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  1. I would say unequivocally that purchasing 2 B-wings is a really good idea. Start there and then see how much you like it and figure out if you personally feel like you want to add on. And while I don't own one yet 2 Tie Bombers would probably be a solid idea as well. I know less about competitive lists for the Bomber but it certainly seems like 2 can be run together effectively. I don't have a Lambda but I plan on getting 1 for sure. After that its all about the upgrades so I very well could get a second primarily for that purpose. I am extremely interested in knowing how well a 4x Lambda list can do at the hands of a good player. That's a mountain of shields and hull to eat through. 4 Lambdas seems a bit too gimmicky but it could be successful, probably not worth your time to break the bank on that many though. Lastly the HWK-290. I would get 1 and 1 only. Just because you can field 5 of them doesn't mean you should. The unique pilots can be interesting with the interactions they can create but I there are much better things to spend your money on than extra HWK's. Just my opinion.
  2. Just under 48 hours out. Hoping some more midwesterners come on out and join us. Madison is roughly a 1.5 hour drive (+/-) from Milwaukee, Rockford IL and Dubuque IA. And if you are looking to get the long distance traveler award you will need to beat out the guys driving over from Michigan. Really looking forward to this event and looking forward to meeting some more X-wing players!
  3. I personally have had a lot more luck with the 4 ship XXBB as compared to BBX lists (don't recall trying a XXB). That being said the 4 ship build could simply be a crutch so far as it is more forgiving for someone like me who doesn't have the same experience and skill as compared to some of the others posting. At this point for me being able to throw between 14-16 dice per round is really strong(not to mention the extra HP's your opponent has to eat through).
  4. I've had 3 games with this list and am 3-0 with it. I lost 1 Rookie in 1 game and the other 2 games I didn't lose a ship. Yes it is low PS and typically I've had to move all of my ships first and then withstand my opponents taking almost all of their attacks before I get a shot. Once I get through that I start lighting them up. I'll have to give Hothie's list a look but I love my HLC's alot though.
  5. I was at Underhills over the summer for a Star Wars Miniatures tournament (the old WotC game). Afterwards some of us played some X-wing. If I recall the local players that participated in the SWM event weren't playing X-wing at that time but we showed them how it worked. I will reach out to them and direct them to this thread if they have started playing since.
  6. Not sure if any of you Iowa folk are interested (or close to the WI border) but a few of us are running a 100 point tourney in Madison, WI on Friday November 1st at Game Hole Con which is being held at the Sheraton Hotel. We have a 7pm-Midnight time slot. Could be a good tune up for Worlds (the following weekend).
  7. I've been predominantly running Rebels for awhile now. At some point I will probably swing back the other direction and go on an Imperial kick.
  8. Yup and the other option instead of Chewie is 2 Rookies.
  9. Or swap out Luke for Ten Numb with FCS and Autoblaster. That's 100 on the nose. I used that exact list the other day. At the hour mark I had taken out Turr, an 2PS loaded up Bomber and an Academy. I had Ten and 1 Blue Squadron left. He was down to Soontir w/ Elusiveness. We kept playing and I never got another hit on Soontir but it took like an hour and a half + to finish up. We just wanted to see what would happen but in a timed setting I was totally in control. I love putting FCS and HLC on the Blue Squadrons, especially a couple of them. Getting 4 dice at any range is really sweet, particularly at range 3 when your opponent doesn't get bonus dice.
  10. We are about 1 week out from this event. Should be an awesome time. One update, the Friday night room block rate isn't available any more but the last I checked rooms were still very reasonable for anyone traveling from very far away. Hope to see some of you out there!
  11. Bump. 100 points this Friday the 25th @ 6pm. Expect several locals plus a good chance of people traveling from the surrounding area. Usually a variety of skill levels but always very friendly.
  12. That's a very valid point Picasso but the big difference between your HSF list and this one is that yours is a legitimate squad that can be competitive with almost anything whereas the OP's opponent is running a pretty gimmicky list that can't stand up nearly as well. Flown really well you should be able to mitigate the B-wing assault but in this instance I think the OP could have some solid luck with this.
  13. Exactly. Han would be lucky to take out 1 B-wing in 2 rounds of fire (it can happen but it can just as easily not happen). So while you only get 1 round of firing from 1 of your B-wing's if things have gone perfectly for Han he is still facing 12 attack.dice vs his 1 or zero agility dice that round followed by 8 attack dice vs his 1 or zero agility the next 2 rounds. In order for Han and Jan to take out 1 B-wing per round of attacking they would have to have near perfect dice results and its just not realistic imo.
  14. I'm near Lake Geneva. I would consider coming up to Milwaukee if the timing was right (weeknights are usually out).
  15. There may be some confusion, but I think it's yours Swarm Tactics is declared at the beginning of the combat phase, NOT when you get to the ship with Swarm Tactics. So if you both have Swarm Tactics, it will ALWAYS come to initiative no matter what the relative PS is. When it comes time to make that decision, it's more about who DOESN'T get Swarmed than who does. As a simple example, assume we've both got a 9+Swarm, a 7, and a 5, and you go first. If you pick your 7, then I pick my 5. That gives you 9/9/5, and me a 9/9/7 - advantage is mine. If you pick your 5, then you have 9/9/7, and I can decide whether I want 9/9/7 as well, or 9/9/5. And that's just the simple numbers - based on who can fire at who, knowing your opponent's firing order can let you optimize your own. You are absolutely correct Buhallin, it was my confusion and I just cam back to edit my post as such. I guess it pays to look at the card first, lol.
  16. I'm confused about what you are saying. If your highest PS is 8 and your opponents is 9 then you will know if your opponent starts a ST chain prior to you having the opportunity to do so. The only time initiative enters the pictutre is if you have the same PS. I'm thinking that there must be some confusion as to how ST works going on here.
  17. When the Wave 1 expansion packs become available for you I think its almost critical that you add an X-wing expansion and TIE expansion. Beyond that I would recommend buying just 1 of the others you don't have initially just to see how you like them first. I know some people end up enjoying running multiples of a certain ship but I would try them out first. For me that ship is the B-wing as I am now up to running 3 in a list. As someone else mentioned though you very well may find never needing two TIE Advanced. And of course some people buy certain expansions just for the upgrade cards.
  18. Certain builds (and the strategy you employ in game) clearly benefit from having initiative. And like Dracon said, in friendly play the tie goes to the Imperials but in competitive play its a coin flip. You still come down to 50/50 in those instances but at least that is fair for both sides.
  19. I've tried to make some 2 ship builds work but so far have found 2 things: 1) You still only get to attack twice per round meaning its going to take a long time to either eat through a swarm of ships or to take down a big target like the Falcon. 2) Your opponent will be able to focus fire on your support ship and take it out really fast leaving you with just 1 ship to take on all or at least the majority of their ships. The one 2 ship build I would like to try is dual YT-1300's with limited upgrades. I haven't done the math on it but Chewbacca with DTF and Han w/ Gunner sounds like a good place to start.
  20. Actually the thought hadn't crossed my mind because I don't have a Lambda yet therefore no APL card. Even if I did I probably would have skipped it because my main goal was to see if the 3 B-wings just w/ FCS would be something I liked or not (which I didn't prefer). However you are both absolutely correct. The 1PS Smuggler w/ APL moving first to jam people up looks like that may be one of the best uses for that ship. 29 points is about the most I would be willing to spend on a Smuggler. I guess I would have to take another look at the Crew upgrades to see if there was anything worthwhile. A 5 point gunner for instance would certainly help it at times but only marginally and wouldn't be worth it at 34 (w/ APL too). Thanks for the comments gentlemen! Gave me something to consider that I hadn't thought about yet.
  21. Galactic Funk


    I've seen that one before (imagine that right!). That must have taken some time to edit.
  22. 28 - Outer Rim Smuggler (27) + Falcon Title (1) 24 x3 = 72 - Blue Squadron (22) + FCS (2) I wanted to try this list out but I made a big mistake in taking the Falcon upgrade topping out at 100 and losing initiative. The idea was to jam up my opponent w/ the Falcon moving 1st. Instead my opponent had initiative and had an Alpha Interceptor, 3 Academies (all 1PS) and Trelix w/ HLC and the Recon Spec. In the end my Smuggler moved last and shot last and was worthless in the end. My 3 B-wings had their moments but weren't able to do enough damage quick enough. I realize I prefer running Blue Squadrons w/ HLC's. I would be interested to know how much better my list could have been had I actually been able to execute my plan properly. In the end a different support ship would probably be better and I would probably try that rather than try this again.
  23. Wait, if you use a TL to re-roll any misses and get a crit you get to keep it w/o changing to a regular damage?
  24. I used Boba Fett w/ Navigator, Expert Handling and Auto Blaster over the weekend and was very disappointed. Part of it was some poor flying. I guess I expected him to perform much better though.
  25. KO pretty much summed it up, it isn't an advantage. Think of it as the price you pay to be able to use the HLC's. I have been running Blue Squadron B-wings with the HLC's a lot lately and I think they are fantastic. If you are facing ships that have shields having to change crits to normal damage is no big deal especially at the beginning when you need to chew through their shields anyway. Rolling 4 dice from range 3 and your opponent not getting bonus dice is a great start to eating through shields. Then when you get in to range 1 you use your primary weapon and still roll 4 dice but only now their shields are hopefully gone and you get to keep your crits when it matters.
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