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  1. With what you have I would recommend a list with the YT-1300 and a couple of X-Wings. One popular list is Han Shoots First w/ Han + Gunner + Marksmanship coupled with a couple bare bones Rookie X-Wings. It's got firepower and has a decent amount of hull/shields for an opponent to chew through. Ultimately have fun and enjoy no matter what list you try!
  2. A guy on a non - X-Wing forum posted that he found a Core set for $12 the other day.
  3. The one thing I would add to Dracon's good feedback is that the Academy Tie's also have 1 Pilot Skill so they move first (so long as you have initiative). One of the strategic uses for these ships is to move them into a spot (or spots) that force your opponent to land on them thereby causing your opponent to lose their action for that ship. Ideally that causes a chain reaction and makes several of their ships bump. The TIE swarms can really make a mess of things for your opponent but it takes skill to fly them well otherwise you are the one bumping all over the place and not getting actions.
  4. Wow. Haven't seen any X-Wing Core's at any Target store in at least 6 months. I didn't expect the Core sets to be back there again.
  5. You know what would be cool is if Porkins had an ability that has good synergy w/ R5-D8. R5-D8 allows you to take an action and roll an agility die and discard a facedown if you roll an evade or eyeball. What if Porkins ability allowed you to turn a blank result to an eyeball result once per turn. That way it could still have relevance offensively if you aren't using R5-D8's action but if he does use the action it's a sure success. Just a thought.
  6. Agreed. Although I just got done advocating the viability of the HLC's this example shows that on a case by case basis there can be better options for a given list. In fact I think I'm going to add this list (with AS on all the B's) to my list of things to try. Sounds fun.
  7. I don't want to nitpick your post here but felt some additional comments would be appropriate. Are HLC's "best at range 3"? Sure. Just don't underestimate the strong benefit they give you at Range 2 as well. Adding HLC's allows you to roll 4 dice every time you attack. If you have a strategy in mind where you are specifically trying to stay at Range 3 that's fine but in most cases unnecessary. Yes the B-Wing has only 1 agility dice and can be susceptible to multiple attackers throwing a lot of dice at it but it has enough hit points between Shields and Hull to stick around long enough to cause plenty of havoc. Your goal with this setup is to do a lot of damage as quickly as possible. I find playing them aggressively to be a good strategy. Pick your target and pummel them. Granted you can move in slow initially to maximize those opening salvos at Range 3 but when that opportunity closes they are a great ship to be able to pounce on your opponent.
  8. First off, imo a naked B-Wing itself is a very good ship. As for HLC's on them it depends on what ship you are using to upgrade and if you can add them on without costing yourself ships. I have had some very good success using (2) Blue Squadron's each equipped with Heavy Laser Cannons plus (2) naked Rookie X-Wings. This list has been known as Blue Thunder. 100 points on the nose, PS2 across the board but you are flying 4 ships which is the key. The advantage here is that you get 4 dice every time you attack with a B-Wing (HLC's at range 2 or 3 / Primary Weapon at range 1). As was stated they are a secondary weapon so at range 3 you not only do you get the bonus attack dice but your opponent doesn't get the bonus agility dice which is very nice and tends to happen frequently when I have used them. The downside is that this particular build has a bad matchup with a similar list out there: Bloody Daggers. That list uses (2) Red Squadron X-Wings and (2) Dagger Squadron B-Wings each equipped w/ Advanced Sensors. This list is PS4 across the board which means that Bloody Daggers entire list gets to shoot before Blue Thunder and with concentrated fire you will quite possibly be down a ship before you shoot. In the end I really like slapping an HLC on a Blue Squadron because at 29 points it's manageable with the rest of your build. I'm not keen on adding them to there costlier counterparts (generally speaking) because you will end up sticking too many points into a single ship. As for Fire Control System, its good on a B-Wing but whenever I have used it I end up not being able to use it multiple times during a game because either my last target is now out of my arc or I prefer to attack a different ship. Situationally they can be fantastic but I normally don't get enough out of it and would prefer the additional point expenditure on the best B-Wing upgrade available: Advanced Sensors. Advanced Sensors allows you to take an action BEFORE! moving. Barrel roll out of the way of an asteroid then fly yourself into perfect position. Take a focus or TL before you do a K-turn. It's hands down the best upgrade for that ship and I will use it almost every time instead of FCS. In conclusion, HLC on a B-Wing = good but not excellent and depends on what you are doing with the rest of the list.
  9. The original announcement that you linked to from September 16th says 4th quarter 2013. That's Sept-Dec meaning the clearly intended for it to be available for the Holidays. A switch to 1st quarter 2014 means it could be April before we see the Aces.
  10. Wow. This thread is starting to change my mind. I have other ships I will be purchasing first but eventually I might have to pick up 1 more HWK after all. Its statting to sound more fun.
  11. I have 1 and have no plans to get another at this time. With a poor primary attack, avg defense plus only 1 shield and 4 hull its a weak ship (with a bad dial) imo. By the time you get done with a secondary upgrade to ion or turret (plus anything else you need on it) you have a decent amount of points stuck into it. Whichever pilot you are using had better be able to provide a good enough boost for the rest of your list to make it worthwhile. Adding a second weaker ship seems risky. Granted I haven't thought through the interactions you could get by fielding 2 of them but I just don't see them being all that powerful. Now if you really enjoy the ship and would have fun with 2 then by all means go for it. I just wouldn't expect a 2 HWK list to be terribly strong against a lot of stuff that's out there.
  12. I'm not crazy about the 2 Ion Cannons to be honest. One of the things that makes the BBXX squads so strong is their ability to put out a lot of damage. Yes your ions are going to annoy your opponent but do they have enough to take ships out completely? If your opponent is smart they will obliterate 1 B-wing and then the other leaving you with 2 ships that aren't very dangerous.
  13. What about a Princess Leia crew card that represents her as a Diplomat. "When attacked turn this card down to cancel the attack." Make it worth 4 points or something. As the defender you choose when to use it. If your opponent has a heavy hitting ship they may choose not to target you for fear of losing the attack in a given round. Just spitballing.
  14. They were just trying to give you some good advice seeing as you weren't aware of them. I believe the ships were confirmed at Gen Con in August. The only guessing at this point is the scale and when they will be released. And if you weren't aware of these you may have also missed the announcement about the Imperial Aces Pack now due out in the 1st Quarter of 2014. And like someone said, none of them are considered Wave 4.
  15. I would agree that you probably spent too much on upgrades in this example because you invested a minimum of 31 each if they were Blue Squadrons leaving you with only 32 more points. In that case you are realistically looking at 1 more good ship or 2 weak ones. The Blue Thunder list (which I believe it has been dubbed) is 2 Blue w/ HLC and 2 rookies. That's a solid list. The Bloody Daggers list upgrades to 2 Red Squadron X's + 2 Dagger Squadron B's with Advanced Sensors. The Bloody Daggers drops the HLC's and is generally believed to be superior because the PS 4 across the board > the PS2 from Blue Thunder. That being said Blue Thunder can still be good and the HLC's can shine in certain matchupd but its not Tier 1. Its all about the synergy of the list. HLC's can be totally worth it but only if you can build something that isn't held back by the points you stick into a given ship. I'm sure some would argue that in the Meta game that HLC'S are never worth it and you should spend your points elsewhere. I still think they have there place though especially if you aren't talking about the meta.
  16. Some good stuff here. It got me thinking about something interesting and relevant. I have faced someone running Turr Phenir 3 times. In each of those matches I managed to 1-shot him in each of those matches. Now was there some luck involved between both my dice and my opponents dice? Yes, certainly. But you also have to take into account that Turr (and the Interceptors in general) are extremely fragile and at their point cost they can be meaty targets. Now you can howl bad luck all day when your Interceptor gets 1-shot but that's part of the risk you assume when you use it. And on a side note Hida, the use of the Y-wings in that Top 8 list was very atypical (no turret) and not a good representation of how that ship is used probably 95% of the time. They were evidently used well in that specific list but that seems to be one of the biggest outliers of everything in the top 8.
  17. I would argue that it screams statistical probability. I'm interested to see exactly what happens with the X-wing meta and tournament scene. Clearly this game has a ton of cinematic or theme options that are lots of fun and will always have significant appeal to the majority of players. As for the meta, if you show up at a tourney with a decked out heroes list chances are you'll find yourself floating home. And I think that's ok because the people that have a strong desire to play at the ultra competitive level of a game are typically more concerned with their Win/Loss record as opposed to how many named pilots they have. The meta is somewhat narrow but not problematically at this point. Hopefully some new additions can mix it up some but for now at least there are multiple options.
  18. Luck is primarily a factor between fairly evenly skilled opponents. Skill trumps luck in this game the vast majority of the time. First there is skill in building a solid list. Next there is skill in flying and strategy (routinely staying off asteroids, avoiding collisions,etc). Then you also will find people particularly adept at anticipating their opponents moves. Luck is way down the list.
  19. I've had a lot of success with HLC's on Blue Squadron B-wings. Sure you can put FCS or other upgrades on too but at 29 points w/ just HLC's they are really solid and leave plenty of points left over to add in other ships. I don't like HLC's on Firesprays at all. The cheapest you can do it is for 40 points on a Bounty Hunter if you don't take anything else. Krassis makes it look tempting w/ his re-roll ability w/ secondary weapons but that's 43 points w/o any other upgrades. Besides that the Firesprays aren't nearly as maneuverable as the B-wings and can only fire them out of their front arc. The B-wing is just so much easier to fly than the Firespray in general which allows you to keep yourself in position to make attacks the majority of the time. I love that w/ HLC's a B-wing rolls 4 attack dice every time (range 2-3 HLC - range 1 primary).
  20. This. Now if they have consistent problems with a particular vendor they could certainly give another manufacturer the contract but its still going to be another Chinese company because FFG isn't going to start paying higher manufacturing costs and taking a smaller profit. They have a fantastic product and we will sell out any source that gets them in, lol. XWM gamer: What the bleep is going on with the Wave 1 reprints that were supposed to be here!?! FFG rep: [waves hand] Check out these new ships/cards/paint schemes we are releasing. XWM gamer: OMG look at these new ships/cards/paint schemes!!!! This is amazing!!! Whats that? They will be here in 6 more months? No problem. I'll preorder. Let me know when they get here. Wash, rinse, repeat. :-)
  21. That's awesome Duke. My (almost) 9 year old thinks its pretty cool too. He and I have been playing SWM for a few years now and it used to make me uneasy when he was being a little too rough w/ some of the expensive ones. X-wing takes it to a whole new level though, especially when he started flying our Falcon around a room w/ a concrete floor and only holding onto the base.
  22. I count 6 there. Omnicron is 1, Howlrunner 2, Backstabber 3 + 3 Academy = 6 right? Omnicron IS the Lambda. You can't add it to itself, mate... Indeed. :-) As I re-read the posts that just occurred to me. I better aim for more than 5 hours of sleep tonight.
  23. I count 6 there. Omnicron is 1, Howlrunner 2, Backstabber 3 + 3 Academy = 6 right?
  24. Agreed about the Recon Specialist on the Firespray. I have 2 Firesprays but just 1 HWK and that would be reason #1 to add a 2nd. Honestly the only reason you would want to buy more than 1 of the HWK or Lambda would be exclusively based on the upgrade cards.
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