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  1. Trevura has a very Chewbacca/Leebo kind of feel. Good but not as good as the ace. Granted Tel is a PS 7 vs 5 for the aforementioned damage mitigation turrets so that could make a difference but I really love the Dengar ability so I would normally go that route. 4-LOM is awesome. For the French speakers that provided some translations, is there any chance that it could infer "another friendly ship"? It seems we have at least a couple different people involved so that makes me a little more certain that it's any ship and not a friendly ship restriction.
  2. Wave 8 is on the boat. A late January arrival for those ships is possible. Wave 9 announcement should come sometime shortly thereafter. Imperial Aces has been announced and will probably arrive sometime in the spring followed by the arrival of wave 9 in early summer. Many presume a Rebel Aces pack is in the works. Another Epic ship easily could be on the horizon. I guess the real question is what will the big Gencon reveal be? That's a little early for Rogue One sneak peaks. Assuming Rogue One releases coincide with the film release (or shortly before) there isn't a whole lot of new stuff that they need to do to fill in between. It is partially dependent on how many ships will come out of Rogue One and if there is enough stuff for an entire wave. Lots of different things may happen but none of them seem to indicate adding TCW era stuff. Maybe an individual ship for Scum but I can't even think what that would be.
  3. Here's a list that I cobbled together since the release of the chimps. I'm really excited to get it on the table and try it out. Horton (25) TLT (6) Proton Torp (4) Extra Mun (2) R2-D6 (1) Crack Shot (1) Guidance (0) 39 points Nera (26) Proton Torp (4) FCS (2) EM (2) Deadeye (1) GC (0) 35 points Goldie Stresshog (18) TLT (6) R3-A2 (2) BTL-A4 (0) 26 points Pick your poison. Concerned about Nera hitting you with a Torp out of her arc at range 3 and choose to focus her down first? OK, then Horton has a chance to rip you to shreds with his devastating torps. Take care of the ordnance boats first? Stesshog is going to pile a ton of stress on your ships. Range 1 is an issue here which can be partially mitigated by formation and where you go. I initially had an R2 on Horton instead of the EPT mech so you could drop that and Crackshot for increased mobility. I keep going back and forth on the Deadeye option for Nera but it's probably the right move. Even if it isn't super competitive it will be fun to try out. It certainly has some solid matchups.
  4. Actually, it is precisely FFG's fault. They have created a sales model based on bundling, which is becoming more and more untenable as time goes on. It's also one that consumers are becoming less and less willing to accept - ask Comcast how bundling is working out for them these days. Holy freaking crap dude, you just compared FFG to Comcast. That's a ludicrous comparison and I think you know it, regardless of how much you might hate "bundling". Your point may have been specifically about bundling but Comcast just went to somebody's house and kicked their puppy in the time it took me to write this. You've been around this game long enough to know that a popular upgrade like this will almost certainly be released in future waves. Case in point Advanced Sensors first with the shuttle and then with the E-Wing. I'm sure there are other examples but I'm not going to go searching. You have always had a strong handle on rules issues and contributed well in those regards which is why I have tolerated the more curmudgeonly aspects of your posts over time but this one might take the cake. Comcast? For shame!
  5. Suit yourself. I've seen a lot of posts about people wanting it and I would buy it in a heartbeat if they made one. I think there is ample demand for it.
  6. Well, you say that... but personally I've not been overly enamoured by the new ships so far. I picked up the Force Awakens core set, sure, but haven't used the ships yet. Haven't picked up any of the T-70's (although I'm tempted) and I don't plan on getting any TIE/fo's. This is not an old vs new kind of thing (although I'm really looking forward to the Punishing One, Mist Hunter and Imperial Veterans) - I loved the film, I'm just not feeling the new expansions for some reason. I get that. But for as many people are meh on them there are probably an equal or greater number that like them. Poe is really good in this game and will likely be a long term option. That alone means core sets will move. Factor in the upgrades and pilots you get with the corresponding expacks and they will sell plenty. I personally don't care that much about the TIE/fa's but a bunch of them turned up at a recent tournament I went to and I know plenty of people are quite enamored with them. Like you I'm much more excited about the Mist Hunter and Jumpmaster. Either way there will be strong demand for a new Falcon with Rey pilot. Iconic ship + new central film character who happens to be a bad @$$ pilot and you know that they will package a new version.
  7. If people never bought at MSRP, that number is meaningless for them. Asmodee is making a move that increases the amount of $ the consumer needs to pay in order to get the same product as before. Why should it matter for the average consumet if it's a MSRP increase or not, as long as the end result is the same? But a ton of their products are in fact purchased at the full MSRP and not at heavily discounted rates. Although I have purchased my fair share of expansions at discounted prices from both CoolStuff and Miniatures Market I kind of wish they never had access to those discounts because I think it's only served to cheapen the value of their product. Let's be clear about one thing: I believe wholeheartedly that the notion of looking out for game shops to be partially (mostly?) untrue and a PR move. This decision was mostly about profit. That's not to say that profit is a bad thing, it is in fact crucial for any good company that you would like to see continue to produce high quality products. Far too many people around here waive the word "profit" around like its a filthy word. Without profit it's game over for X-Wing. All of that being said this decision does stand to benefit game shops in the long run. Without steep discounts online the local shops should see more sales in the future. The Board Game industry has exploded and shows no sign of slowing down. Well run shops serve a wide cross section of people. Not every game shop is filled with dirty Magic players. Times are changing and the industry is along with it. Asmodee knows this and sees an opportunity to position themselves better for the future. I know it stinks for new players trying to catch up and for people that don't have good local game shops but keeping online prices much closer to MSRP is definitely a good thing for the majority of businesses involved. I would rather see both Asmodee (and other game companies/publishers) along with local small businesses benefit rather than a couple online retailers like MM and CSI sell at significant discounts and bank on a very small margin on high volume sales. The net result to the consumer like you and I as quite small in reality. And the argument about Epic ship pricing rings hollow too. Those ships are worth their MSRP from a value standpoint. I still might never purchase a Blockade Runner but thankfully FFG has figured out the best manner to market capital ships since that one came out.
  8. Yeah, your right. New Falcon plus Poe wouldn't fly either. Speaking of business decisions and profit margins, I am certain we will get an updated Falcon. Not only can they get Rey pilot and Finn crew/gunner into the game but they can also use the same design with just a new dish and a more weathered looking paint job for the Falcon and make a handsome profit.
  9. The TIE/sf needs to be a standalone expansion which I think alone kills that idea. That being said does a 2nd T-70 expansion with the black and orange paint scheme make sense? There is clear demand for a pre-painted version of Poe's ship. You could flesh out more of TFA's pilots that the core and expack haven't already covered. You have to figure that sales of that individual expansion wouldn't be as robust given that most players wouldn't want more than 1 but the expected lower sales could be partially off set by the fact that the design and development work is already done thus creating a higher profit margin on the units you do sell. Or perhaps you could see Poe's custom T-70 released in a larger pack with a new Milenium Falcon with rectangular dish?
  10. Ugh, when do people learn it. You can't fly aces without boost! Ugh, when do people learn that Engine Upgrade on high PS ships all the time is just a crutch for people who can't fly better? I get where you are coming from but just putting EU on a Firespray doesn't mean it's been switched to easy mode. To utilize the combo to its fullest potential requires skill in and of itself. Navigating through an asteroid field without landing on an asteroid before boosting to where you want to go can be really challenging. Yes, if you have wide open spaces and a PS10 Boba trailing and boosting into place after everyone else is moved can be all too easy at times but those scenarios can be partially eliminated based upon asteroid/debris placement and setup. On a side note, is anyone interested in using Krassis with Slave 1, Extra Munitions, a Guidance Chip and Concussion Missles? Roll 4 dice, re-roll 1 from Krassis, convert a blank to a hit from Concussion, change 1 result to a crit from your Chimps. Seems alwfully nasty.
  11. You lost me when you combined "cash grab" and "intelligent discussion". Sorry, but crying about having to pay the actually MSRP (that isn't changing!!) instead of getting discount pricing doesn't sound like much of an intelligent discussion. Asmodee is a business that needs to make business decisions. If they were raising the MSRP by 30% you might have a conversation. That's not the case here. This is just entitled millennials having a tantrum because their discounted pricing is going away.
  12. This was my thought process too. The 3 attack ships already have more sophisticated weapons systems. Adding a Guidance Chip to a less sophisticated weapons system still improves it but said system doesn't have the technological advancements necessary for the Guidance Chip to perform at its fullest potential.
  13. Well perhaps you approached FFG with you're guns a blazin like you did when you showed up to this post. Your tact, or lack thereof can have a direct impact on how your situation is handled. There are countless times I've seen people post or tell me personally about their great experience with FFG customer service. A generally rule of thumb in life is to try approaching these situations with calm and kindness. If you come in arguing and angry that's typically less effective. For me I snapped a small peg but it was my fault based upon how I had it stored. I've had some B-Wing guns nearly snap off but I managed to get some super glue to them in time. My B-Wings have had a ton of use though and it probably happened from storage. The Decimator and Outrider had known issues with the peg and peg slot on the ship being too loose. I finally tried to remedy that recently by applying a thin layer of super glue and letting it dry. Unfortunately I may have added a bit much and caused more harm than good which will now require more work. That one was definitely on me. The more recent issues I've seen first hand are loose fitting pegs for the FA core T-70's. The other is the Hounds Tooth base peg pulling out of the ship altogether. It happened to both me and another guy at the game shop the day they were released. You hear some occasional things happen but I've experienced very little in comparison to how many ships I own. I'm guessing storage and transportation issues are a couple of the most common problems. FFG is known to be easy to work with though. Be nice to them and they will probably be nice to you.
  14. I'm sure some people come off all entitled. But they still have concerns and may not have worded them well. No one is entitled to luxury items but that doesn't mean that business practices/models can be either more or even less consumer friendly. I appreciate that but I don't think I was complaining at all, simply comparing two different types of 'upgrades' and how they have both impacted the game and peoples view on the game. Choosing to proxy is something that I stayed away from for a long time but for my own reason now accept but that doesn't make it better. On one side I've saved some money and on the other it has, for me at least, taken away from the enjoyment of the game. And I still see that as a valid opinion even though I can see growing weary of constant whining. Let me know if I cross that line but we disagree on what is valid and who is allowed to post their thoughts. Sorry if this sounded harsh. It's all good. Perhaps I unfairly pulled you into the conversation as my original comment was directed at the OP. And of course everyone has a right to voice their opinion even if it is counter to my own. I've just grown particularly tired of much of the complaining around here and don't have much patience for it. And for the record I totally feel for the new players who get in and face hundreds of dollars in investments to catch up to players who have been able to spread purchases out over the past three plus years. That's one of the reasons why I encourage newer players to proxy stuff while they are figuring out the game. Seriously, how many times have you gone to the game shop and seen a brand new player put a bunch of poor upgrades and/or ordnance options on the table and you know it's going to be a bloodbath because they don't know any better yet? I prefer to foster an environment where this game is fun and approachable. With that I try and give new players advice to help foster that environment. If someone brand new is left feeling that the only way they can be good or competitive is to drop hundreds of dollars on the game then that lessens the chance they will take the plunge. The MSRP of the products in this game are more than reasonable. And honestly some of my surliness is derived from the thread and conversations surrounding the elimination of steep discounts. No, that situation doesn't help new players but I think the existence of those discounts to begin with has led to much of the entitlement sentiment out there right now. I've avoided that thread because I don't want to make my head explode, lol. The thing that really irritated me about this thread was that the current design team finally has a great fix for ordinance and then people turn around and complain about it. Especially when the OP starts venting about having to purchase a bunch of TAP's because he doesn't like the show Rebels and is oblivious to the fact that you get 2 copies with the Jumpmaster 5000...which of course will bring out the people complaining that they don't play Scum. Track record indicates that these will get released elsewhere too in the future but people want them now and they want them for free etc etc. I keep coming onto this forum because I enjoy conversation about ships and lists and different interactions and concepts I hadn't thought of or seen yet. Unfortunately it's become a forum filled with crying over this that or the other. Too much of it is anyway. I still have a hope that this place can turn around and be less complaining and more constructive.
  15. I agree with this so much! I think many people are unaware of how detrimental an over-aggressive fix can be to a game if it turns out to be too powerful. Taking a moderate approach to the ordnance issue was the right thing to do. There is so much to balance with upgrades and the current design team have done an excellent job. No, they haven't been perfect and yes, they got some things wrong but one of the frequent comments you hear about this game is how well balanced it is. With the number of expansions out there and with adding a 3rd faction, this was no easy task. And no 2.0 for me either. The game is more balanced now then arguably any other point in the history of this game. You want to see people mad? Tell them the game they invested into is over and now they are moving to a 2.0 version.
  16. You're saying by having proxys I no longer care or I should simply keep my mouth shut? I don't think you understand my concerns. But that's okay too. [Edit] P.S. maybe because I do own so much and still need to proxy I am concerned. Sorry you feel simply because I have proxies my opinions are invalid. You said you hate using proxy cards. I understand that. I don't have a problem with it. I don't do it often, but from time to time, mostly when something new comes out, I will print off a full squad sheet from one of the builders and use that for a game. I find it's helpful to figure out how good something is or how you like it before purchasing multiple copies. But again, I understand people not wanting to use proxys. However, if you are one of those people that are averse to doing so I believe you waive your rights to come into the forum and complain about how FFG does things. If you take a look at things objectively FFG has been extremely fair with how they distribute upgrades. They are a business and need to make a profit on this game, especially when you consider how much they need to pay for licensing. C3PO crew distriibution has probably been the biggest complaint of any upgrade and now copies are coming out with the winter tournament kit. There are a few others that have rankled players but nothing that has been an egregious money grab. You've been around this game long enough to know that you will generally get more copies of specific upgrades as new ships are released (AS, Predator, etc). My problem is specifically with this notion of entitlement that people have about the ships or upgrades they want. If you want it, purchase it. If you don't want to purchase it, proxy it or go without. Refusing to proxy and then complaining about it is silly. The statement that all of these complaints make are all the same: "I want all this cool stuff and I want it all for free!!!". I don't have a problem with you personally Ken. You've always been a decent guy around here. I just don't accept the complaints because when you get right down to the core issue its very black and white.
  17. @Ken at Sunrise: I get not wanting to proxy cards even in casual play but if you or anyone else has consciously made that decision then you (or they) waive any rights to complain about what you have to purchase to get the cards you refuse to purchase. You can complain all you want but you've already invalidated anything you have to say on the topic.
  18. I trimmed out the rest of your post OP since the other stuff didn't matter in the context of your complaints. First, proxy cards if you are a casual player. If the players you play against in a casual setting get their panties in a bunch about using proxy cards in a casual setting it isn't worth your time to play against them anyway. Second, you don't have to buy any TAP's to get a copy of Guidance Chimps. Dengar and his Punishing One/Jumpmaster 5000 comes with 2 copies. Now can we please put this silly thread to rest?
  19. Nobody "deserves" anything. FFG makes a fantastic product that everyone has the option to purchase or not purchase. While the game isn't perfect it is fairly balanced. I took some time away from the forum with the hope that it would calm down. Unfortunately it may have gotten worse. The obnoxious crybabies are over-running this place. If you are so annoyed with FFG quit playing. If you are a casual player proxy cards. This game is fun. If you aren't having fun go away and spare everyone else. No one is forcing you to buy this game. And just because you have been playing since the beginning doesn't mean you are owed anything or entitled to anything.
  20. I guess the big question is what do we expect to see in 2016? The first release will be wave 8, followed by Imperial Aces 2. We should also see wave 9 and probably Rebel Aces 2. Beyond that we should be looking at something for Rogue One that will come at the tail end of 2016. Is there anything else we would expect to get?
  21. I'm sorry but these threads are obnoxious. Guess it's time to take a break from the forum for awhile.
  22. Everyone seems to forget that both Star Wars and ESB had very few ships that could be used for this game. Star Wars gave us X-Wings, Y-Wings and the Falcon. There were no new Rebel ships for ESB and then they got the A-Wing and B-Wing from RotJ. Imperials pulled TIE fighters and the TIE Advanced from the first film and then added Bombers from ESB. Slave 1 came from ESB too and you can put that into whatever faction category you want. The Lambda and Interceptors showed up in RotJ. Unless I'm forgetting something obvious none of the other ships in this game originated from screen time from the OT. Everything else first appeared in video games, books or comics (I couldn't even tell you where they all started). It was never likely that there would be a ton of new ships coming out with this film. That being said I doubt very much they will revisit the prequel eras. Between the things they can mine from TFA and Rebels along with another Rebel Aces pack using existing ships and whatever else they do with Scum that will take us through summer/fall 2016. Rogue One hits theaters in December 2016 so we should have new stuff this same time next year. There is really no reason or need to go backwards into the prequel era that they have said repeatedly they have no interest in doing anyway.
  23. So X can create something, invest time and money in it to make it popular and a success and Y can coast along riding the coattails? Nothing wrong with IP. If X doesn't give a ****, doesn't produce some piece of merchandise at alland someone on the side fills the niche it's good. As long as nobody with the licence produces the asteroids, stations and so on, there's no real reason to DERP the ones that do. You are missing or ignoring a key point. Everyone recognizes the Milenium Falcon. By creating molds of a destroyed Falcon and then reselling them you are treading on Disney's copyrights because it's still the Milenium Falcon. That there isn't a product on the market like it is of no consequence. As I understand it they were also using specific names of ships and components. That's another big no no. It sounds like they had cool products. Unfortunately they made some significant missteps along the way. You can't just do whatever you want, you have to take care to not violate someone's rights and Space Rocks clearly did not.
  24. It doesn't matter if someone purchased the licensed products, cut them up and then created something else. The second you turn around and attempt to sell those items (especially if you are using those names and have recognizable components) you have crossed the line. I'm sure these were nice people with great products but Space Rocks clearly was in the wrong by selling unlicensed products that someone else owns the rights to. It's unfortunate for everyone involved but you cannot blame Disney. If a company fails to enforce their copyrights and what not they risk losing them. Space Rocks took things too far.
  25. The second time watching TFA I got the impression Poe was Black Leader but I could be completely wrong.
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