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  1. Building a relationship with a FLGS is a great thing. Talk to the shop owner and let them know you would be willing to run a tournament or organize play there. Many shop owners are pretty accommodating. Prize support can vary greatly and often is dependent on how many people you can get in the store and what the owner is willing to do.
  2. Target probably has a bajillion if your FLGS can't get them back in for awhile
  3. Yeah it's a pretty rare circumstance that threads started by those individuals end up being worthwhile.
  4. Regardless of the true correlation between the use of ignore preferences and a ban I can unequivocally confirm that ignoring certain individuals posts improves your experience on this forum. It still gives you the option of seeing the persons post if you want to. But invariably when you do that you later are left asking yourself why you bothered and that there was a reason you chose to put them on your list.
  5. Have you seen RotJ lately? We made a point to watch it recently and I can say (in my own opinion of course) that VII is better than VI. TFA didn't have Ewoks. It didn't kill off Boba in ridiculously lame fashion (and yes I know that Boba gets out of the sarlacc in the EU but at the time GL was clearly killing him off). It didn't have a dreadful music number in the middle of a crime boss' lair. RotJ has a number of truly redeeming qualities but it's issues are far far worse than anything that took place in TFA.
  6. 5 - it was imperfect but I wasn't looking for perfection. I thought it was fantastic
  7. I don't expect many people to read this because I found myself skipping over giant portions of this thread (I probably missed plenty of great comments and thoughts but fortunately missed out on plenty of others not worth the time - put this post in whichever of those categories you prefer). I guess I just need to put some thoughts out there. First, I really liked this film. It was immensely enjoyable to watch. I took my kids to see it (basically 7 and 11) and they really enjoyed it too. I basically grew up with Star Wars. Some of my earliest memories are of watching Star Wars and ESB on VHS and then seeing RotJ in the theater. There were plenty of imperfections with this film but I didn't go in looking for that. I went in hoping for a return to what made the original films great and in large part we got that. When I saw RotJ as a 7 year old or thereabouts I loved every second of it. As I grew up I realized how truly dreadful and painful certain elements of that film are to sit through. The slapstick crap with Blind Han accidentally knocking the greatest Bounty Hunter ever into the sarlacc is just abysmal. And then Ewoks happened. That film has some great redeeming qualities but it's a severely flawed film. TFA is not perfect. Kylo Ren is not a perfect villain. Some of the humor in this film was both forced and contrived. But at no time did any of these things feel painful to sit through. There were no little kid Anakin moments. No nails on a chalkboard level irritation from a Jar Jar Binks (or outright stupidity). No horribly written and acted dialogue surrounding a forced love scene/falling in love sequence. No ridiculously stupid manner to kill off an insanely popular character. Everyone can see the stark difference between the first two films and everything else that plagued the later George Lucas films. TFA did a really good job of taking it back to the level of the first two films before elements of the franchise went off the rails. A little while after we saw Han and Chewie for the first time in TFA I found myself pondering the necessity for the OT characters to eventually come to an end one way or another. They have all aged tremendously since the beginning and real life frequently gets in the way. Heck, following the plane crash we are fortunate Harrison Ford was still around to return at all. Star Wars is much much better having him return to the screen and die in this manner than to lose him in real life and not have that opportunity. But they were all very broken and or vulnerable in this film. Chewie gets shot and for a short but you think he isn't going to make it. Leia has aged and her fractured relationship with her husband, brother and son are all a key element to the film. R2 is basically shown to be nearing the end of his lifespan. 3PO has a replaced arm. Luke is basically in hiding and a hermit and psychologically damaged in addition to aged. There are still lose ends to tie up and it looks as if Luke should have a prominent role in Episode 8 but you are left with the feeling that he will fulfill some sort of important purpose in 8 and then he too will have his character arc come to a conclusion. It was indeed a passing of the torch and that will be taken to the next step 2 years from now. All that being said I think they did a tremendous job of bridging the excellence of the original films to the future of the franchise and the overall tenor from this film sets up an expectation of higher quality films in the future. The franchise hasn't been in this good of a place since the ending of ESB.
  8. It really depends on your list. I think we will see all three used effectively. Personally I would lean towards the ion because the control element is much more substantial. If you are running just a single Defender alongside a swarm I think you could profit quite nicely off of tractor beam though.
  9. Poor OP needs a calculator too. It will be quite easy to field 3 competitive Defenders in a list. I only picked up a single Defender expansion initially and my second one is now number 1 on my purchase list. Hopefully that Gozanti arrives shortly too so I can grab that and the two Force Awakens expansions all at the same time. I've always been more of a Rebel and Scum player but all of these releases lately may have me making a move to a lot more Imperial play!
  10. Just repeating what's already been said. It has 2 hull and 2 shields with 2 agility. That's identical to the Z-95 and that ship just died before you finished reading this sentence. The shuttle has an extra attack die though so you bump up the cost. Yes you can add crew and you have great synergies with EPT's and pilot abilities but you pay for those upgrades too and in the end it's still just 4 total hit points with 2 agility. Absolutely positively not under costed.
  11. The beautiful thing about X-Wing is that it can be both a "beer and pretzels" game for some and an excellent tournament game for others. The game will go where you want it to depending on you and the people you play against. There are enough nuances that for competitive players you are looking at a myriad amount of options. At the same time casual players can utilize certain tactics that feel "dumbed down" to others. X-Wing isn't perfect but it is also balanced really well and most importantly it is what you make it.
  12. And R3-A2 isn't in every list. Neither are all the other stress inducing options like Tactician, Rebel Captive, Flechette, etc. Yes all those things can shut down his shenanigans but seeing as those items are still going to be present a minority of the time many opponents are going to be saying Hello Nasty. I love it. Talon Roll after Talon Roll in a dogfight is sweet!
  13. Right, you have to resolve them simultaneously to get to the correct number of dice prior to rolling. That process has to include everything including additional dice from range or obstacles as well as effects such as Outmaneuver. I don't see why Tractor Beam would work outside of that same window when you apply all effects simultaneously. To be more specific about the FAQ entry, I think it was listed under Wedge at one point but there is no Wedge card shown at all anymore. Also, I don't have them handy but is that out of the old or new rule book?
  14. ...Well, for the Tractor Beam attack itself... nothing since it's a secondary weapon. As Warpman explains, Range 3 isn't increasing your agility but rather "rolling an additional Evade die." This is not an agility value that can be lowered -- simply an extra Evade die. ...Although you can't ever reduce a ships agility below zero in this game, I believe you still run the full calculation on a case by case basis, applying all effects and then if the end result is a negative it then becomes zero. I would absolutely believe that a zero agility ship at range 3 from the attacker that has a TB token would roll zero agility dice instead of 1. As long as I understand the rules correctly. From the rulebook (page 11): "The defender rolls a number of defense dice equal to the ship's agility value (the green number shown on its Ship card and ship token). The defender resolves any card abilities that allow him to roll additional (or fewer) dice. Also, if he is targeted at Range 3 by the attacker's primary weapon, he rolls 1 additional defense die." So, the big thing here is that agility value refers to the green number on the card or any associated upgrades that might increase it (like Stealth Device or Kenkirk's ability). Range 3, however, is simply an additional die which is not included in your agility value. This is curious to me. There used to be something specific to this in the FAQ but it looks like it's gone now. Was this changed or addressed differently in the rule book? Also, how do you roll a number of defense dice (say 3 for example) and then I resolve card abilities maintaining the order listed above, and now roll 1 fewer die? That doesn't make sense in the phrasing. You can't physically roll 3 defense dice and later roll fewer defense dice during the same sequence. There's probably something I'm missing here, and to be clear I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just pointing out what I believe could be a rules change I was not aware of.
  15. an extra die on defense roll is not equal to extra agility on range 3Most likely capped at "no less than 0 agility" like wedge, outmanevuer and so on Well, for the Tractor Beam attack itself... nothing since it's a secondary weapon. As Warpman explains, Range 3 isn't increasing your agility but rather "rolling an additional Evade die." This is not an agility value that can be lowered -- simply an extra Evade die. an extra die on defense roll is not equal to extra agility on range 3Most likely capped at "no less than 0 agility" like wedge, outmanevuer and so on Although you can't ever reduce a ships agility below zero in this game, I believe you still run the full calculation on a case by case basis, applying all effects and then if the end result is a negative it then becomes zero. I would absolutely believe that a zero agility ship at range 3 from the attacker that has a TB token would roll zero agility dice instead of 1. As long as I understand the rules correctly.
  16. Not in the slightest because the ship attacking with the tractor beam doesn't do any damage. However you build it out there's a weakness. If it's a single high pilot skill ship with a swarm of lower ps attackers your enemy is going to wipe out your tractor beam carrier 1st and eliminate that threat. If it's a B-Wing you are dropping a lot of points into that set up on a 1 agility ship. If it's on a Scyk then the Scyk is already dead because it's a Scyk. 3 Defenders could be really good which is great because we needed them to be better but they still have their deficiencies. That version gives up the more survivable upgrade option. And if a Tractor Beam list rises up that is really good against something powerful in the meta then that powerful thing in the meta adjusts or falls from the meta. Tractor Beam is not over-powered. The question is if it's powerful enough and the jury is very much out on that.
  17. That's a really smart play getting both Core sets. Poe and BB-8 are exclusive to the new core while Luke and R2-D2 are exclusive to the old core. That's a pretty big deal for both competitive and casual players. Here's a few other things to consider with regards to pilots and who comes from where: I would highly recommend the Rebel Aces first prior to picking up the individual A-Wing and B-Wing expansions. That Aces pack comes with arguably the best named pilots for their respective crafts (Jake Farrell for A-Wings and Keyan Farlander for the B). On the other hand I would recommend getting the Interceptor expansion instead of the Imperial Aces pack for starters for one reason and one reason only...Soontir Fel. The Imp Aces pack is excellent but Soontir is the best. Oh and if you play casually only go ahead and proxy upgrade cards to your hearts content. It's a great way to figure out what works and what doesn't without investing unnecessary cash. Save your money for the ships you like.
  18. As has been previously stated, the Bossk pilot ability doesn't trigger until after all dice have been cancelled and you have determined if the attack was a hit or not. For your attack you rolled hit, hit, blank. The Emeror changed the blank to a crit. The defender rolled an evade which cancelled one of the two hit results. The attack has therefore "hit" and left an uncancelled hit and crit result. At this stage Bossk can change the uncancelled crit into 2 hits for a grand total of 3 hits. Deal 3 damage to the defender.
  19. At one point George Lucas changed things up so that Greedo shot before Han because he didn't want Han Solo to be viewed in a negative light. The whole "Han shot first" thing was basically the universal fan reaction to what GL did.
  20. Yes as the droid brings the EPT with it if it dies the EPT goes with it..... also getting the "Pilot value 0" crit will cause the same affect There has been no ruling on this yet. Many people agree with your assessment but many others disagree. Until FFG makes a ruling this is still unknown.
  21. The cheapest TIE/fo is 15 points meaning if you intend to use that model TIE fighter exclusively in your swarm without supplementing any original TIE's you will max out at 6 ships instead of 7. Are you willing to mix in any of the original TIE's or do you just want the new ones?
  22. I know that when you spend a Target Lock to reroll dice following an HLC attack that any crit results generated from said rerolled dice are kept. If you are using Calculation can you change an eyeball to a crit or is this a different interaction?
  23. Wizards of the Coast also used that symbol for their mercenary faction in the Star Wars Miniatures Game. When they finally added Mandalorians as a separate faction, they were locked into that symbol and ended up using the Mythosaur for both factions. They only altered the colors between the two factions. Yes, specifically the faction was known as "Fringe" and those pieces could be intermixed with whatever faction you were using. In addition to changing the color of the symbol when they introduced the "Mandalorian" faction, WotC also modified the positioning of what I believe are horns from the mythosaur skull. Seeing as the symbol is found on Boba Fett's shoulder of his armor it's not surprising to see it pop up frequently including on t-shirts and other merch. Scum and Villainy itself is just a name that made sense for a catch all faction of pirates, bounty hunters and other mercenaries. From canon it's part of a quote and nothing more. I can't imagine the term Scum and Villainy being used to name a specific group of characters in the films unless it gets used as a descriptor again.
  24. OP, I think you need to ask yourself why you are being bothered by the request your "friend" is making. It sounds like you are harboring some resentment toward this person because they aren't spending the same amount of money on the game that you are. We can't expect others to spend their money how we want them to. And if you are unwilling to help a "friend" out, even if it is a routine thing then it doesn't speak much to your friendship. It's easy to talk things through if it's bothering you. And on another note, who really wants that many E-Wings? Presently the generics are poor ships and Etahn is just ok (good in some lists but not great). Most importantly, I wouldn't recommend running that many R7's in a list if I read the original post correctly. It works great on Tarn due to his pilot ability. An R7 on several TLT Y-Wings seems very inefficient. Take a focus action and be done with it. Use other astromechs that are going to give you something better or use other upgrades.
  25. Bossk's effect triggers after all dice are rolled and modified so in this instance with an uncancelled crit remaining, yes he can change it to 2 hits.
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