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  1. That's the thing though, Worlds isn't "a ways off" its only 4 weeks away. Most people prepping for a competitive tournament are getting practice time in with their list. That being said Wave 3 is legal at Game Hole Con in 3 weeks!
  2. Thanks man, I should know better than to ask a question like that w/o first consulting an FAQ. Lol
  3. Ok so you would be subject to the flying "through" an obstacle penalty the following round ONLY if your template comes in contact with the asteroid?
  4. When you land on an asteroid you don't get an action, you roll one attack dice to see if you take damage and you also cannot attack that round. The following round when you move off the asteroid are you considered to be moving through the asteroid and have to roll an attack dice for potential damage even if you end up.clear of the asteroid? I was under the impression that you roll once for the initial time you land on it and any movement through the asteroid to move off of it has already been resolved for purposes of taking the penalty. As long as you are successful in flying off of it. Thanks!
  5. = Boba Fett w/ Navigator upgrade
  6. I agree with a lot of what has already been said. I really wanted to make the APT's work but after trying it a couple times on the B-wings I just don't think its worth it. I think they might work best on Slave 1.
  7. Just wanted to give this a bump and let everyone considering coming out for this event know that pre-registration is open until October 15th. Wave 3 is legal at our tourney!
  8. Ion cannons/turrets clearly have their place in this game but I don't think multiple ships upgrading to ions is as strong as other upgrade options in general but even more so with the B-wings. For me the B-wings with Heavy Laser Cannons is where its at. You are going to roll a lot of dice which is always a good thing. Another great upgrade they can take is the Fire Control System which allows you to take a Target Lock against the defender you just fired at. Don't ever take a TL against someone just shoot at them and get 1 for free. Sweet! I've been using the Blue Squadron w/ HLC's a lot. Take 2 and pair them w/ two rookie X-wings. Or perhaps you want to take multiple upgraded on them and add Biggs for defense. Or Wedge for another offensive twist. Or if you really want the ion cannon use Jan Ors w/ ion and let 1 of your B's roll 5 dice each round. There are really so many fun options to use. But as was mentioned previously they can get wiped out quick w/ that 1 agility dice so the trick is to do as much damage as you possibly can as quickly as possible.
  9. Lol, we played against each other. Nice to figure out usernames.
  10. They are set for a 4th quarter re-issue. Shouldn't be long.
  11. I will keep this in mind if I am going to be in Madison. I'm about 60-90 minutes away so weeknights normally won't work but its good to know something is going on just in case I can swing it at some point. As an FYI there is a group in Janesville that plays at Kryptonite Kollectibles @ 6pm the 4th Friday of each month. We are also running a 100 point tourney at Game Hole Con in Madison on November 1st. The thread is on page 2 right now. Check it out!
  12. I'm definitely intrigued by the 4x Lambda list. Anything w/ 40 hp to chew through is going to have plenty of good matchups. That being said I'm not exactly jazzed about the list it faced in this example. I don't think Kyle Katatn handing out focus to the B-wings does anything earth shattering. I'm also not sure the ion cannon was the right choice for him. Given that the Lambdas take 2 ion tokens to drift it seems like a lot of wasted dice to get 1 ship ionized. The squad I posted earlier w/ the 2 blue w/ HLC + 2 rookies would be able to roll a lot more dice but I don't know if they could take the Lambdas down fast enough. It seems that if you could focus on 1 Lambda, punch a hole in their formation then barrel through and k-turn on them you could do some nasty damage on them before they can turn around.
  13. Yesterday I took 2 Blue Squadron B-wings both with HLC's and 2 Rookie X-wings with no upgrades against my friend who was flying Darth Vader, Yorr and the 2PS Tie Bomber. Vader had the missles that let you shoot twice (concussion?) and Engine Upgrade. Yorr had the Weapons Engineer and the Lambda title upgrade (st321?). The Tie Bomber had APT's and something else. I'm sure I missed an upgrade or two somewhere. Anyway, I really didn't want him to get a chance to use the APT's with his bomber especially when Yorr was handing out TL's. I mostly ignored Vader at the beginning. I decided to cut off my run w/ 1 X and B that were TL'd, keeping them away from the Bomber and engaging the Lambda. The X and B not TL'd I flew straight at the Bomber. That was round 3 and I believe the Bomber was toast by the end of round 4. The Lambda had lost a couple shields by this time. I had the shields stripped off 1 B and 1 X w/ the X also having taken 1 hull damage. The other 2 were clean save for maybe 1 shield off the 2nd X. At this point I primarily went after the Lambda taking shots at the slippery Vader when they presented themselves. I recall his missles attacks doing minor damage to me thanks to some solid rolls on my part. At this point we exchanged a lot of fire with both sides taking damage (except the 1 B that was still clean). I ended up losing my 1st ship when I gambled on running through an asteroid in an attempt to set up a range 1 kill shot on the Lambda. I thought my template was going to overlap no matter what but after checking to see after the dial was revealed it turned out I could have snuck a 1 hard right in and dodged. Unfortunately my dice were still hot enough to take myself out. I managed to get to the Lambda and finally put it down but lost my 1st B wing at about the same point. With a clean B-wing and a mostly intact X-wing remaining it wasn't too big of a challenge to finish off Vader. My opponent extended things for a bit w/ Vaders insane manueverability w/ the Engine Upgrade. In conclusion I still have little faith in the Lambda (although the x4 variant could be trouble) and I'm still not even all that sure about the Bombers. I have also heard people talk about a resurgence of Vader coupled w/ the Wave 3 toys but after he launches his ordinance he simply cannot do enough damage to be a significant threat. On the flip side I am loving the Blue Squadron w/ HLC. I'm rolling 4 dice every turn w/ each one and its been very effective for me. Adding 2 Rookies worked well. I'm going to keep experimenting with other variants but I haven't faced a local opponnent yet that has shut down my B-wings (but I'm sure I will face lists that can wreck them soon if I keep having a lot of success.
  14. I would play even if the quality was worse. That being said the quality certainly makes the game experience more enjoyable. I'm a butcher when it comes to customs and most painting so I really like having this level of quality. I certainly understand where others are coming from in their view of the quality as inferior given what they can create on their own. However if these ships were painted in that degree of detail the price point of this game would probably be effected significantly.
  15. As for the HWK scarcity, I recall someone posting a couple weeks or so ago that their LGS said that they received fewer of those than any of the other wave 3 ships. I also noticed on CoolStuff that their inventory ran out but then they got more in except they increased the price of those expansions by about $3 IIRC. To me that said there is a higher probability of the HWK's selling out and being hard to find.
  16. I really like some of the lists I've seen here. I posted this one elsewhere on this forum but finally got a chance to use it. It worked pretty well. It got a little closer than I wanted at the end but I ouutlasted him. Its definitely not a typical use of a HWK because it had no turret or secondary weapon. Chewbacca w/ Draw Their Fire Jan w/ Swarm Tactics Blue Squadron w/ HLC My intent was to use the extra dice primarily w/ the B-wing (as someone said when I posted it - probably overkill just to get the extra die). Turned out I had a perfect opportunity to give the extra die to Chewie who was able to 1-shot Turr Phenir w/ a Stealth Device. My opponent ended up killing Jan 1st partially because that's who he could take out the easiest based upon ship positioning. I don't know if it would have ended differently if he would have left her alone and gone after the other two first given the circumstances.
  17. There's an active recent thread covering the same thing here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/91180-whats-the-canonical-starting-point-in-terms-of-what-to-purchase/ I think you will find that nearly everyone playing will all say start w/ 2 core sets. Its good value (particularly if you can find the major reduced price ones from Target). You also end up with enough dice plus a second damage deck which is also important (1 for you 1 for your boys when going against them). Wave 1 expansions are very tough to find but we expect to see reprints. Those are really helpful for the TIE's and X-wings in particular. They would be at the top of a priority list while the Y-wing and Advanced would probably be by the bottom. The YT-1300 (Falcon) is extremely popular as is the Firespray (Slave 1). B-wings and TIE Interceptors are both quite popular as well. You are going to get a wide range of opinions on what people like. You probably need to dig through lists of ships/pilots/upgrade cards to see what is most appealing to you (and your boys) and then plan accordingly. Given what you have mentioned (plus the lack of availability on the wave 1 expansions) I would lean towards 2 cores, 1 Falcon and 1 Firespray. From there you can start adding in expansions that are of more interest to you.
  18. Yeah if you can/want to drop that much $ on it go crazy. One cool thing about this game is that you can actually build a very competitive list on a budget. Some guys playing Attack Wing at our LGS inquired about cost last night and I used the example of the GenCon winning squad that would require 2 cores and an X-wing expansion and then worse case scenario borrow some pilot upgrade cards. And even if you couldn't borrow them I don't think it would be that bad to buy the other expansions just for the cards. Pick a faction and figure out a good list then total up what you need to build it.
  19. We're all different. I buy these ships for two reasons: (1) to play the X-Wing game, and (2) because I love the way they look and display them. For me, both reasons are intertwined, and it's a big deal when they don't face the correct direction. Especially because I think we can all agree that FFG intended for the ships to face forward, not off to the side. In any event, it's a problem for me. Yeah I shouldn't project my experience into this as your (and other) B-wings are clearly worse than mine. I guess if I were in your shoes I would be dissapointed too and wanting some resolution. One takeaway I had from the FFG response was that they didn't say they weren't going to doing anything about your ship but only that they needed more time to investigate, which is probably a fairly reasonable thing for the moment, given the circumstances. Hopefully they do indeed try to correct the issue. If I were in your shoes I would probably follow up around 1 week from the date of their response and cordially inquire as to if they have determined the problem. You can also let them know that nudging doesn't help the issue (as that seems to be the case). My guess is that they need to find out how wide spread the issue is before determining their course of action.
  20. Well after figuring out how gunner works I took much of your advice for my sons list. It ended up something like this: Boba Fett + Gunner + Shield Upgrade + PTL Kath Scarlett + Gunner + Shield Upgrade + VI I added the Shield Upgrades for my son because he is 8 and because he doesn't always do the best w/ figuring out how to use bombs/torps/missiles in game given what is usually a multi-step process. So for him a little added defense lets him fly in and blast away a little more. He lost to a much more experienced player who was running 2 Bounty Hunters and Howl Runner, he won easily against a Lambda and Bomber that were loaded up then he lost to me and my Lando and Ibtisam list (which I wouldn't run again). He should have beat me but his skill at piloting his ships cost him the game. I was down to just 2 hull left on Lando and should have gone down.
  21. Both of my B-wings are slightly off, not quite as much as the OP's photo. One of my opponents also used a B-wing and his was about the exact same as mine. It certainly didn't affect gameplay though. Even if I had ones as crooked I can't imagine it affecting the game. I'm normally paying close attention to the bases and firing arcs. I really like the magnet idea though. I think they look so much cooler when they are turned in the attack position or even at different angles, especially if you had multiples out there together.
  22. Well depending on how desperate you are we are doing 100 point lists tonight in Janesville, WI at Kryptonite Kollectibles. Our group that has played SWM there on Friday nights is sprinkling in some X-wing (last Friday of the month for now). We start at 6pm so you have an hour and a half. :-)
  23. On Friday November 1st we will be running a 100 point X-Wing tournament at the Sheraton in Madison, WI as part of GameHole Con. Yes, this is indeed scheduled 1 week prior to the World Champs in MN but for those of you who can't make that event or are looking for a competitive event for a final tuneup of your list or perhaps just another opportunity to have some fun playing X-wing please come on out and join us! Where: Sheraton Hotel 706 John Nolen Dr. Madison, WI When: Friday November 1st / 7:00pm - Midnight Cost: $20 one day Registration $2 Event cost Pre-registration is available until Oct 15th. If you plan to attend multiple events or check out the Con throughout the weekend you can pre-register for $35 ($40 on site). For more information about the Con please check out http://www.gameholecon.com The GameHole Con website lists hotel room prices at just $79 per night for Con attendees. And for anyone who also happens to play Star Wars Miniatures as well please join our group for a SWM tournament on Saturday.
  24. Hmmm. I think I may have misunderstood the gunner upgrade cards. Does Gunner trigger after modifying dice results? I was thinking that it was used if you rolled all blanks or all eyeballs without any focus tokens; now I'm thinking that is wrong.
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