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  1. I've put a list together for my 8 year old to try out but I am anxious to try it myself. Hoping to get some feedback. 53 Boba Fett + Slave 1 + Advanced Proton Torps + Recon Spec + Deadeye + Shield Upgrade 47 Krassis Trelix + Heavy Laser Cannons + Shield Upgrade Or for 1 point less drop the Shield Upgrade from Trelix and put Vader on board. I'm guessing giving up the crazy manueverability for Boba isn't going to be as popular for some peoples taste. I also see that the HLC's aren't hugely popular on the Firesprays given the recent conversation. Does this one have much potential?
  2. I'm not sure if this just muddies the water, provides clarity or is completely unrelated to the discussion at hand but I have seen something mentioned a couple times now in this thread and I'm still a bit confused about it. When damage is dealt, aren't you supposed to apply a damage card from your deck equal to the number of hits you take regardless of how many hull remained? Example: you have 1 hull remaining, you take 2 hits plus a crit and cannot negate any of them; although the first damage dealt is enough to destroy your ship aren't you still supposed to deal out all 3 cards from your damage deck?
  3. The more I think about this I "hope" for simplicity sake that they rule that you cannot suicide your ship to use the ability. That would be black and white and not even require delving into the rest of the debate. Btw, where does one find the FAQ anyway?
  4. So I've just gotten back into X-wing in the past couple weeks, I've actually never used a YT-1300, B-wing or HWK before (though I will have them all within a few days) so I have no idea how this will go but it does seem to have some similarities to some things being mentioned here. Can someone let me know if this has any potential? 44 Chewbacca (42) + Draw Their Fire (2) 29 Blue Squadron B-wing (22) + Heavy Laser Cannons (7) 27 Jan Ors (25) + Swarm Tactics (2) 99 I'm not sure how long Jan can live even w/ Chewie drawing fire. My thought was the B-wing getting 5 attack dice from range 2-3 w/ HLC or 5 with the primary weapon at 1. I thought Swarm Tactics on Jan made sense so the B-wing (or Chewie) can shoot w/ PS8 helps too. Any good or do I have a lot of work to do w/ list building?
  5. Lol When they rule on it my guess would be that they will either not allow you to suicide at all or allow you to do with either 1 or 2 hull. You could be right about having to pay the price or whatever but I doubt it will get hung up on exact #, either you can or can't.
  6. My gut feeling on whether you can use Vader's ability w/ 1 hull left or not is that if they didn't intend for you to be able to do it w/ less than 2 hull remaining they would have specified so much. For instance, with Jan Ors she can take a stress to allow a friendly to roll an extra attack dice but it specifically states that she can only do it if she isn't already stressed. Of course gut feelings are all well and good until FFG actually rules on it.
  7. Check out this thread further down the page. Lots of great ideas. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/76854-storage-case-for-x-wing-miniatures-what-are-you-using/
  8. I also ditched the auto-blaster when working on a list with a B-wing. I decided to use Heavy Laser Canons instead and added Jan Ors to roll 5 dice from range 2 or 3. It ended up something like this: Chewbacca + Draw Their Fire Jan Ors + Swarm Tactics Blue Squadron + Heavy Laser Cannon
  9. If a house rule makes the game more enjoyable for everyone playing then it makes a great deal of sense. It doesn't make sense since it is the weakest most generic ship in the game. I can make a bunch of house rules just so I can negate every rule in the game that my specific list doesn't like just so I can win easier it doesn't make it any more enjoyable then cheating the rules. The point being dark curse isn't overpowered or a bigger threat then any other ship in game. That's probably the best strategy of how to handle him. I also find it more satisfying to figure out how to beat a particular list/ship/etc but some people would rather use house rules and that's totally cool. As long as your whole group is on board its cool but once you play with other people not on board or if you venture out to an event you start to run into problems with it. Ultimately its about having fun gaming and if that's the way you like it the best go nuts.
  10. I figured that was the case but I wasn't 100%. Thanks!
  11. Maybe its my relative inexperience with this game but does anyone else feel that the APT's seem like they will be a lot easier to use on Slave 1 (w/ Deadeye and Recon Spec) as opposed to equipping them on any of the eligible Rebel ships?
  12. Unless I am reading this list incorrectly your next purchases should unquestionably be 1 X-Wing expansion and 1 TIE expansion. In fact I would go so far as to say that those should have been purchased prior to some of the other things you already purchased. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I think you would also be better off getting just 1 of those expansions and a 3rd Core set instead of 2 each of the x-wing/tie expansions. Without the X-wing expansion you don't have Wedge who is arguably the best Rebel out there.
  13. When the conditions have been met (ie Range, stress status) Jan Ors allows a friendly to roll an additional attack die "when attacking". Does this apply to all attacks both with primary and secondary weapons or is it just when you attack with your primary weapon? Thanks!
  14. So on a related note, do you really stop dealing out all of the damage cards upon the destruction of a ship? I was under the impression that if you were at 2 hull remaining and took 3 damage that all 3 cards would be dealt out still. And as far as calling it or not calling it 2 hull, 3 hull etc, that's all really just semantics. Everybody can count and arrive at the correct result when hits get through. I wouldn't get hung up on how you describe it.
  15. Wow! This is so exciting! I haven't looked through much yet but Carnor Jax is going to be such a crazy denial ship. I love this direction for the game.
  16. Unless I am reading things incorrectly earlier in the post it appears as if you can shoot still as long as no overlap has occurred.
  17. Thanks! I figured there was something obvious I was missing.
  18. I figured I would bump this instead of asking the same question again. Where does it mention on the Title Card that the Millennium Falcon or Slave One are in fact unique for gameplay purposes? We obviously know that in the Star Wars universe there is just one of each but games frequently don't get everything perfect. Obviously Boba, Han, Lando etc are unique pilots from a gameplay standpoint but I am missing that distinction for the ship title cards. Can someone confirm what the game ruling is? I'm probably just missing something obvious but would like to know for sure. Thanks!
  19. Well I have a similar question. I bought in to wave 1 but then took a hiatus and now I'm getting back in. Here is what I currently have: 3 - X-wing (1 from expansion) 1 - Y-wing 5 - TIE (1 from expansion) 1 - TIE Advanced 1 - Firespray My next purchase is going to be a YT-1300. In addition if I come across a $12 Target Core I will scoop that up in a heartbeat. I'm also planning on being relatively conservative with my purchases so I want to prioritize things from here. For a Rebel list (and aside from the aforementioned YT-1300, what should I add next? I figure there will be decent builds with a YT and some X-wings that will be sufficient. Are there any necessary upgrades I "need" that come with another ship? I wouldn't mind getting an A-wing but should I look at a B-wing or HWK first? And for an Imperial list I am leaning towards picking up at least 1 but possibly 2 Interceptors. Are those preferable to a Bomber or Lambda? Any feedback would be most appreciated?
  20. Galactic Funk


    Quick start rules first then once you are ready start increasing the point total. I would not recommend going over 100 points though. You want your games to move along.
  21. The R5Don4 Star II said: According to the list above, the only way to get Veteran Instincts is to mail in 5 Y-Wing Proofs of Purchase to FFG. Now that's funny! On another note, I really wish swarm tactics would have come in the core sets or with some wave 2 ships. I guess I needed to buy another TIE anyway.
  22. Very cool idea! The other night I threw at least a dozen asteroids out on the table and then ran a 6 ship IMP build through the field as practice. I'm still a bit of a noob so I was happy that I only hit an asteroid twice and was able to come out the other side in an extremely tight formation. Love the idea of targets. I will definitely have to incorporate that into my maneuvering practice!
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