuvers work well together. The 3 turns with that wide arc also really make it challenging for an opponent to get out of its arc when they need to. There is really a ton of room to build and explore with YV-666 setups. Don't get trapped in a comparison between a very different ship because you are going to miss out on the great things it can offer. Also, try Bossk and Boba together for extra fun.
  20. You can't perform the same action twice in the same round. Edit: ninja'd
  21. Cool imperial players don't like to have fun then Boba Fett with a navigator and veteran instincts is a blast, or it was the one time I've tried it. I only got him last week Scum Boba is loads more fun w/ VI and an Engine Upgrade.
  22. I love playing Scum. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to go as its all personal preference and depends on if you are looking to play competitively in tournaments or for casual fun play. There are ships that some people love that I don't care for and ships that I love that others loathe. It's all subjective. I would highly recommend a minimum of 1 Most Wanted Pack. I haven't picked up my second yet but will eventually. That gives you access to the base token and card for Scum Boba Fett who is a blast to play. Slap Veteran Instincts and an Engine Upgrade on him, move last (usually) and boost into range 1 and let him use his awesome ability. If you already own a Fires pray you are set but if not its a very worthwhile investment. Fill out your list with a combination of Y-Wings, Z-95's and/or HWK-290's depending on what else you own. I love the Star Viper but others don't. I think it's fun to fly. I would recommend just 1 to start with. I'm not a fan of the Scyk. I own 1. That's plenty for me. The Aggressor (aka IG-2000) is cool. I like it and own 2 for IG88 shenanigans. Other people despise them. Just 1 is fine to start with if you think it is something you would like. The Kihraxz is fine. I have 1. Not all that crazy about them yet. I love love love the Hounds Tooth. I think it's fun to use but again others will hate the lumbering beast that it is. There are some great pilot abilities that you can augment with the right crew and other upgrades.
  23. Needs more funk: https://youtu.be/1oFMoltEHTY
  24. I tried it last night on the Warden. So far I'm unimpressed with the ship but Bombardier seemed like it's solid for its cost.
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