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  1. So that sign saying pending licensor approval at Spiel was just what, a smoke screen? You can call it whatever you feel like but there is basically zero chance that they didn't have all the necessary approvals prior to starting production, let alone have everything packaged and shipped from China in mid December.
  2. If this is correct then wave 8 is not late at all. I also agree with Warpman that this isn't a licensing approval issue. I don't see any way that they would start production on anything without the proper approvals. Heck, they likely had pretty much all the necessary approvals when we first saw the unpainted models at GenCon. I think the big issue here that's gotten people riled up is the spacing of the spoilers. I've heard on multiple occasions that with Asmodee they are working towards a consistent global release. If that is true my best guess is that FFG simply didn't have the timing quite right for their schedule of spoiler releases. Either there was a holdup somewhere or they just overestimated that would explain why we are still waiting on the Jumpmaster 5000 spoiler. But again, if these went on the boat on December 17th they really aren't late at all, it just feels like it because of the spoilers we got already.
  3. Huh. I never realized I only have 3 copies of VI if they only come with the Falcon and Firespray. Those ion acrylics look sweet.
  4. That's all well and good but there are a couple things I would take issue with you on. First, don't go there with your insinuated "dirty" net list comments. Using two Aggressors with the IG 2000 title and loading them up is precisely how these ships were designed. Certain choices are very obvious to even a newb. Granted, if you see a newb with Autoblaster equipped kindly give them some better advice but that's aside from the point. Second, large base ships handle very differently than small base ships and the only way to learn is to start practicing. Why shoo people away from using IG88's just because they are large base? Jump in and learn how to fly them. Your inference is that new players won't be able to fly them. Do you know how many brand new X-Wing players I have encountered who have migrated from other miniatures games and picked things up incredibly fast? A lot. A surprising number in fact. Don't call people's advice stupid. That piece of advice could be completely off for one player but spot on for another. Certain players love to use arc dodgers while others prefer to joust and bring a sledgehammer at you. It all depends on the player.
  5. I mean approval for the preview article. Apparently LFL has to sign off on those as well. Hmm. Never thought about that. They probably do need to sign off on those too.
  6. "Hi, I'm Scummy, and I'm going to ruin the joke"-- what you just said That was clearly a deliberate post to wind you up, and you fell for it. 2/10 try harder next time. Deliberately wind people up kind of equals troll. Can't really give the guy kudos either way
  7. Yeah, it's probably something as simple as a shipping delay. Also, I saw someone mention Asmodee wanting a consistent global release. Perhaps a non-US bound shipment was slowed and they decided to push them all back a bit.
  8. This is all off of memory which certainly isn't perfect but it seems like they almost always did previews on Mondays but I'm thinking the last few were on a Friday. That could mean a preview today and a release next Thursday or the following Thursdsay. Most of that is wishful thinking of course.
  9. Unfortunately you probably can't. I was just looking through Scum options for using Juke and came to realize that FFG evidently doesn't think that faction needs that action (for the most part). IG, CS31, Scyk all have Evade. Z95 Kaa'to and Hwk Palob also can obtain evades occasionally. Aggressor and Firespray are large base and I was talking about it in the context of Juke. Besides, those ships can't pass tokens to Manaroo for the context of this discussion. The Scyk isn't a real ship yet (kidding, not kidding) and occasional convoluted ways to get Manaroo (or anyone else) evade tokens isn't consistent enough to be worthwhile. The point wasn't can it be done but rather can you do it in your normal course of action and that answer is still no.
  10. Unfortunately you probably can't. I was just looking through Scum options for using Juke and came to realize that FFG evidently doesn't think that faction needs that action (for the most part). As someone has mentioned before, Cool Hand. I should probably go to bed because I'm not writing clearly what I'm thinking. Yes, you can use Cool Hand but its a one time use. I'm thinking in terms of consistently getting an evade.
  11. Unfortunately you probably can't. I was just looking through Scum options for using Juke and came to realize that FFG evidently doesn't think that faction needs that action (for the most part).
  12. when other higher PS ships don't (K-Wing - Mirandi Doni, PS 8, Y-Wing - Dutch & Horton)...a little unbalanced On the contrary, EPT slots are sometimes withheld from certain ships and/or pilots specifically for balance. Hera in the Ghost could easily wind up completely borken if she could take an EPT. Are there situations in which the designers have been too conservative and not given an EPT slot to something? Absolutely. But I would rather have it that way than let something unintended sneak through and unleash the cries of OP from the masses.
  13. Then YOU should have ponied up the cash to buy Lucasfilm instead of Disney. Apparently they don't consider souls a viable currency, which being Disney I found quite shocking. If you ask me, Disney is nothing but a piss ant company who has money and nothing else going for them. They are becoming EA, hell, they are even WORKING with EA. They threw away 30 years of blood sweat and tears of hundreds of people who were 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 times more talented then they ever could be, just to clone the movie "A new Hope" be super generic and add yet ONE MORE DEATH STAR! cause it so worked the first two times. 3rd times a charm says the empire! And then kill off one of the main characters, who prob was killed off ONLY Because the actor who was him is getting old and just wants to retire and live his own life instead of some fake movie character (thats not to say i didnt like Han) But ****, Stackpole alone expanded the universe in a better direction then Disney ever could. The Kryptos Virus, the Bacta War, AND THEY DIDNT EVEN NEW NEW FIGHTERS! T-65 x-wings were FINE! TIE INTERCEPTERS, FIGHTERS, and BOMBERS, were FINE! IT WAS ENJOYABLE! IT WAS READING AND ENJOYABLE! GASPS. Disney comes alone, makes crappy wing modifications, adds some stupid "rings" to the tie fighters support pylons, and hopes a new generation starts fapping there money all over Disney undeserving faces. It makes me sick honestly, Screw your disney loving ass. They didnt work for what they got, they didnt earn the fame that more talented men and women put into the universe. They just had money. And that is ****** up how this world is that if you have money, you can **** on others like that. Im sure if some company came in and took apart what you spent years working on and threw it in the trash you wouldn't be very happy either. What universe are you living in? Disney saved Star Wars from the corrupted mind of George Lucas. We will of course be forever in debt to Mr. Lucas for creating Star Wars but he had been singlehandedly damaging much of its greatness since the ridiculous scene where blind Han Solo accidentally knocks the greatest bounty hunter of all time into the sarlacc. From that point on in RotJ, including all of his editing "fixes" and the entire prequel trilogy that was plagued by horrible writing and some horrific casting decisions Lucas was the franchises own worst enemy. Yes we got some great characters and sequences from his last four films (6,1,2,3) but they were all intermixed with equal or more parts of disappointment. The books are a completely separate topic. By their nature, well written books will generally be better than their film counterparts. However Star Wars started off as a film and has always been highly visual. In this case the books succeed on the level they do based upon the visual origins of the Star Wars universe. From that point you have both well written and poorly written books that helped to create the expanded universe. I have read quite a few of the books from various story arcs and mostly enjoyed them. The great thing about those stories is that they will always exist and you can continue to go back and enjoy them whenever you wish. The anger from segments of Star Wars fans towards Disney for moving their favorite stories from canon to Legends is absurd. So what if this isn't how the Star Wars expanded universe canon is now. Thrawn is still a great character. You still have Jaina and Jacen, Mara Jade, Darth Krayyt and the red tattooed Twilek (completely drawing a blank on her name, lol). And the Vong whether you like them or hate them. So what if Revan is on some sort of shaky ground with regards to his Legends/canon status. I'm not going to try and change people's minds if they hate Disney (although as time goes on and the body of work they produce expands that position gets sillier and sillier). The one thing about Disney owning Star Wars is that you are now getting more books and movies than you otherwise would have. If people want to carry this hatred of Disney and refuse to acknowledge all of the good this brings then they are the ones that lose as they miss out on all of the positives they otherwise wouldn't have.
  14. *quick math* You do realize the odds of blanking out on 3 green dice are just under 25%, right? Not exactly a statistical anomaly for a 2-dice ship to get the last damage in.Edit: With four green dice, it's 15 percent, which is still pretty common as far as statistics go. The thing about complaining about dice is, how did the game get to the point where that one bad roll completely ruined your entire game. Can you say with confidence that you made absolutely every decision up until that point 100% correctly? Or did you screw up somewhere along the way and now the "dice" are punishing you for it? If it's the first scenario, yeah, sorry, a statistical anomaly found you. If it's the second, it's up to you to learn from it, fly again, and get better. Top-level players don't get there by writing off every game where a roll didn't go as planned. They do it by doing everything in their power to make sure they win even if a roll goes bad. Complain less. Fly more. I love the fact that Paul Heaver won worlds for 3 consecutive times to use as proof that skill trumps dice.
  15. Counterpoint: the original designer(s), play testers, etc didn't understand the full ramifications of 2 red dice vs 3 red dice, green dice vs red dice, how ordnance would (or wouldn't) work. The original design was not perfect. That's not a complaint though as I truly love this game and think it's fantastic. However that scenario did leave this game with a great many ships that were weaker than what was intended. So instead of turning their backs on Darth Vader, Interceptors, A-Wings and Y-Wings that all came out of the first two waves they started working carefully towards fixes. This was the right thing to do. There is tremendous demand for these iconic ships snd was a benefit to everyone. Along the way more ship designs were found to be too conservative initially. Alex said he regrets that the HWK only has a 1 red dice primary (I'm paraphrasing). The Defender with a white K was found to not be the terror they thought it would be and it ended up over costed along with some other warts. The only thing they ever truly made overpowered, or at least too negative of a play experience, was the Phantom which they effectively reigned in a bit. It's still a lethal ship in the hands of a surgeon but is less forgiving and still fragile enough to not be too powerful. This game is filled with ships that people complain about to this day as being overpowered yet in many (most? all?) cases those ships have weaknesses that are routinely exploited by others. As is the case with almost any game you will have a group of people that would rather complain about perceived overpowered elements of a game rather than figure out how to improve their own abilities and how to beat certain things. This game has tremendous balance right now. We don't know what some new mechanics and ships will do but so far I haven't seen anything to indicate that there will be a problem. New things come out, people adjust, and nothing is borken. And the TL;DR is: quit complaining and learn to play better. Sorry if that is too harsh.
  16. Because Disney has been selling merchandise of him from the Force Awakens.Edit: beware of ninjas!
  17. I think that would be a definite possibility only in the event that FFG can't find a good opportunity to sell another expansion that would feature cards for those pilots. This situation certainly lends itself to a T-70 being included in Rebel Veteran pack.
  18. Pretty certain it's pronounced She-zor.
  19. Actually there was something although it didn't get picked up by the Reddit thread. It's in one of the posts in ficklegreendice's great post covering Omega Leader. I believe it came from a Facebook reply from Alex Davvy. The way it reads it basically said OL trumps the Emperor no matter what ship the Emperor is on. So if Soontir gets TL'd by Omega Leader the Palpmobile is powerless to modify one of the Barons die results. Again, some of these things could end up seeing tweaks but it is definitely the best info we have to go on. If that's the intent of how it works then the Emperor really needs an errata from: "Once per round, you may change a friendly ship's die result to any other die result. That die result cannot be modified again." To: "Once per round, a friendly ship may change one of its die results to any other die result. That die result cannot be modified again." The current card text makes it clear that the ship Palpatine is in is the one performing the modification. I agree that the use of the word "you" in the Emperors card does make that one murky. I don't think it needs an errata though, especially if it just a single case where you would have such a conflict of terms. There is a school of thought that when OL has a ship locked that it's dice can't be modified at all regardless of who the "you" is.
  20. Given the frequent presence of TLT's which ignore Xizor's ability to pass off an uncancelled hit or crit result, you may want to consider shaking things up a bit do that he isn't annihilated by those lists immediately. Although it's a tough upgrade to give up but if you were to drop FCS and instead equip a Sensor Jammer you are going to deter TLT's from going straight for Xizor's. That or you may fend off their attacks and come out relatively unscathed. Scum Y's can make good use of the Agromech and SJ would certainly work very well against their second attack. Seeing as you give up some offense with no FCS you could then go for Predator in the EPT slot. I still would want to focus as much as possible but this still lets you boost or b-roll if you need to. Add 5 Binayre Pirates and you are sitting at 99 points. Stay there for an init gambit or add an Inertial Dampener with the remaining point.
  21. Actually there was something although it didn't get picked up by the Reddit thread. It's in one of the posts in ficklegreendice's great post covering Omega Leader. I believe it came from a Facebook reply from Alex Davvy. The way it reads it basically said OL trumps the Emperor no matter what ship the Emperor is on. So if Soontir gets TL'd by Omega Leader the Palpmobile is powerless to modify one of the Barons die results. Again, some of these things could end up seeing tweaks but it is definitely the best info we have to go on.
  22. The fact that you don't get what precedence is... Doesn't actually help your argument at all. This is not a new ruling, it is simply extending the ruling we all really knew mattered to it's logical conclusion. Okay, now I understand where he's coming from. But, that being said, I'm going to second VanorDM here. Precedent is a key part of any rules system, and a ruling taking precedent into account is perfectly normal. Which is what worries everyone about the Raider-class Corv. and its illegal titles. Is not allowing Astromechs to be taken in Salvaged Astromechs upgrade slots not also a logical conclusion? They may have different slightly different upgrade icons, but TIE Fighters and TIE/fos have different ship icons. The Salvaged Astromech Icon looks to contain the entirety of the Astromech Icon. It has the same colors... it has a little robot... What? The astromech and salvaged astromech have very clearly different icons. Similar, but CLEARLY DIFFERENT. The Raider has nothing to do with GSC's since it's not legal for those tournaments. The TAP is unreleased and also not legal for said GSC's until such time occurs. That time of course will likely see a new FAQ to address the new ships and mechanics like we normally get when a new release takes place. Until those ships hit store shelves somewhere around 3 weeks +/- from now these emails help fill in some gaps. I also believe that some rulings that are made via email responses may never make the FAQ. I could be wrong about that but these situations have been very much a part of this games history. The example of the HLC's not converting to hits from crits when locked by OL is a great example of the main issue at hand. This is not by any means a rule change. The email response merely clarifies that the process of changing those critical hits to hits is considered a dice modification. Yes it happens outside of the normal window but that is of no consequence. This is nothing more than a clarification to something that never had a reason to be asked before. This topic is only pertinent to rules clarifications in regard to GSC's. Anything else really doesn't matter at this point.
  23. This is actually a far better situation than if you were a Rebel B-Wing player back in the day. You needed to purchase 4 Lambda's to get the 4 copies of Advanced Sensors that you wanted. Or you could borrow then from friends. Eventually FFG released AS with the E-Wing when that came out and elieviated the issue a bit. I see a similar thing happening with Autothrusters. Bummer that people are jacking up the price on the Star Viper in response. Hopefully not your FLGS, that wouldn't be so friendly. And as many others have pointed out, the Viper is a lot of fun to play. I've used 2 generics in a list plenty of times and had a lot of fun.
  24. Because we are in the middle of store championships and people need to know how to expect their TOs to rule. It may take a month for this stuff to make it into a FAQ and if it is easy for everyone to access the questions that Frank has answered without having to dig through thread on the rules forums, players will have more consistent play experiences from store to store. I'd be pissed if a TO ruled on something that hasn't officially be introduced into an FAQ document because of an email....emails are not tournament legal. **Edit**** And I don't really care if they came from the main designer or rules guy or Odin himself... The FAQ is the standard we use, not emails. This is definately not Warmachine! ***Edit 2**** I mean, the TO is going to rule on things anyway, but if s/he ruled differently than described in the emails but consistent with the printed rules + FAQ as s/he knew them, I wouldn't get emotional. I would get emotional if any of those emails rulings were outside of what normal readings of the rules would expect... What else is the TO supposed todo? It's not like anything from the emails is changing existing rules. It's all clarifying how currently cards interact with each other that wasn't previously ruled on. If someone in a tournament uses R2D6 and ejects him with IA, would you rather it was up to every individual TO how to call it or for them to call it the way the designer said it should work, regardless of if it's made it into a released FAQ yet? Yes. I would rather that each TO rule the way they perceive the rules to be. For a few reasons, one of the bigger being that I believe that Store Championships are first and foremost for the players of that Store. People who travel to Store Championship events for stores they have never even played at have to deal with the localized rulings until the questions get codified in an FAQ. So you would prefer to have a TO force everyone in the tournament to play something wrong when the designers have ruled that it works differently than said TO's interpretation? How is that a benefit to any of the players? These emails are essentially RULINGS. These are essentially your head Judges and the way they interpret the rules on how something works is the final say. If a judge at your GSC is made aware of these rulings and clarifications and still chooses to rule how he wants to in favor of your store rules for the benefit of your store players it's tantamount to cheating. Perhaps you are newer to the game and are unaware that this is how FFG has always done things for this game. It appears that you don't fully understand the situation. Fortunately most players and TO's prefer to actually play by the rules.
  25. A Firespray-31 can be docked to an Imperial Raider Corvette and can be affected by “Youngster’s" ability. Thanks for playing,Frank Brooks Associate Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games fbrooks@fantasyflightgames.com So you're saying this kind of thing is official before it gets into the FAQ.I like it, bring us more. This is why we can't have nice things.
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